File Title
1 Neighborhood facilities 'have an influence on levels of diabetes'
2 Engineered particles 'may become antibiotics of the future'
3 Summer vacation: the health risks for travelers
4 One small bacterial change 'caused Black Death'
5 Fish poisoning rates in Florida 'underestimated'
6 Cuba eliminates mother-to-child HIV and syphilis, WHO report
7 Adolescent women 'more likely to have unsafe sex' if obese
8 Child development may be affected by early antibiotic use, study finds
9 Rise in numbers of teenagers given antipsychotics
10 Placebos 'relieve symptoms, improve treatments'
11 Statins 'lower aggression in men but increase it in women'
12 N/A
13 Faulty cellular 'garbage disposal' implicated in Alzheimer's
14 Major depression tied to smaller hippocampus
15 Testosterone therapy: the hormone debate rages on
16 New study of human memory is 'a major achievement'
17 'Artificial pancreas' holds promise for easier control of type 1 diabetes
18 Benefits of extracurricular sports extend into the classroom
19 How do antidepressants affect moral decision-making?
20 Could a 'sniff test' lead to early autism diagnosis?
21 Bosutinib is well-suited for older patients with chronic myeloid leukemia
22 Genetic variation influences effectiveness of anti-diabetic drug
23 Number of fireworks-related injuries still remains high
24 Preclinical trial data brings new hope for HIV vaccine
25 Could eye color predict the risk of alcohol dependence?
26 Cystic fibrosis gene therapy trial offers hope of treatment
27 Independence Day fireworks 'cause significant rise in air pollution'
28 Traders' testosterone 'makes them take financial risks'
29 New hope for dengue vaccine
30 Latent HIV cells only 'wake up' once a week following antiretrovirals
31 Universal flu vaccine steps closer
32 Molecule found that helps BRCA gene resist cancer treatment
33 Targeting gene-control molecule may heal chronic wounds
34 Emotional awareness training 'reduces severe crime reoffending rates'
35 Can playing Tetris reduce intrusive memories?
36 Novel DNA repair mechanism could lead to new Alzheimer's treatments
37 Weight-loss surgery 'highly effective' for type 2 diabetes remission
38 Diabetes drug proves effective weight-loss aid
39 Many women--especially smokers--drink alcohol while pregnant
40 Why are doctors so guilty of working while sick?
41 Epilepsy 'increases risk of death' among pregnant women
42 Drug combo shows promise against rare bone cancer
43 Two potential biomarkers for severe heart disease in insulin resistance found
44 Rate of aging can be tracked in early adulthood, not just later in life
45 WHO: countries must raise tobacco tax to 75% of retail price
46 Breast cancer deaths are not reduced by mammography, study finds
47 Stroke may accelerate long-term cognitive decline
48 Organ rejection can be overcome, shows mouse study
49 West Nile Virus vaccine to enter safety trials in humans
50 Life expectancy reduced by stroke, diabetes and heart attack combo
51 Breath analysis by laser 'could one day screen for diabetes, cancer'
52 Lynch syndrome: hormonal factors 'lower endometrial cancer risk'
53 Social workers should be more understanding of vampires
54 How do sexuality and gender affect friendships?
55 Discovery of key malaria protein may provide new drug targets
56 Antidepressants linked with risk of birth defects
57 Disarming lymphoma's ability to escape immune response may lead to new treatments
58 More accurate prostate cancer diagnoses offered by sensor chip
59 Poor education is a 'killer on a par with continued smoking'
60 Are e-cigarettes safe?
61 Half of breast cancers 'could be slowed with a common hormone'
62 Food container plastics linked to hypertension
63 Smoking and preterm birth combine to triple risk of maternal CVD
64 Scientists 'hack' common gut bacterium
65 Graphene coating on catheters may improve chemo effectiveness
66 People with schizophrenia have more rare genetic mutations
67 Scientists isolate unwanted marijuana side effects
68 Tours of Iraq and Afghanistan highlight those soldiers at highest suicide risk
69 Type 2 diabetes linked with reduced cognitive function
70 Does cigarette smoking contribute to schizophrenia?
71 New chemotherapy light technique discovered
72 Neutralizing antibodies investigated for HIV vaccine
73 ESMO GI provides new insights into HCC and metastatic liver cancer
74 New study reveals dangers of opioid abuse for chronic back pain sufferers
75 Recovering female stroke victims may benefit from uric acid
76 N/A
77 First real-life trial for oral cholera vaccine successful in Bangladesh
78 Is milk bad for you?
79 Deaf mice able to hear again thanks to gene therapy
80 Global aid 'falls short' against Ebola and other health crises
81 Nixon and Obama health care similarities illustrate party differences
82 Localized prostate cancer: treatment strategies 'have improved'
83 Dangerous artery deposits revealed by new imaging technique
84 Americans 'not eating enough fruits and vegetables'
85 Soccer players heading balls 'at increased risk of concussion'
86 Midlife changes in spinal fluid may predict Alzheimer's
87 Molecule identified that facilitates spread of prostate cancer
88 Formaldehyde may put funeral directors at increased risk of ALS
89 Type 2 diabetes can be averted through diet and exercise
90 Cancer survivors wishing to adopt 'need more support'
91 Abortion: 95% of women do not regret procedure
92 Maternal cancer could be detected during prenatal testing
93 Speedy study claims climate change doubled chances of European heatwave
94 Astronomers spy brightest-ever supernova
95 Forsaken pentaquark particle spotted at CERN
96 Pluto, large and in living colour
97 California's anti-vaping bill goes up in smoke
98 New Horizons reaches Pluto: in pictures
99 Oldest animal sperm found inside fossilized worm cocoon
100 Scientists jubilant as Pluto mission phones home--safe
101 'Organs-on-chips' go mainstream
102 Smart shots bring Nigeria to brink of polio eradication
103 The scientist of the future
104 Reading, writing and high-energy physics
105 First robust genetic links to depression emerge
106 Why we are teaching science wrong, and how to make it right
107 'Speedometer' neurons discovered in rat brains
108 Pluto mapper predicted dwarf planet's weird geology
109 Buckyballs in space solve 100-year-old riddle
110 Iranian researchers welcome nuclear deal
111 Pluto's massive mountains hint at geological mysteries
112 Podcast: Organic molecules in space and the Pluto fly-by
113 Lessons must be learned after psychology torture inquiry
114 Austerity bites
115 An education
116 Don't distort policy in the name of national pride
117 Lifelong learning: Science professors need leadership training
118 University learning: Improve undergraduate science education