File Title
1 Taking the pain out of office work
2 Omnidirectional free space wireless charging of multiple wireless devices
3 Traders' hormones' may destabilize financial markets
4 Causal pathway may link job stress, sleep disturbances
5 Pension funds are losing billions annually due to end of month trading
6 Most internet anonymity software leaks users' details
7 Even fraud-savvy investors often look for the wrong red flags
8 New high-strength steel could help automakers improve fuel efficiency
9 Drawn to an appealing poster, people buy something nearby
10 Do you do more than run in your Nikes? If so, you might not like them
11 Deaths attributed to low levels of education: Lack of education as deadly as smoking
12 Researcher disputes claim that humans can distinguish one trillion odors
13 Increasing secondary education protects against HIV infection
14 Tests vs. Fests: Students in 'learning celebrations' rather than exams scored higher and enjoyed themselves
15 Autistic children improved reading, brain activity after 10-week reading intervention
16 Men think they are maths experts, therefore they are
17 If you demonstrate that 'Black Lives Matter,' others will too
18 Good working memory can make you a better liar
19 Three-year-olds help victims of injustice
20 Parents' comparisons make siblings different
21 Trans fats may lead to poorer memory for young, middle-aged men
22 Hyperlipidemia: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments
23 Genetic changes identified that make HIV elusive to drugs
24 Study of cholesterol in cells offers clues on infertility and early puberty
25 Daily weigh-in helps keep the weight off
26 Increase in breast-conserving therapy for early-stage breast cancer
27 'Placenta-on-a-chip' could offer new insight into pregnancy
28 Chocolate: is it really good for our health?
29 Accidental pregnancies 'dramatically reduced' by IUD and implant counseling
30 Developed sense of justice evident 'in children as young as 3'
31 Colorectal cancer cells reverted to normal functioning cells in lab
32 Sedentary behavior 'could increase the risk of anxiety'
33 What are the health benefits of barley?
34 Intrauterine device (IUD) birth control method
35 Thailand reports first MERS case
36 Potential type 2 diabetes drug found with new screening tool
37 Scientists use zebrafish to further understanding of short bowel syndrome
38 Scripps team lays 'spectacular' foundations for HIV vaccine
39 Panic disorder linked to increased risk of heart attack, heart disease
40 Extreme exercise may lead to sepsis, study finds
41 Parkinson's 'a risk factor for most cancers in Taiwan'
42 Doctors cause copper deficiency by 'misdiagnosing a need for zinc'
43 'Silent transmission' of polio stands in the way of its eradication
44 'Fasting-mimicking diet' may promote health and longevity
45 Precancerous cervical lesions 'reduced by HPV vaccine'
46 Tens of thousands of Californians give up their genetic secrets
47 Certain multiple myeloma patients likely to benefit most from panobinostat combination
48 Health improves when teens exercise like young kids, research shows
49 'Test driving' pacemakers may allow patients to make more informed decisions
50 Global warming 'unlikely to reduce winter mortality'
51 Smartphones 'can interfere with implanted cardiac devices'
52 FDA approve device that helps blind 'see with tongue'
53 Analysis finds 23% of children are victims of cyberbullying
54 Is yogurt good for you?
55 Most lupus pregnancies have good outcomes, study finds
56 Climate change is a 'medical emergency,' report suggests
57 Stress in domestic cats: new review discusses causes and management
58 Could a gut microbe improve metabolic health and body fat distribution?
59 Over two-thirds of Americans estimated to be overweight, obese
60 What is MERS? What you need to know
61 Diets high in fat, sugar may reduce cognitive functioning by altering gut bacteria
62 Diabetes: 'smart insulin patch' could revolutionize glucose control
63 Defibrillators 'grossly underused' in older heart attack patients
64 Diaphragm birth control: how safe and effective is it?
65 Viagra linked with higher risk of skin cancer
66 First modern humans in Europe 'interbred with local Neanderthals'
67 Road traffic noise linked to greater death, stroke risk
68 Too hot to handle: how to avoid heat-related illness
69 Guinea: up to 62% of malaria cases 'overlooked during Ebola epidemic'
70 Blood pressure medication could prevent alcohol, drug addiction
71 'Lack of evidence' to support benefits of medical marijuana
72 Women with a history of stillbirth 'up to four times higher risk of recurrence'
73 Almost half of Hispanics unaware they have high cholesterol, study finds
74 What is a mammogram? When should I get a mammogram?
75 Blood test for early stage pancreatic cancer looks promising
76 Older adults who might benefit from pet ownership often face barriers
77 Doctors in bitter divide over e-cigarettes
78 Fasting: what are the health benefits and risks?
79 Experts call for dropping of total fat intake limits
80 Eat protein before carbohydrates to lower post-meal glucose
81 Cognitive behavioral therapy alters Tourette syndrome brains
82 Global AIDS efforts must improve or infections and deaths will increase
83 New drug delivery system may open up treatments for polycystic kidney disease
84 Lab-made blood to enter human trials in 2 years
85 Scientists use 'arousometer' to measure what turns off women most
86 Could the magnolia tree help combat head and neck cancers?
87 Fast, accurate Ebola test shows promise in trials
88 Arthritis drug could be used to treat vitiligo
89 High-fiber diet during pregnancy may protect offspring against asthma
90 High-res image of Ebola virus reveals how it evades the immune system
91 Study identifies barriers to abortion services in developed countries
92 Menopausal women using SSRIs 'at risk for fractures'
93 HIV risk 'reduced by longer secondary schooling'
94 African-American, Latino citizens at increased risk of mental health issues
95 What is lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)? Effects and hazards of LSD
96 Brain scans could predict how effective OCD treatment will be
97 New antibody treatment may protect against Marburg and Ebola viruses
98 MERS vaccine 'ready for human trials'
99 High blood pressure linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's
100 Cord milking best for infants delivered by C-section
101 New cancer treatment shows promise in lab trials
102 PTSD 'raises women's risks of heart attack and stroke'
103 'Over 184,000 global deaths each year' caused by sugary drinks
104 Ruxolitinib is useful for long-term treatment of polycythemia vera
105 Why it is important to predict which lymphoma patients may relapse early
106 Targeting dormant cells may halt colorectal cancer spread
107 Gender difference in pain transmission, reports new study
108 New genetic form of obesity and diabetes identified
109 Skin cancer risk linked with grapefruit and orange juice
110 'Only drink when thirsty to avoid health risks'