File Title
1 400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of manmade pollution
2 A new way to image surfaces on the nanoscale
3 On the road to needle-free medicine
4 Toward nanorobots that swim through blood to deliver drugs (video)
5 Men get ahead by chatting before negotiations
6 Wine-making shortcut gives bubbly a fruitier aroma
7 Novel battery uses light to produce power (video)
8 Medical resources allocated equally across groups, but more efficiently across individuals
9 UC research explores national trends in commuting patterns
10 Who's your daddy? If you're a gorilla, it doesn't matter
11 Aperiodic crystals and beyond
12 Beating advanced cancers: New epigenomic block for advanced cancer
13 Fish offer lessons in effective leadership
14 Important advance in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infection
15 Longer breaks between shifts promote nurses' recovery from work
16 Aalto University researchers predicted existence of new quantum matter theoretically
17 Lower heart rate variability turns women off
18 Identified the epigenetic basis of CVID through the study of identic twins
19 Cardiff University researchers develop pioneering new method to map enzyme activity
20 Age-related inflammatory processes facilitate development of COPD
21 Fructose powers a vicious circle
22 Adenosine in Ambrosia pollen increases allergic response
23 How the brain learns to distinguish between what is important and what is not
24 RUB scientists develop mouse model for spinocerebellar ataxia 6
25 New taxonomy classifies rare genetic bone disorders by metabolic pathogenesis
26 Rare disorder found to have a common form
27 Recalling positive memories reverses stress-induced depression
28 JAMA Viewpoint: Middle East respiratory syndrome: A global health challenge
29 Exercise can help control blood glucose, and trim waist size and body fat in diabetics
30 Is phthalate alternative really safe?
31 Study finds a way to prevent fires in next-generation lithium batteries
32 Scientists identify protein that sustains heart function into old age
33 CU-Boulder-led study shows moon engulfed in permanent, lopsided dust cloud
34 Network model for tracking Twitter memes sheds light on information spreading in the brain
35 Doctors protest over Australia's 'repressive legislation' on asylum seekers
36 The Lancet: Patients with complications after major surgery more likely to survive if readmitted to the same hospital
37 New tool identifies novel compound targeting causes of type 2 diabetes
38 Cellulose from wood can be printed in 3-D
39 Adult craze for human breast milk purchased online poses serious health risks
40 Potential downside to domestic surgical tourism
41 New mechanism for male infertility discovered
42 Individuals with social phobia have too much serotonin--not too little
43 Breast-conserving therapy for early-stage cancers has increased, though access an issue
44 Tissue 'scaffold' technology could help rebuild large organs
45 Mold unlocks new route to biofuels
46 Changes in HIV genetic code determine severity of disease
47 Human cells used to create fully functioning lipid system in mouse model
48 Should we welcome multinational companies' connection to projects to improve child health?
49 Studies at American Headache Society Meeting show promise in new migraine prevention drugs
50 New imaging technique could make brain tumor removal safer, more effective, study suggests
51 How much do consumers know about new sunscreen labels?
52 Study looks at risk, family relatedness for Tourette syndrome, tic disorders
53 Percentages of patients undergoing breast-conserving therapy increases
54 Renewable energy's record year helps uncouple growth of global economy and CO2 emissions
55 Value of nonprofit hospital tax exemption nearly doubled over 9 years, reaching $24.6 billion in 2011
56 Nightingales show off their fathering skills through song
57 Best observational evidence of first generation stars in the universe
58 Fossil of large 'walking' bat discovered in New Zealand reveals ancient lineage
59 Vinculin protein boosts function in the aging heart
60 Barnacles go with the flow to find a home on dolphin fins
61 Climate change may impact future tourism at some US national parks
62 Nothing escapes the Global Ear: Nuclear tests, volcanoes, earthquakes or meteors
63 Dietary trans fat linked to worse memory
64 Isolation and characterization of human hepatocytes and non-parenchymal liver cells
65 Elucidation of chemical ingredients in rice straw
66 Knowledge about alternative medicine connected to education, income
67 Stronger working memory and reduced sexual risk-taking in adolescents
68 Early life stress affects cognitive functioning in low-income children
69 No benefit in IVF from routinely freezing all embryos before transfer
70 Researchers discover deep sea sharks are buoyant
71 The simplistic beauty of a free radical
72 Two studies of Nepal-Himalaya tectonics lead new posting of Lithosphere papers
73 UCLA chemists devise technology that could transform solar energy storage
74 UCLA research offers more evidence for possible link between cocaine use and HIV infection
75 Proposed floodplain restoration reduces flood risk and restores salmon habitat
76 Scientists make new estimates of the deep carbon cycle
77 Alaska researcher investigates fin whale deaths
78 Zebrafish provide a novel model to study short bowel syndrome
79 X-ray imaging reveals secrets in battery materials
80 Disabling infection-fighting immune response speeds up wound healing in diabetes
81 WSU scientists turn white fat into obesity-fighting beige fat
82 Stress in low-income families can affect children's learning
83 How do toddlers use tablets?
84 NASA's Hubble sees the 'teenage years' of quasars
85 Baboon study reveals surprises, breaks ground in tracking behavior
86 How flu viruses use transportation networks in the US
87 Snake fungal disease parallels white-nose syndrome in bats
88 New tool on horizon for surgeons treating cancer patients
89 Penn research simplifies recycling of rare-earth magnets
90 Tiger-spray DNA shown as valuable conservation tool
91 Three-year-olds help victims of injustice
92 NIAID-funded HIV vaccine research generates key antibodies in animal models
93 Galactic crashes fuel quasars, study finds
94 Musicians don't just hear in tune, they also see in tune
95 International team discovers new genetic immunodeficiency
96 Jet contrails affect surface temperatures
97 Better switchgrass, better biofuel
98 Research roadmap traces the path to 'smart' fire fighting
99 UPitt researchers find link between neighborhood quality and cellular aging
100 Biomedical breakthrough: Carbon nanoparticles you can make at home
101 Five new calcium carbides: Unique reducers and new hydrocarbon synthesis methods
102 Cataract culprits
103 Best practices highlighted to prevent infections during healthcare laundry process
104 Researchers find a potential target for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
105 Study suggests active volcanism on Venus
106 Temple-led team uses stem cell exosomes to induce damaged mouse hearts to self-repair
107 ALMA weighs supermassive black hole at center of distant spiral galaxy
108 Sequential immunizations could be the key to HIV vaccine
109 Origins of the Hawaiian hoary bat revealed by GVSU professor and research team
110 Risk of major sea level rise in Northern Europe