File Title
1 Birds Leave Florida Colony After 50+ Years
2 Lyme Disease and Invasive Diseases: Disease Containment in Northeast
3 Males Age Faster: Badgers Have Clues?
4 Marine Survey: Sharks, Rays, Skates and Underwater Video
5 Invasive Species and Aquatic Nuisance: Still Eating Lionfish
6 Mars and Meteorite and Opals: Signs of Life?
7 Anxiety, Monkeys, Us: Delving into Genetics
8 Dinosaur Eggs and Japan: Big Finding in Asia
9 Bumblebees and Narrowing Range: Climate Change is Only Reason
10 Volcanoes and Predictions: A Stopwatch for Yellowstone
11 Microbial Communications and Mosquitoes: Changing the Message
12 Seabird Decline Since 1950s Is Dramatic
13 3D Printer and Robot: Soft Body, Hard Core
14 Moose Numbers Down in North Woods: Federal protection?
15 California Shark Attacks: Numbers
16 Vancouver's Olympic Games Brought Measles via 2 Visitors
17 Giant Pandas and Their Bamboo Story, Updated
18 ANOTHER Mass Extinction?! Compelling Proof of Past Mass Die-off
19 Rifts on Charon: New Horizons Shows Violent Geology on Pluto's Largest Moon
20 New Horizons: Pluto Geology Visible with 1 Million Miles to Go
21 Shark Video: Discovery Channel Finds Sharks like Music of Death
22 Ocean Discovery: Newly Found Volcanoes Off Sydney, Australia Coast
23 Chicago's Brookfield Zoo Investigating Oxygen Drop in Stingray Exhibit
24 Endangered Black Leopards in Malaysia: Researchers See Spots
25 Global Warming, Exercise, and Age: Effects Felt
26 Airline Flight Length: Increase Because of Climate Change
27 Editorial and Titan: Saturn's Moon, Microbes, Space
28 Editorial and Mammoths: Animal Revivals and Ethics
29 Dolphins and Bats: Similar Neural Pathways
30 Puma and Southern California: Human Predators and a Highway
31 Sturgeon and Columbia River: Why Fish Deaths?
32 Super-Food and Seaweed and Bacon: Oregon Surprise
33 Arctic Circle and Fishing: U.S., Russia, Others Comment
34 New Velociraptor Cousin Had Quill-Pen Feathers: Chicken?
35 Plankton and Bright Lights: Cloud Studies near Antarctica
36 Thermal Areas on Earth: Always Popping Up All Over
37 Birth of a Giant Planet Witnessed with the Very Large Telescope
38 Cosmic Fireworks May be Arriving in 2018 with Colossal Collision (VIDEO)
39 NASA New Horizons Spacecraft Glitches as it Prepares for Pluto Flyby
40 Philae's Comet May Support Alien Life, Rosetta Mission Reveals
41 Exoplanets: Ring of Tiny Pebbles Reveals How Baby Planets Form
42 NASA's NuSTAR Uncovers Hidden Supermassive Black Holes in the Universe
43 Solar Impulse 2 Lands in Hawaii After Record-Breaking, Historic Flight
44 Space Weather May be Predicted Five Days in Advance with New Mission
45 Planck Satellite Creates Sky Map Revealing Massive Loop and Dust Ring
46 Opals Discovered on Martian Meteorite May Hint at Alien Life on Mars
47 Earth-like Exoplanets May Harbor Life: New Telescope Reveals Candidates
48 Powerful Explosions with Gamma-Ray Bursts are Fueled by Magnets
49 Surfer's Waves in Space Rush by Earth from the Sun
50 NASA X-Ray Telescope Captures the Sun in a Spectacular New Image
51 Dormant Supermasive Black Hole Springs to Life in Distant Galaxy
52 Space and Hibernation: Black Bear Holds Key for Future Astronaut Therapy
53 Supermassive Black Hole Outgrew its Galaxy After the Big Bang
54 Extremely Rare Venus Transit May Help Future Missions to Nearby Planet
55 NASA New Horizons Races Toward Pluto and its Heart-Shaped Features
56 Philae Phones Home from Comet after 2 Weeks of Silence with Rosetta
57 NASA Hubble Telescope Captures Ghostly Galaxy with New Striking Image
