File Title
1 Hubble views a bizarre cosmic quartet
2 MRSA contamination found in supermarket sausages and minced pork
3 Research with thieving puppets demonstrates toddlers' caring sides
4 Brain receptor found to significantly affect cocaine addiction
5 Ancient dental plaque reveals healthy eating and respiratory irritants 400,000 years ago
6 'Genomics holds key to understanding ecological and evolutionary processes'
7 Unknown midge mystery solved
8 New model to study HIV latency in brain cells
9 Massively parallel gene function assays aim to reduce uncertainty of genetic diagnoses
10 Researchers bring to life proteins' motion
11 Magnetic field discovery gives clues to galaxy-formation processes
12 Female managers do not reduce the gender wage gap, study finds
13 Scientists shows AIDS vaccine candidate successfully 'primes' immune system
14 Kennewick Man closely related to Native Americans, geneticists say
15 Researchers design placenta-on-a-chip to better understand pregnancy
16 More than just picky eating
17 Safeguarding against chlamydia
18 Detroit researchers help identify gene mutation that can trigger lymphoblastic leukemia
19 Not like riding a bike: New motor memories need stabilizing
20 After the deal: Partnerships with Iran could reduce long-term nuclear risks
21 Climate change won't reduce winter deaths
22 Future oncology explores role of biomarkers and next generation sequencing
23 Some common anti-nausea medications used post-operatively could increase patients' arrhythmia risk
24 Kennewick Man: Solving a scientific controversy
25 ALMA precisely measures black hole mass
26 Scientists identify progenitor cells for blood and immune system
27 Protein 'comet tails' propel cell recycling process
28 Cosmetic lip surgery may ease facial paralysis, small study suggests
29 Single enzyme's far-reaching influence in human biology and disease
30 Parkinson's disease appears associated with many cancers in Taiwan
31 Study: Abdominal blood clots may indicate undiagnosed cancer
32 TSRI research leads to 3-D structures of key molecule implicated in diseases of the brain
33 Inclusion of experimenters in e-cigarette prevalence studies of 'questionable' value
34 Doctors often misdiagnose zinc deficiency, and unaware of impact of excess zinc
35 Titan's atmosphere even more Earth-like than previously thought
36 Scientists film shock waves in diamond
37 Scientists find evidence of key ingredient during dawn of life
38 Sequencing Ebola's secrets
39 Increased anxiety associated with sitting down
40 Faster, not stronger: How a protein regulates gene expression
41 Simultaneous live imaging of a specific gene's transcription and dynamics
42 Diet that mimics fasting appears to slow aging
43 CU-Boulder, USGS: US mid-continent seismicity linked to high-rate injection wells
44 Opening the doors to Iran's nuclear program
45 Wastewater injection rate strongest trigger for induced quakes
46 Baboons decide where to go together
47 DNA from illegal ivory points to poaching hotspots in Africa
48 Staying cool: Saharan silver ants
49 Changing faces: We can look more trustworthy, but not more competent, NYU research finds
50 State stroke legislation increases US primary stroke centers
51 Racehorses at risk from misuse of cobalt, new study finds
52 Sailing through changing oceans
53 Diet mimicking fasting promotes regeneration and longevity in mice, piloted in humans
54 Oklahoma earthquakes linked to oil and gas drilling
55 X-ray imaging reveals secrets in battery materials
56 Evidence from ivory DNA identifies two main elephant poaching hotspots
57 TSRI study points to unexplored realm of protein biology, drug targets
58 The majority rules when baboons vote with their feet
59 Specific roles of adult neural stem cells may be determined before birth
60 Molecular cause of heart condition identified by Stanford researchers
61 New sleep genes found
62 Viral commuters: How influenza viruses use transportation systems in the US
63 Genomic discovery of skin cancer subtypes provides potential 'signpost' for drug targets
64 Drug approved to treat osteoporosis shows promise in pre-clinical diabetes research
65 A single gene turns colorectal cancer cells back into normal tissue in mice
66 What can 3-year-olds teach us about justice? Plenty
67 Lefties are all right with kangaroos
68 Tubal ligation may improve the prognosis of endometrial cancer later in life
69 Internists give Senate recommendations to improve care for patients with chronic diseases
70 New 'molecular movie' reveals ultrafast chemistry in motion
71 Moffitt researchers discover mechanism leading to BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma
72 Latina women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer need more stress management tools
73 Access to electricity is linked to reduced sleep
74 New biomarker identified in women with mental illness
75 Tuberculosis bacteria hide in the low oxygen niches of bone marrow stem cells
76 INFORMS journal study: Brands, patents can protect firms from bankruptcy
77 Study shows sleep disturbances are common and influenced by race and ethnicity
78 Lake fire in California burns over 11,000 acres
79 TGen study identifies first genetic mutation associated with Aicardi syndrome
80 Study links heartbeat to female libido
81 PrEP is not linked to greater risk for depression
82 Scientists identify amino acid that stops seizures in mice
83 Discovery promises new treatments to thwart colon cancer
84 Thick cortex could be key in Down syndrome
85 Seniors don't bounce back fast from car crashes
86 Academic calls for laws to address intrusive potential of face recognition technologies
87 Supercomputers surprisingly link DNA crosses to cancer
88 Olfactory cells transplanted to treat spinal cord injury
89 Patients give high marks to prepping for surgery online
90 Autism: The value of an integrated approach to diagnosis
91 Culturing the connectome
92 First solar cell made of highly ordered molecular frameworks
93 EMBL scientists solve decades-old cell biology puzzle
94 Highly educated women stop smoking if the cost goes up
95 The successful ovulation of 100 eggs from 1 female mouse
96 MARCO applauds fishery council move to protect deep sea corals
97 Study shows global warming is unlikely to reduce winter deaths
98 Children with good memories are better liars, research shows
99 Stanford researcher declares that the sixth mass extinction is here
100 How to wipe out polio and prevent its reemergence
101 Health records and genetic data from more than 100,000 Californians power medical research
102 How to wipe out polio and prevent its re-emergence
103 Silent flights: How owls could help make wind turbines and planes quieter
104 Smoking around your toddler could be just as bad as smoking while pregnant
105 How understanding GPS can help you hit a curveball
106 In social networks, group boundaries promote the spread of ideas, Penn study finds
107 Genetic study of 'co-evolution' could provide clues to better food production
108 Sun unleashes mid-level flare
109 Fat, sugar cause bacterial changes that may relate to loss of cognitive function
110 MAVEN results find Mars behaving like a rock star