File Title
1 Biblical text revealed from damaged scroll, 1,500 years old
2 Bossy rooster takes lead vocal of cock-a-doodle-do
3 Researchers pinpoint where the brain unites our eyes' double vision
4 Abrupt climate change may have rocked the cradle of civilization
5 Mammoths killed by abrupt climate change
6 Four-legged snake fossil found
7 Researchers map out trajectory of April 2015 earthquake in Nepal
8 Overeating caused by a hormone deficiency in brain?
9 Small oxygen jump in atmosphere helped enable animals take first breaths
10 Stressed young birds stop learning from their parents and turn to wider flock
11 Clues to human molecular interactions
12 Know it's a placebo? Study shows the 'medicine' could still work
13 Brain structure reveals ability to regulate emotions
14 Toxin from salmonid fish has potential to treat cancer
15 Patient satisfaction is good indicator of success after spinal surgery
16 Prostate cancer: Scientists discover why some tumou[r]s are resistant to radiotherapy
17 'Successful aging' linked to harmful drinking among over 50s
18 Prostate cancer not caused by shift work, experts say
19 For prostate cancer patients, risk-specific therapies now more the norm
20 Premature birth linked to withdrawn personality
21 The algorithm of writing
22 Attention-control video game curbs combat vets' PTSD symptoms
23 Biomarkers higher in binge drinkers
24 Scientists identify schizophrenia's 'Rosetta Stone' gene
25 Building confidence helps people with MS have fuller lives, reports researcher
26 College social life can predict well-being at midlife
27 Body fat can send signals to brain, affecting stress response
28 Study identifies challenges of delirium detection in older adults in emergency department
29 Expert panel sets nutrition guidelines to manage GI symptoms in autism
30 Can migraine increase your risk of stroke?
31 U.S. breast milk is glyphosate free
32 Plant diagnostic services reach public with social media
33 Musical tastes offer a window into how you think
34 Retail meat is a potential vehicle for disease-causing Klebsiella
35 Drinking beet juice regularly may lengthen your workouts
36 'Bad' genes lead teens to binge-eating
37 Mediterranean lifestyle may decrease cardiovascular disease by lowering blood triglycerides
38 How to cut worrying levels of arsenic in rice that is eaten all over the world
39 Soybean oil causes more obesity than coconut oil, fructose
40 Research with dolphins provides hope for prevention of diabetes in humans
41 Bomb-proof lining contains explosion in luggage hold of aircraft
42 Object recognition for robots
43 Powerful, efficient ceramic fuel cells could enable in-home production of electricity from natural gas
44 Wind energy provides 8% of Europe's electricity
45 Insights into catalytic converters
46 Young scientist discovers magnetic material unnecessary to create spin current
47 Nanotechnology research leads to super-elastic conducting fibers for artificial muscles, sensors
48 Changing the Color of Light
49 Tiny mechanical wrist gives new dexterity to needlescopic surgery
50 New chiral property of silicon discovered: Photonic applications
51 Brown dwarfs, stars share formation process, new study indicates
52 Bigger, older cousin to Earth discovered
53 Destructive high-energy electrons streaking into Earth's atmosphere from space
54 Treasure hunting in archive data reveals clues about black holes' diet
55 Space-eye-view could help stop global wildlife decline
56 Assembly of galaxies in the early universe witnessed for the first time
57 Deja-vu: New theory says dark matter acts like well-known particle
58 New Horizons captures two of Pluto's smaller moons
59 NASA's New Horizons finds second mountain range in Pluto's 'heart'
60 Why we live on Earth and not Venus
61 Innovative algorithm is helping scientists decipher how drugs work inside the body
62 Computer security tools for journalists lacking in a post-Snowden world
63 Researchers make scalable arrays of 'building blocks' for ultrathin electronics
64 Simulations lead to design of near-frictionless material
65 Cellphones seen as change agents for health among young, poor, urban women in need of care
66 An easy, scalable and direct method for synthesizing graphene in silicon microelectronics
67 A new mechanism to explain how a financial crisis happens
68 New computer program first to recognize sketches more accurately than a human
69 Spintronics just got faster
70 Virtual research studies feasible, experts say
71 Unlocking the rice immune system
72 Inbreeding not to blame for Colorado's bighorn sheep population decline
73 Diversity of European butterflies could be seriously underestimated, DNA suggests
74 Pesticides found in most pollen collected from foraging bees in Massachusetts
75 Researchers quantify nature's role in human well-being
76 Are fish getting high on cocaine?
77 Fighting mosquito resistance to insecticides
78 Simple flip of genetic switch determines aging or longevity in animals
79 Female stink bugs 'select' color of their eggs
80 Dark plumage helps birds survive on small islands
81 Smarter window materials can control light, energy
82 Synthetic coral could remove toxic heavy metals from the ocean
83 Mangroves help protect against sea level rise
84 Keep Tahoe blue? Less algae, not clarity, key for lake's blueness
85 First evidence of farming in Mideast 23,000 years ago
86 Banned chemical pollutant lowers fertility in UK porpoises
87 Stop misuse of biodiversity offsets, conservation experts say
88 Resolving social conflict is key to survival of bacterial communities
89 Climate change reduces coral reefs' ability to protect coasts
90 Pacific reef growth can match rising sea, study suggests
91 Fragments of a new female figurine from Hohle Fels Cave
92 Deciphering of Mayan glyph sheds light on culture
93 Genetic studies link indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australasia
94 Genome analysis pins down arrival and spread of first Americans
95 Ancient life in three dimensions
96 Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming
97 Fossil fuel emissions will complicate radiocarbon dating
98 Finding the origins of life in a drying puddle
99 Centuries-old shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast
100 Jurassic saw fastest mammal evolution
101 Testing for malaria reduces overprescription by more than 70 percent
102 Despite court ruling, survey finds child welfare professionals oppose corporal punishment
103 Aggressive vaccination prevented Amish measles contagion from spreading broadly
104 Is your favorite grocery store making you fat?
105 It takes a protect us from dangerous infections? New microbiome research suggests so
106 Leading experts prescribe how to make cancer drugs more affordable
107 Implicit bias against lesbians, gays decreasing across demographic groups, study shows
108 Schools with higher black, minority populations call cops, not docs
109 N/A
110 Increasing prevalence of autism is due, in part, to changing diagnoses