File Title
1 The quantum spin Hall effect is a fundamental property of light
2 Aalto University researchers predicted existence of new quantum matter theoretically
3 Mass of strange atomic nucleus measured with very high precision
4 Scientists tune X-rays with tiny mirrors
5 Researchers design the most precise quantum thermometer to date
6 Vanishing friction
7 Donuts, math, and superdense teleportation of quantum information
8 How to cut a vortex into slices
9 Physicists precisely measure interaction between atoms and carbon surfaces
10 On-demand X-rays at synchrotron light sources
11 Physicists observe real-time restructuring of electron cloud in attoseconds
12 Syracuse physicists aid in discovery of subatomic process
13 The weakest magnetic field in the solar system
14 NSF and CERN sign new partnership for finding particles
15 Quantum-mechanical monopoles discovered
16 Game theory elucidates the collective behavior of bosons
17 ORNL reports method that takes quantum sensing to new level
18 Quantum model reveals surface structure of water
19 MIT physicists develop new tabletop particle detector
20 Robust new process forms 3-D shapes from flat sheets of graphene
21 New technology could spur 'a graphene-driven industrial revolution'
22 Scientists film shock waves in diamond
23 Graphene heat-transfer riddle unraveled
24 Discovery paves way for new kinds of superconducting electronics
25 Renewable energy from evaporating water
26 Hematite 're-growth' smoothes rough edges for clean energy harvest
27 Graphene gets bright with ultra thin lightbulb
28 A clear look at an efficient energy converter
29 World's smallest spirals could guard against identity theft
30 Visualizing how radiation bombardment boosts superconductivity
31 New class of swelling magnets have the potential to energize the world
32 Electricity generating nano-wizards
33 Scientists discover how microbes acquire electricity in making methane
34 Could mobile phone data help bring electricity to the developing world
35 Students develop electricity-producing leg brace
36 Heat makes electrons' spin in magnetic superconductors
37 Advances in molecular electronics: Lights on--molecule on
38 Thumbnail track pad
39 Caltech Makes Chemistry Safe and Less Toxic for Sustainability
40 Graphene pushes the speed limit of light-to-electricity conversion
41 New report identifies possible next steps in US energy development
42 Squeeze to remove heat with elastocaloric materials
43 You can't play checkers with charge ordering
44 Japan firm marks one small step for solar energy in space
45 Engineers develop micro-tentacles so tiny robots can handle delicate objects
46 IBM's Chef Watson shares his culinary artifcial intelligence
47 Cockroach-inspired robot can navigate cluttered environs
48 Japan's humanoid robot 'Pepper' set to hit stores
49 Helping robots handle uncertainty
50 Robots can recover from damage in minutes
51 Helping robots put it all together
52 Robot masters new skills through trial and error
53 Implants read intentions of tetraplegic patient from brain activity
54 New computer algorithm builds rap songs out of other rap songs
55 Exploring a new frontier of cyber-physical systems: The human body
56 Robot pets to rise in an overpopulated world
57 Toward a squishier robot
58 Watch a simple tablet control robot swarm
59 IBM's Watson strives to be jack of all trades
60 IBM's Watson extends cancer insights to 14 new centers
61 Researchers confirm novel method for controlling plasma rotation
62 Giant structures called plasmoids could simplify the design of future tokamaks
63 Tiny grains of lithium dramatically improve performance of fusion plasma
64 An improvement to the global software standard for analyzing fusion plasmas
65 Fusion researchers make breakthrough on ELMs mitigation
66 Scientists make breakthrough in understanding nuclear fusion
67 Lockheed Martin Eyes Portable Fusion Engines Within Decade
68 Lockheed Martin claims nuclear energy breakthrough
69 Lockheed Martin developing compact nuclear fusion reactor
70 Magnets for fusion energy 6
71 Giant leap for nuclear fusion as lasers blast new route to ultimate energy source
72 Starpower: Boost in quest for nuclear fusion
73 Fusion instabilities lessened by unexpected effect
74 Giving atoms their marching orders
75 In Iran, morale fragile as nuclear talks stumble
76 White House, foes turn up heat ahead of Iran deadline
77 Iran lawmakers pass bill to protect nuclear programme
78 Britain, France demand Iran nuclear inspections
79 Iran MPs unveil potential obstacle to nuclear deal
80 U.S. Marines test solar-powered drones at annual energy expo
81 Amazon sees line-of-sight hurdle to US drone parcel delivery
82 X-37B Still Largely Unexplained
83 US Supreme Court rejects EPA mercury emissions limits
84 Road noise may cut life expectancy, says study
85 China's Great Wall is disappearing: report
86 Hundreds protest against Dalai Lama in Britain
87 Chinese who buy children to be prosecuted: report
88 Protesters muzzled at Chinese dog meat festival
89 China 'Hogwarts' students embrace ancient tradition at graduation
90 Brazil, China, India, South Africa in push for climate financing
91 Some forestlands cool climate better without trees
92 A contentious quest for Kevazingo, Gabon's sacred tree
93 Monster black hole wakes up after 26 years
94 Under-Ice Rover Chills with Fish at Aquatic Exhibit
95 All Systems Go for NASA's Mission to Jupiter Moon Europa
96 NASA Scientists Seek to Unveil Mysteries of Europa's Ocean
97 Europa Mission Begins with Selection of Science Instruments
98 Europa's Mystery Dark Material Could Be Sea Salt
99 Beijing Quadrupled in Size in a Decade
100 Second Copernicus environmental satellite safely in orbit
101 New research shows Earth's core contains 90 percent of Earth's sulfur
102 Apple dispatches fleet of cars to get map service data
103 Over 800 dark galaxies found in the famous Coma Cluster
104 Ceres Spots Continue to Mystify in Latest Dawn Images
105 Neutron star's echoes give astronomers a new measuring stick
106 37 Years after Its Discovery, Pluto's Moon Charon Is Being Revealed
107 Rover in Good Health After Communication Blackout
108 Iron: A biological element?
109 Nonphotosynthetic pigments could be biosignatures of life on other worlds
110 China's Beidou navigation system more resistant to jamming
111 Exposed water ice detected on comet's surface