File Title
1 Study finds metal foams capable of shielding X-rays, gamma rays, neutron radiation
2 Nanowires give 'solar fuel cell' efficiency a tenfold boost
3 NIST demonstrates quick testing of organic materials with off-the-shelf technology
4 Syntactic foam sandwich fills hunger for lightweight yet strong materials
5 New paper describes first-ever synthesis of hyperbranched polymers
6 New family of chemical structures can effectively remove CO2 from gas mixtures
7 Portable 'paper machine' can diagnose disease for less than $2
8 Study sheds light how amino acid side chains and peptide secondary structure change electron transport
9 The incredible shrinking ESR machine
10 New fuel-cell materials pave the way for practical hydrogen-powered cars
11 Solving mysteries of conductivity in polymers
12 Long-standing puzzle about a small molecule solved: Spectroscopic characterization of ethylenedione
13 Advanced composites may borrow designs from deep-sea shrimp
14 Could dissolvable microneedles replace injected vaccines?
15 Researchers provide evidence for a non-enzymatic pathway to produce paracaseolide A
16 Solar battery receives 20% of its energy from the sun
17 Kiwi bird genome sequenced
18 Space-eye-view could help stop global wildlife decline
19 Resolving social conflict is key to survival of bacterial communities
20 Atomic view of cellular pump reveals how bacteria send out proteins
21 Twisted wasps: Two new unique parasitoid wasp species sting the heart of Europe
22 Cleaning up bunker oil with white rot fungi
23 Rising seas could drown turtle eggs, according to new research
24 Changing environment caused some isolated kangaroos to evolve separately
25 New evidence of cultural diversification between neighboring chimpanzee communities
26 A dictionary of the language of cells
27 Selfishness lasts a lifetime, according to mongoose study
28 Stress 'sweet spot' differs for mellow vs. hyper dogs
29 Thriving in the tropics of Borneo: 2 new Hoya species on the third largest island
30 New technology to help prevent rhino poaching
31 Yeast cells optimize their genomes in response to the environment
32 Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming
33 Sweet revenge against superbugs
34 DNA sequencing of noninvasively collected hair expands the field of conservation genetics
35 Researchers aiming to produce vaccine to save the Tasmanian devil
36 RNA insecticide could target specific pests
37 New tool for investigating RNA gone awry
38 New techniques improve specificity of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tools
39 Marine travellers best able to adapt to warming waters
40 Citizen science for salamanders in Southwest New Hampshire
41 Rejuvenating the comparative approach in modern neuroscience
42 First evidence of farming in Mideast
43 Genetic studies link indigenous peoples in the Amazon and Australasia
44 Genome analysis pins down arrival and spread of first Americans
45 Archaeologists use new methods to explore move from hunting, gathering to farming
46 New research effort claims King Phillip II buried in Tomb I not Tomb II
47 21st century technology deciphers ancient Hebrew scroll
48 Nonprofit calls for less talk, more action to make the scientific enterprise sustainable
49 Best of Last Week--Peaks on Pluto, fastest ever flexible diode and sleep deprivation's impact on ability to read faces
50 Opinion: Has Lance Armstrong's impact in cycling and beyond been a net positive?
51 Five bizarre fossil discoveries that got scientists excited
52 Researchers find romantic kissing not nearly as universal as thought
53 Jurassic saw fastest mammal evolution
54 Feathered cousin of 'Jurassic Park' star unearthed in China
55 Oldest lizard embryos discovered in fossil eggs
56 Researchers develop math model to determine greatness of cities
57 50 million year old sperm cells found in fossilized cocoon
58 Head-butting and teeth-baring displays in male-male combat appeared 270 million years ago
59 Research sheds light on Amazon vs. Wal-Mart competition
60 New fossils show ancient comb jellies had skeleton parts
61 Best of Last Week--New definition of time crystals, new images of Pluto and the mechanism that causes neuropathic pain
62 SA's archaeological wonder-sites reveal more of the origins of our unity and diversity
63 Men may feel more threatened by female bosses, research finds
64 Choice-modeling software predicts customer preferences for retailers
65 New horned dinosaur reveals evolution of nose horn in Triceratops family
66 Patent filings by women have risen fastest in academia
67 Perceive this: The human brain controls alpha-band oscillation phase to effect temporal predictions
68 High soda intake may boost diabetes risk, even without obesity
69 Antiviral compound protects nonhuman primates against Marburg virus
70 Educational benefits of deworming children questioned by re-analysis of flagship study
71 Eye drop gives hope for knifeless cataract cure
72 Soybean oil causes more obesity than coconut oil and fructose
73 ~40 percent undergo stress testing after PCI in VA system
74 New smart drug targets and reduces site-specific inflammation
75 Blood glucose meter accuracy unclear at low glycemic range
76 Long-sought discovery fills in missing details of cell 'switchboard'
77 Researchers discover how to cut worrying levels of arsenic
78 Additional radiation reduces breast-cancer recurrence for some patients
79 Modified DNA building blocks are cancer's Achilles heel
80 Zebrafish reveal drugs that may improve bone marrow transplant
81 Researchers identify the source of the debilitating memory loss in people with psychosis
82 New checklist helps identify children, teens with bereavement disorder
83 Increasing prevalence of autism is due, in part, to changing diagnoses
84 Molecular mechanisms contributing to addiction resistance uncovered
85 Mowing dry detention basins makes mosquito problems worse, team finds
86 Researchers find key player in diabetic kidney disease through power of metabolomics
87 Static synapses on a moving structure: Mind the gap!
88 Pros and cons of treatment options for gallbladder disease
89 New analysis points the way to earlier diagnosis of chest tumors
90 Hospitals often overestimate their ability to deliver fast stroke care
91 E-cigarettes may be as addictive as traditional ones
92 Using low-dose irradiation, researchers can now edit human genes
93 From 30 days to 30 minutes: 3-D digital scanning shortens denture-fitting time
94 Is your favorite grocery store making you fat?
95 The science of 'hangry,' or why some people get grumpy when they're hungry
96 Cancer driver gene reduces metastasis in prostate cancer
97 Dead galaxies saved by dark matter
98 Runaway star creates spectacular shockwave
99 Comet probe Philae falls silent, scientists say they have 'not given up'
100 Unique pocket of roos reveals climate survival tactics
101 Rising seas a threat to turtle egg survival
102 Electroconvulsive Therapy: New ultra-brief depression treatment 'more effective,' with 'fewer side effects,' research shows
103 Ancient Americans migrated in a single wave from Siberia
104 New 'blue marble' shows off Earth's sunny side
105 Biodiversity offsets may allow governments to double dip
106 Music preferences reveal your inner thoughts
107 No need to treat stable meniscus tears during ACL surgery, new research shows
108 Treatment of shoulder instability helps return collegiate athletes to playing field
109 Surgery may be best treatment option for multidirectional shoulder dislocations
110 Study finds surprisingly high geothermal heating beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet