File Title
1 Stanford researchers say the sixth mass extinction is here
2 Electricity isn't good for your sleep habits
3 Why are bluefin tuna going hungry in a sea full of fish?
4 Desalination technology goes off the grid in India
5 Early Romanian man was closely related to Neanderthals
6 Dawn spies pyramid on Ceres, captures closeup of bright spots
7 Warmer, drier winters are shrinking California's wildflower diversity
8 Bass use same muscles to swim and suck in food
9 Solar storms slam Earth, more on the way
10 Cockroach-inspired robot can navigate cluttered environs
11 Scientists explain unusually hot blue stars
12 New technology makes batteries cheaper, more efficient
13 Men think they're better at math than they are
14 Dangerous jellyfish washes ashore in New Jersey
15 Invasive New Guinea flatworm shows up in Florida
16 Fish fossil offers earliest example of teeth
17 U.S. military may adopt hoverbikes, Star Wars-style
18 Rosetta mission extended, probe may land on comet 67P
19 IBM's Chef Watson shares his culinary artifcial intelligence
20 Researchers finally find the head of mysterious worm fossil
21 Scientists dub exoplanet's bleeding atmosphere 'The Behemoth'
22 Study: pot cultivation is hurting the environment
23 Very Large Telescope spies galactic cannibalism
24 Sexless starfish live longer
25 New technology could spur 'a graphene-driven industrial revolution'
26 Designer wheat fails to repel aphids in initial field test
27 Artificial blood buffet to aid mosquito research
28 SpaceX learns from rocket-landing fail, will try again Sunday
29 Some corals are already adapting to global warming
30 Rats dream about the future--future food
31 Study details fluorescent Red Sea corals
32 Owners in denial about their cats' kill count
33 Too much sexual attention harms attractive female flies
34 Firefighters forced to kill 20 million bees escaped from truck crash
35 College student discovers new firefly species
36 Good luck meant no hurricanes for decades for some cities, but experts say 'luck will run out'
37 Series of earthquakes strikes off Oregon, Washington coast; no tsunami threat
38 California farmers plan to avoid big water cuts by not planting all fields or thirsty crops
39 White House: federal cafeterias to serve meat from animals raised with fewer antibiotics
40 Federal wildlife officials releasing plan for bull trout conservation in 5 Western states
41 To protect the coast, or marine life? Environmental priorities clash in New Jersey research
42 Decline of Elephants in Tanzania Is Catastrophic, Activists Say
43 Workers finish sealing storage bunkers at US nuclear dump closed by radiation leak last year
44 Irwin Rose, 2004 Nobel laureate, dies; shared prize for discovery of how cells kill proteins
45 World's biggest particle accelerator successfully restarted after 2-year shutdown, upgrade
46 Oakland accepts divisive $4 million federal grant to cut down trees to prevent deadly fires
47 Chaotic dance of moons around Pluto; 'Kind of like you'd see at a Grateful Dead concert'
48 Wind damages wing of solar-powered plane sidelined in Japan by bad weather during global trek
49 Sea lions hurt by chlorine contamination at California rehab center waddle back into the waves
50 Bear cub badly burned in Washington state wildfire to be released after a year of rehab
51 The world hasn't stopped or even slowed its warming recently, new federal data analysis shows
52 4 miles of Southern California shoreline latest stretch to close after oily goo washes ashore
53 China to make pledge for global climate treaty this month, UN official says; Xi wrote to Ban
54 Fake orca nearly drowns before it can scare Ore. sea lions--but they did get quiet
55 More California families look at in-home water recycling to save gardens, yards in drought
56 Sea lion impaled with spear dies at SeaWorld after rescue last week; animal had infection
57 Russia's Soyuz rocket puts satellite in orbit in the 1st successful launch after failure
58 Christie administration seeks court action to halt ocean-blasting research off New Jersey
59 With $2 million at stake, robots compete, slowly, in response to disaster simulation in California
60 Southern California port city reopens beach closed when tar balls washed ashore
61 Not so green: Japan climate change strategy at G-7 summit still favors coal, nuclear
62 Moscow demonstrators rally to support science foundation pressured by 'foreign agent' law
