File Title
1 Dartmouth study sheds new light on mind-brain relationship
2 Discovered a cause of mental retardation and autism
3 New study suggests evidence for serotonergic dissociation between anxiety and fear
4 How neurons remember
5 Warming slow-down not the end of climate change, study shows
6 Yale researchers beat untreatable eczema with arthritis drug
7 Marine travellers best able to adapt to warming waters
8 Keep fears at bay by learning something new
9 Scientists reveal 'woodquakes'
10 As the oceans warm, wide-ranging species will have an edge
11 Researchers demonstrated the first realization of invisible absorbers and sensors
12 Sticky tape & phosphorus the key to ultrathin solar cells: ANU media release
13 Global study of seed consumption uncovers wider risk to plant species
14 Finding the origins of life in a drying puddle
15 3D-printed 'smart cap' uses electronics to sense spoiled food
16 Study finds autism, ADHD run high in children of chemically intolerant mothers
17 Novel treatments emerging for human mitochondrial diseases
18 Self-proclaimed experts more vulnerable to the illusion of knowledge
19 UTMB study finds that testosterone therapy is not linked with blood clot disorders in veins
20 Antibiotic exposure could increase the risk of juvenile arthritis
21 Most chronic pain patients use alternative therapies, but many don't tell their doctors
22 Stopping malaria in its tracks
23 Dead galaxies in Coma Cluster may be packed with dark matter
24 Clemson scientists stopping small insects from doing big damage to corn
25 Imaging glucose uptake activity inside single cells
26 Physicists discover long-sought 'pentaquark' particle
27 Infectious disease ecology, forest biodiversity, urban ecology featured at upcoming conference
28 Dairy products boost effectiveness of probiotics
29 Cholesterol metabolism in immune cells linked to HIV progression
30 Lymphomas tied to metabolic disruption
31 UT Dallas study delves into regulators' decision-making in bank closures
32 New limb-lengthening technique is less cumbersome for patients, study finds
33 Malaysia's 'black panthers' finally reveal their leopard's spots
34 Siting wind farms more quickly, cheaply
35 Centuries-old shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast
36 Basketmakers' tradition of storing black ash logs in water effective in killing EAB
37 U of M study explains why hemp and marijuana are different
38 ISTAR researchers, clients turn to video to treat stuttering
39 Coaches can be a strong influence in preventing football injuries, say researchers
40 Bringing back the magic in metamaterials
41 Study in mice may identify new ways to treat immune thrombocytopenia
42 Study finds metal foams capable of shielding X-rays, gamma rays, neutron radiation
43 New study reveals improved way to interpret high-throughput biological data
44 Diarrhea in cats
45 Nanowires give 'solar fuel cell' efficiency a tenfold boost
46 RNA springs
47 A new satellite time transfer method based on two-way common-view comparison
48 New malaria treatment thwarts parasite resistance
49 A fish too deep for science
50 Cholesterol metabolism in immune cells linked to HIV progression, may lead to new therapy
51 Physicians testified for tobacco companies against plaintiffs with cancer, Stanford study finds
52 Toddlers who chill in front of TV are at later risk of being victimized by classmates
53 Researchers discover a possible reason for drug resistance in breast tumors
54 Marine plankton brighten clouds over Southern Ocean
55 New catalyst for selective oxidation of methanol to dimethoxymethane under mild conditions
56 30-year study shows that moderate hormone suppression may be enough in thyroid cancer
57 Carbon dioxide pools discovered in Aegean Sea
58 Emissions have declined, but sulfur dioxide air pollutant still a concern for asthmatics
59 New family of chemical structures can effectively remove CO2 from gas mixtures
60 Personalized care for aortic aneurysms, based on gene testing, has arrived
61 Oceans slowed global temperature rise, scientists report
62 A most singular nano-imaging technique
63 Genetic markers linking risk for type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's identified
64 Women and fragrances: Scents and sensitivity
65 New in the Hastings Center Report: Disclosing misattributed parentage, treating terrorists, informed consent in the era of personalized medicine, and more in the July-August 2015 issue
66 Resveratrol, quercetin could provide new options for cancer therapy
67 Trapped light orbits within an intriguing material
68 Innovative P.E. curriculum triples the rate at which students pass a state physical fitness test
69 Child paralysis outbreak: UVA identifies potential cause
70 New Ice Age may begin by 2030
71 Burden of dengue, chikungunya in India far worse than understood
72 UAlberta scientists part of unprecedented worldwide biodiversity study
73 Many mobile health apps neglect needs of blind users
74 Are wine baths useful or a waste of money? (video)
75 Study: Virtual research studies feasible
76 Presidents of National Academy of Medicine and National Academy of Sciences Present new initiative on ethics of human gene editing technology
77 Lipid enzyme heightens insulin sensitivity, potential therapy to treat Type 2 diabetes
78 Oskar's structure revealed
79 Iron regulators join war on pathogens
80 Firearm shooting errors could be reduced through cognitive training
81 Brain training may help avoid civilian casualties
82 New findings hint toward reversing hearing loss
83 Why bad genes don't always lead to bad diseases
84 Some like it sweet, others not so much: It's partly in the genes
85 WHO says the international community must do more to take action against rabies
86 Study IDs traits of those who screen positive for dementia but refuse diagnostic testing
87 Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 2015
88 Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons
89 Research shows how to reduce the cost of modern investment strategies
90 Syntactic foam sandwich fills hunger for lightweight yet strong materials
91 Lower risk treatment for blood clots 'empowers' patients, improves care
92 Long-sought phenomenon finally detected
93 Healthcare workers are not removing protective garments correctly
94 Midlife high blood pressure may negatively impact the brain years later
95 Unprecedented gigapixel multicolor microscope: Powerful new tool to advance drug research
96 Massive study: Birth order has no meaningful effect on personality or IQ
97 Neuroscientists decipher brain's noisy code
98 Sun's activity controls Greenland temperatures
99 Sitting time not associated with poorer diets in US adults
100 No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures
101 Club membership in teens linked to lower mortality in older age
102 Is this restaurant making me fat?
103 Burrowers playing leapfrog? A new extraordinary diamond frog from Madagascar
104 Clarifying prefrontal neurons' roles in flexible behavior
105 Graphene electrons share the heat
106 Taxing the dose of calories in sugary drinks could help reduce obesity
107 It's official: Workplace rudeness is contagious
108 Common mental health drug could be used to treat arthritis
109 Tradable Energy Quotas offer fair and effective route to low carbon society
110 Angel Borja has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Hull