File Title
1 Researchers make scalable arrays of 'building blocks' for ultrathin electronics
2 Nanomaterials and UV light can "trap" chemicals for easy removal from soil and water
3 2D materials researchers aim 'beyond graphene'
4 Simulations lead to design of near-frictionless material
5 An easy, scalable and direct method for synthesizing graphene in silicon microelectronics
6 US Navy eyes graphene nanoribbon for ultimate power control system
7 Degrading BPA with visible light and a new hybrid photocatalyst
8 Rare form: Novel structures built from DNA emerge
9 Scientists propose 3D graphene-like 'hyper-honeycomb' structures
10 Property of non-stick pans improves solar cell efficiency
11 Scientists develop method that creates nanowires with new useful properties
12 Trapped light orbits within an intriguing material
13 A most singular nano-imaging technique (Update)
14 New system changes the shape of things to come in biomolecular delivery
15 New technique to synthesise nanostructured nanowires
16 On the way to breaking the terahertz barrier for graphene nanoelectronics
17 Researchers successfully combine two different materials to create new hyper-efficient light-emitting crystal
18 Magnetic nanoparticles could be key to effective immunotherapy
19 'White graphene' structures can take the heat
20 Silica structures in natural reed leaves can be exploited as electrode material in lithium-ion batteries
21 For faster, larger graphene add a liquid layer
22 Nanospheres shield chemo drugs, safely release high doses in response to tumor secretions
23 Researchers build a transistor from a molecule and a few atoms
24 Chemotherapeutic coatings enhance tumor-frying nanoparticles
25 Clay sheets stack to form proton conductors
26 Deja-vu, new theory says dark matter acts like well-known particle
27 Drawing a line between quantum and classical world
28 Rock paper fungus: How X-ray imaging of rocks will save papers of the past
29 Macroscopic quantum phenomena discovered in ice
30 Spintronics--molecules stabilizing magnetism
31 Exploring the Higgs boson's dark side
32 A step closer to understanding superconductivity with large international collaboration
33 Spintronics just got faster
34 How the legs of water striders repel water
35 Researchers demonstrate the first realization of invisible absorbers and sensors
36 Searching for ET: Hawking to look for extraterrestrial life
37 Bringing back the magic in metamaterials
38 After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics found
39 Weyl points: Long-sought phenomenon finally detected
40 Death by Design? Spatial models show that natural selection favors genetically-limited lifespan as a lineal benefit
41 Scientists use particle accelerator to visualize properties of nanoscale electronic materials
42 Fastest-ever flexible diode provides 'last missing piece' needed to realize bendable phones
43 More precise estimate of Avogadro's number to help redefine kilogram
44 Density-near-zero acoustical metamaterial made in China
45 Two-ball bounce problem explained
46 Sandia's Z machine helps solve Saturn's 2-billion-year age gap
47 Combined titanium and gold create first itinerant antiferromagnetic metal
48 CERN's LHCb experiment reports observation of exotic pentaquark particles
49 Researcher devises method to untangle, analyze 'controlled chaos'
50 Clever cloaks: Unique metamaterials preserve phase while guiding surface waves around ultrasharp corners and bumps
51 Starry surprise in the bulge: encounter of a halo passerby
52 Pulsar punches hole in stellar disk
53 It's not all about aliens--listening project may unveil other secrets of the universe
54 What is the status of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence?
55 ALMA witnesses assembly of galaxies in the early universe for the first time
56 Image: NASA's New Horizons finds second mountain range in Pluto's 'Heart'
57 If we are to find life beyond Earth, we need to be explorers, not hunters
58 Japan space scientists hunting for new asteroid name
59 Astronauts' skin changes before and after missions are studied
60 Study of human body fluid shifts aboard space station advances journey to Mars
61 Failed strut caused SpaceX rocket blast: CEO Elon Musk
62 The planetary sweet spot: Abundance of elements in the Earth dictate whether plate tectonics can happen
63 Scientists say comet lander may have shifted position
64 Image: Hubble uncovering the secrets of the Quintuplet Cluster
65 Dead galaxies in Coma Cluster may be packed with dark matter
66 'Beautiful eye candy': Frozen plains in Pluto's heart
67 Mysterious mountain revealed in first close-up of Pluto's moon Charon
68 Done with Pluto, New Horizons will drift in endless sea of space
69 Gaia satellite and amateur astronomers spot one in a billion star
70 ISS astronauts dodge flying Russian space debris
71 Study suggests the Red Planet was icy rather than watery billions of years ago
72 Astronomers bring a new hope to find 'Tatooine' planets
73 'Blowing my mind': Peaks on Pluto, canyons on Charon
74 Old astronomic riddle on the way to be solved
75 Pluto's close-ups to offer high-resolution views
76 Google Glass is closing in on work environments
77 Smarter window materials can control light and energy
78 A general model for optimizing the electrolyte used in lithium-air batteries
79 New battery technologies take on lithium-ion
80 Boosting gas mileage by turning engine heat into electricity
81 Where is solar power headed?
82 Testing shows using microwaves to propel a craft into space might work
83 Ashley Madison breach reveals the rise of the moralist hacker
84 Security experts demonstrate ability to remotely crash a Jeep Cherokee
85 The future of data science looks spectacular
86 New computer program first to recognise sketches more accurately than a human
87 Clinic gets approved medical supply drop by drone in Virginia
88 Perovskite solar technology shows quick energy returns
89 University of Michigan opens test "city" for autonomous cars
90 Plastic, sustainable and quick: Road idea seeks takeoff
91 3D-printed 'smart cap' uses electronics to sense spoiled food
92 Moore's Law is 50 years old but will it continue?
93 Opinion: When Chrome, YouTube and Firefox drop it like it's hot, Flash is a dead plugin walking
94 Ford developing advanced illumination system and Spot Lighting
95 Moov Now wearable helps you move to higher levels
96 N/A
97 Solar tech team from YOLK crowdfunds phone charger
98 IBM Watson here to help you construct words you won't regret
99 'Ludicrous Mode'? Tesla adds power to already-fast Model S
100 Robots pass 'wise-men puzzle' to show a degree of self-awareness
101 How artificial intelligence is changing economic theory
102 The light of fireflies for medical diagnostics
103 New mussel-inspired surgical protein glue: Close wounds, open medical possibilities
104 'Molecular sponge' advancement in storing hydrogen
105 N/A
106 Why is life left-handed? The answer is in the stars
107 Novel glycoengineering technology gives qualitative leap for biologics drug research
108 Finding the origins of life in a drying puddle (w/ Video)
109 Study could lead to a new class of materials for making LEDs
110 Imaging glucose uptake activity inside single cells