File Title
1 Longer breaks between shifts promote nurses' recovery from work
2 Turning the Internet of things into the Internet of 'cha-ching'
3 Brain activity can ID potential buyers
4 Expensive TV ads missing their mark when people use smartphone or tablet too
5 Workplace intervention improves sleep of employees' children
6 With one false tweet, computer-based hack crash led to real panic
7 Do you see 'the self' in your brain or your heart? Decision-making differs
8 Genes may influence leadership in the workplace
9 Shiftwork can affect your health
10 Spare computing power: Secure, anonymous, easy way to pay for online content
11 Autistic children improved reading, brain activity after 10-week reading intervention
12 If you demonstrate that 'Black Lives Matter,' others will too
13 Good working memory can make you a better liar
14 Young children are just as likely to respond to needs of another individual as they are to their own
15 Parents' comparisons make siblings different
16 US Nationwide analysis of more than 8,000 ART children finds no difference in educational test scores
17 Movement in ADHD may help children think, perform better in school
18 Why boys are performing less well at school, how to fix it
19 Pre-lecture diagrams help students take better notes, learn more
20 Texting and tweeting in the classroom: How do they impact student learning?
21 General relativity explains why Schrodinger's cat is alive
22 Life was miserable for dinosaurs in the tropics
23 Global seabird decline greater than expected
24 Ancient Kimberley landscape an abstract geometric artwork
25 Bionic ear could harness brain's 'octopus cells' to improve sound
26 The Moon is wrapped in a cloud of comet dust
27 Auroras sound like an alien party
28 Devil decline makes possums cocky...and more
29 What's that Skippy? You're left handed!
30 Children have an innate sense of restorative justice
31 Astronomers capture the universe's first stars
32 New superbug threat on the horizon
33 Ancient European had close Neanderthal ancestor
34 Island's rise and fall points to next mega-earthquake
35 Mum's high-fibre diet may protect child against asthma
36 Rosetta space mission extended until September 2016; dying Rosetta mothership could be set to land on comet's surface
37 Racehorses are getting speedier
38 Medical marijuana may help some, but not all symptoms
39 First-known teeth belonged to fierce fish
40 Exoplanet discovered in comet's clothing
41 Triassic reptile was 'grandfather' of all turtles
42 Pluto and moon Charon not cut from the same cloth
43 The sound of one ear ringing
44 Listening with Lasers: Hybrid Technique Sees into Human Body
45 NYC Ivory Crush Sends Strong Anti-Poaching Message
46 Saturn's Moon Titan Has Polar Winds, Just like Earth
47 Reference: Summer: The Warmest Season
48 Precious Time: The Challenge of Building a Better Atomic Clock
49 Water Fights and Grown-Up Talk: How Dads Do It Differently
50 Solstice Science: How Humans Celebrate Official Start of Summer
51 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
52 Unhealthy Teens Face College and Job Obstacles
53 'Iron Man' Laser: Beams Can Shape Electrical Discharges
54 From Blobfish to 'Adorable' Octopus: 9 Animals with Perfect Names
55 Cyberbullying on Social Media Linked to Teen Depression
56 Modern Human Possibly Had Neanderthal 'Great-Great-Grandparent'
57 More than Two-Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or Obese
58 'Whispering Gallery' of Light Speaks Loudly on Disease Detection (Op-Ed)
59 Accordion-Like Conductors Could Spawn Flexible Display Screens
60 Teen Dies of Plague: What Are the Symptoms of the Deadly Disease?
61 Skinny Jeans Gave Woman Nerve and Muscle Damage
62 Reference: Homo Erectus: Facts About the 'Upright Man'
63 Reference: What Is Topology?
64 Ancient Greek 'Antikythera' Shipwreck Still Holds Secrets
65 Alien-Like Worm Invades US
66 Fitbit May Help Boost Activity in Older Women
67 Teens Are Less Familiar with Marijuana, E-Cigarette Health Risks
68 Shark-Mounted Cameras Reveal Predators' Deep-Sea Secrets
69 Jersey Shore Situation: Man-of-War 'Jellyfish' Pays a Visit
70 Roughhousing and Climbing Trees: Some Risks May Be Good for Kids
71 Mushroom Extract May Help Treat Obesity, but It's No Magic Cure
72 Real Climate Change as World Does More than 'Show Up' (Op-Ed)
73 Reference: Spinach: Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts (& Popeye)
74 US Falls in World Happiness Rankings
75 Survival of the Feces: Why Some Caterpillars Look like Poop
76 'Endangered' Cougar Has Likely Been Extinct for 70 Years
77 Some Indoor Tanning Locations May Attract 'High-Risk' Tanners
78 500-Million-Year-Old 'Smiling' Worm Rears Its Head
79 Ancient, Shell-Less Turtle Sported Whiplike Tail
80 'Yeti' Crab Grows Its Own Food, Lives in Antarctic Spa
81 Zombie Burials? Ancient Greeks Used Rocks to Keep Bodies in Graves
82 Is It Ethical to Choose a Baby's Sex? Kim & Kanye Fuel Debate
83 Confederate Flag Protest: 6 Flags with Heated Histories
84 Too Much Vitamin B12 Linked to Acne
85 Stepping on a Scale Daily May Help You Lose Weight
86 Climb Yosemite's El Capitan with Google Street View
87 Here's What Went Wrong with Last Year's Flu Vaccine
88 Bizarre Cometlike Alien Planet Is First of Its Kind
89 Texas Just Banned Shark Finning, Will Other States Follow?
90 Breast Milk Studies May Lead to Better Probiotics, Baby Formula
91 F-35 Fighter Jet Nails Olympic-Worthy 'Ski Jump' Takeoff
92 Fading Florida Panthers Need New Paths to Safety
93 Icy Earthquakes: Warming Planet Shakes Up Glaciers
94 Who was Kennewick Man? DNA test offers surprising answer to mystery. (+video)
95 Sixfold increase in US earthquakes may be caused by injection wells, say scientists
96 Symmetry restored: How moon jellyfish repair the loss of a limb (+video)
97 How to prevent the sixth mass extinction (+video)
98 Volcanoes on Venus? Hot lava detected
99 Father's Day findings: Good singers make the best nightingale fathers
100 Father's Day summer solstice: Dads get the longest day of the year (+video)
101 Sinkholes on Titan? Unlocking origins of lakes on Saturn's largest moon
102 Democratic decision-making observed in baboon troops
103 Pluto's first movies show planet in orbital dance with its moon (+video)
104 NASA probe of Ceres' mysterious spots reveals 'pyramid-shaped peak' (+video)
105 Why Neanderthals may be lower in your family tree than you thought
106 Mysterious bright spots on Ceres: what do latest NASA photos reveal?
107 Ultra-diffuse galaxies: a 'Rosetta Stone' for galaxy formation?
108 How can life emerge from nonliving matter? UNC scientists find new evidence.
109 Solar storm brings spectacular aurora to parts of United States
110 Young crater on Mars hints at Earth-like climate