File Title
1 For Girls, Mom's Physical Activity Level Sets the Example
2 Huge Brain Scan Database is Revealing Secrets of the Mind
3 Supersonic Jet Could Fly People from NYC to London in 3 Hours
4 'Surfer's Waves' Found in Space
5 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
6 Bronze Age Gold Spirals May Have Been Sacrificed to Gods
7 5th-Century Mosaic Adorned with Elephants and Cupids
8 Hope and Resilience: How Parents Cope with a Child's Cancer
9 Children with Severe Allergies Susceptible to Rebound Reactions
10 Pluto at Last! NASA Spacecraft Arrives for Dwarf Planet Close-Up Tuesday
11 Reference: Facts About Plutonium
12 Mushroom Poisoning Caused Woman's Liver to Fail
13 Chain of Underwater Volcanoes Discovered During Lobster Hunt
14 Russia's Impossible Rainstorm of 2012 Finally Explained
15 Obamacare, Nixoncare: Health Care Debates Are All About Politics
16 New Horizons: 5 Things Pluto Flyby Could Reveal About Planet Earth
17 Testicular Cancer & Cycling: Is There a Link?
18 New Inhaled Ebola Vaccine Works in Monkeys
19 Funeral Directors May Be at Increased Risk for ALS
20 All Aboard! Slug Poop Carries Worms to Destinations
21 Reference: Vitamin E: Sources, Benefits & Risks
22 Surprise! Infrared Camera Reveals Black Leopard's Hidden Spots
23 'Cursed' Artifacts Returned--20 Years Later
24 Hello, Pluto! NASA Spacecraft Makes Historic Dwarf Planet Flyby
25 Shopping App for Health, Science Unveiled by Purch
26 It's Raining Spiders! Weirdest Effects of California Drought
27 New, Ultra-Precise Measure Could Help Redefine the Kilogram
28 Human Hands Are Primitive, New Study Finds
29 Found: Trick for Getting into an Exercise Routine
30 Human 'Mini Hearts' Made in Lab (and They Beat)
31 Homeopathic Treatments: Do They Help or Harm?
32 Oldest Animal Sperm Lasted 50 Million Years in Antarctica
33 Douching May Expose Women to Harmful Chemicals
34 Pluto Flyby Success! NASA Probe Phones Home After Epic Encounter
35 Bill Cosby Deposition: What Is Somnophilia?
36 Big Daddy of Primates: Lemur Has Giant Testes
37 Most Women Who Have Abortions Don't Regret Them
38 Waiting to Tie the Knot? You're Not Alone
39 Too Much Sitting Linked to Women's Cancer Risk
40 Depressed? Your Smartphone May Tell
41 Dying for a Selfie? Why People Risk Their Lives for Self-Photos
42 Why Beached Great White Shark Was Such a Rare Sight
43 Pluto Unveiled: NASA Photos Reveal Ice Mountains and Active Moon
44 Brain Building: Blindness Treatment Affects More than Eyes
45 Destroyed Iraqi Holy Sites Find New Life Online
46 Complex Cirrus Clouds Seen from Space
47 Velociraptor's Cousin Flaunted Fabulous Feathers, Tiny Arms
48 Why Are People So Afraid of Sharks?
49 Chimps Can Spot Faces like Humans Do
50 Bendy Liquid Metal Coils Could Make Stretchable Loudspeakers
51 'Very Light' Smoking Common Among Young Women
52 Heart Rate Tracking Cues You into Your Stress Levels
53 Ghostly Particle with No Mass Finally Created in the Lab
54 Screaming Triggers Alarm Bells in the Brain
55 Forbidden Love: Don't Kiss Your Chickens, CDC Says
56 Finally, Bacon-Flavored Health Food Has Arrived
57 Black Widows Wreck Mates' Webs, Get Away with It
58 The 6 Most Gruesome Grave Robberies
59 Missing 'Vampire' Director's Skull: Why People Snatch Bodies
60 Ultramarathon Runner Sets Appalachian Trail Record: How He Did It
61 Planned Parenthood: How Ethical Is Fetal Tissue Donation?
62 NASA probe to arrive for Pluto close-up on Tuesday
63 New Horizons flyby: Why Pluto matters
64 Google Doodle commemorates first Pluto flyby
65 How scientists accidentally discovered 50-million-year-old underwater volcanoes
66 Meet the pentaquark, the Large Hadron Collider's newest discovery
67 Applause from 3 billion miles away as NASA waits for New Horizons to phone home (+video)
68 Could Pluto ever be a planet again? (+video)
69 Pluto flyby marks 50th anniversary of first Mars encounter
70 Are human hands really more primitive than chimp hands?
71 Pluto flyby: New Horizons phones home, confirms more data is coming (+video)
72 What's a pentaquark? And why is this tiny particle a big deal? (+video)
73 Astronomers discover 'Jupiter 2.0.' Could Earth 2.0 be next?
74 Suck it up: Carbon capture technologies may be able to remedy climate change
75 Stunning images of Pluto and Charon: Not just ice balls anymore (+video)
76 Spectacular Pluto photos just the beginning
77 Antarctic expedition finds world's oldest sperm cells
78 Pluto in pictures: a visual timeline of our changing view of icy orb
79 Ancient Chinese velociraptor cousin had sharp claws, looked fabulous
80 Why are scientists so excited about fossilized worm sperm?
81 To infinity and beyond? What comes after Pluto
82 Why climate change may mean longer airline flights
83 Paleontologists discover 'fluffy feathered poodle from hell'
84 Why is screaming so effective? Scientists explain.
85 Cascadia fault line: How FEMA is planning for a big quake in US northwest
86 Bacon-flavored seaweed: Better than kale? (+video)
87 NASA flyby spies Pluto moon's mountainous moat
88 Wayward space junk prompts astronauts to shelter in cosmic lifeboat
89 Caveman's cavity: 14,000-year-old tooth sheds light on early dentistry
90 Why beloved polar bear may face bigger risk than previously thought
91 NASA to unveil new Pluto photos at live conference
92 How do mosquitoes find food? First, they smell you, scientists say
93 Anatomy of a scream: What's the science behind a shriek?
94 In latest close-up images of Pluto, details of big heart take center stage (+video)
95 Wooly Mammoth and Asian Elephants: Genetic Sequencing
96 Endangered Humpback: Disentanglement Rescue Off South Africa
97 Saber-Toothed Cat: Ultra-Sharp Teeth Slow to Emerge
98 Targeted LEDs: Photosynthesis Power in Space?
99 Invasive Species: Emerald Ash Borer. Saving Ash Trees, One Decoy at a Time
100 Chimpanzees: All Finally Listed as Endangered, Both Captive and Wild
101 Prehistoric Cat Burial: Bobcat Found in Illinois
102 Rare Whale: White Humpback Seen off New Zealand
103 Climate Change and Interbreeding: New Finding
104 Dengue Fever and Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: Decrease?
105 Climate Change and New Insect: Near New York City
106 Dengue Fever: Viral Strains in Warm Countries, and How It Shifts
107 Infectious Diseases and Primates: Steps to Prevent, with Jam
108 Dengue and Yellow-Fever Mosquitoes: Range Moving North
109 Species Loss and Climate Change: Birds in Mexico
110 Climate Change and Wildfires: S. Africa and California