58 Pluto Flyby of New Horizons is Tomorrow! Unprecedented Images of the Tiny Planet
59 Massive Black Hole Caused a Pulse of High-Energy Light that Created a Spectacular Flare
60 Cosmic Giant Meets Galactic Dwarf: What Happens When Galaxies Collide
61 Solar Activity May Cause a Mini Ice Age: Sun's Solar Cycle Drops in 2030
62 NASA Releases Image of Pluto as New Horizons Arrives and Speeds Past the World
63 New Horizons Reveals the True Size of Pluto and Charon During Historic Flyby
64 Near-Earth Asteroid Zips by Our Planet and is Imaged by New Radio Transmitter
65 NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Reveals Red Planet Had Primitive, Earth-like Crust
66 New Horizons: Pluto and Charon Newly Imaged in Color
67 New Horizons 'Phones Home' to NASA After Historic Pluto Flyby
68 NASA Plans to Send Robots to the Moon to Explore Craters for Possible Colonies
69 Pluto New Horizons Mission Reveals a String of Mountains on the Icy Planet
70 Twin Suns May Host Earth-like Planets (VIDEO)
71 Jupiter Twin Spotted in a Solar System that Mimics Our Own
72 Pluto: Is It a Planet? Scientist States that Planet-Declaring is Arbitrary in Nature
73 Pluto's Largest Moon, Charon, Has Startling Details on Its Surface (IMAGE)
74 NASA Grows Plants in Space: Next Frontier for Agriculture
75 Researchers accidentally discover oldest animal sperm ever
76 Age doesn't dull damselfly sex
77 Mouse vision saved by gene therapy
78 21 of world's rarest turtles released back into wild
79 Genetically modified moths could limit damage to crops
80 At work, rudeness can be caught like a cold
81 Birds can learn a foreign language in just two days
82 Does Arctic deal really ban North Pole fishing?
83 Megalodon teeth contained fluoride for strength
84 Revolutionary War-era shipwreck found off North Carolina coast
85 Supersonic jet could go from New York to London in 3 hours
86 Solar Impulse grounded until April 2016
87 Infrared camera reveals hidden spots on black leopards
88 Streaming music drives artists' ticket sales
89 Google Earth for health aims to revolutionize healthcare
90 Elusive massless particle could improve electronics
91 Google speaks on disputed territory while UN deliberates
92 United Airlines hackers awarded one million air miles
93 Innocent people investigated due to data errors
94 Security experts claim spam levels are at a 12 year low
95 Ashes of Pluto discoverer on board New Horizons for historic flyby
96 Hello, Pluto! New Horizons flies by after nearly 10 years
97 Jupiter-like planet discovered in solar twin
98 UPDATE: New photos from New Horizons' Pluto flyby
99 Curiosity finds evidence of Martian continental crust
100 Scientists map out the universe's dark matter
101 Old 'soccer ball' molecule space mystery solved
102 One-in-a-billion star discovered by Gaia satellite
103 Should Pluto be considered a planet now?
104 Latest New Horizons data reveals frozen plains, wagging tail
105 Altruism is simpler than we thought
106 New cell structure, processes could help fight cancer
107 New bacon-flavored seaweed is healthier than kale
108 Miniature brains from skin cells reveal insights into autism
109 Oldest evidence of dental work discovered in ancient molar
110 Science fiction-like brain probe controls mouse movements
111 TV-watching toddlers more likely to be bullied later on
112 How marijuana assists in bone fracture recovery
113 Scientists pin possible cause of child paralysis outbreak
114 Study finds that significant weight loss is statistically unlikely