63 Beijing struggles to control smog even as it reins in trucks, coal-fired plants, barbecues
64 Scientists say unexplored cave in South Dakota offers clues on changes to region's ecosystem
65 Growing conservation push in north Haiti focuses on restoring coastlines, overfished waters
66 Time to hang up the stethoscope? Aging doctors prompt call for competency tests at AMA meeting
67 Republicans seek fewer environmental reviews, lawsuits in bid to up tree removal in forests
68 Drenched: May sets record for wettest US month with more than 200 trillion gallons of rain
69 Cross-Country Bike Trip Aims to Inspire Young Scientists
70 Newspaper reports that Israel built, exploded 'dirty bombs' with nuclear material in tests
71 Feds release final plan for recovering endangered fish species in major Northwest river
72 HEALTHBEAT: Beyond Lyme, research highlights latest in a growing list of tick-borne illnesses
73 Technology, money, policies must line up to fulfill G7 vision of shift away from fossil fuels
74 Parachute fails to inflate during NASA test of new technology for landing spacecraft on Mars
75 Federal appeals court tosses lawsuits challenging Obama administration's climate change plan
76 Wet spring reduces wildfire risk this month in most of US, but danger likely to rise in summer
77 NASA says Mars test parachute ruptured shortly after inflating during Hawaii experiment
78 Hope for Hope [cruel poacher rhino mutilation]
79 After 2 decades, northern spotted owl numbers not only falling, but also at a faster rate
80 Woman gives birth after transplant of ovarian tissue that was removed and frozen at age 13
81 Glitch in Russian spacecraft causes position of International Space Station to shift
82 Volcano on Indonesia's Sumatra unleashes burst of hot ash down slopes; no injuries reported
83 British Nobel laureate stirs storm by saying 'girls' in labs cause trouble for science
84 Planetary Society's solar-sail test a success in space despite problems following May launch
85 APNewsBreak: Cost of California oil spill cleanup reaches $69 million so far, official says
86 A look at what countries have offered to cut pollution ahead of climate summit in Paris
87 Health officials monitoring rodents for plague at Grand Canyon
88 Nobel prize-winning scientist resigns post after 'trouble with girls' comments ignite uproar
89 Einstein's personal letters discussing God, toys, geometry, other subjects being auctioned
90 UN climate change talks inch forward, putting off the tough decisions on Paris emissions pact
91 Lost in space: Rosetta team spots glint of light that could be missing comet lander
92 3 space station astronauts safely return to Earth after 199 days in orbit
93 Launch commentator for Apollo 11 moon shot, Jack King, dies near Cape Canaveral, Florida
94 Japan government OKs 30- to 40-year roadmap to clean up Fukushima plant, but questions remain
95 What's ahead for Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant: Latest roadmap riddled with uncertainties
96 House panel criticizes officials for repeated failures across US nuclear complex
97 Native American tribes in Northwest kick off yearly harvest of primitive, eel-like fish
98 Mount Sinabung in western Indonesia unleashes new powerful burst high into the sky
99 Scientists emerge from dome on Hawaii volcano slope after 8 months in isolation
100 A look at key moments in the Rosetta space probe's 11-year journey to link up with comet 67P
101 British Nobel Prize winner says he was forced to resign after sexist comments
102 Pope says upcoming environment encyclical meant to be read by everyone, not just Catholics
103 To scientists' relief, spacecraft that landed on a comet wakes up after 7 months of silence
104 Authorities in western Indonesia evacuate more villagers from around Mount Sinabung volcano
105 Europe's comet lander makes contact again, mother ship to move closer to improve communication
106 Has urban sprawl come to a crawl? Study finds US sprawl peaked in 1994 and is down a bit since
107 Tree-mendous: Study says green space around elementary schools may boost pupils' abilities
108 Elon Musk's SpaceX announces design competition for Hyperloop transportation capsules
109 Study: Nazi propaganda left life-long mark on Germans exposed to anti-Semitic ideas in school
110 Study links states' carbon dioxide pollution levels and legislators' green voting record