File Title
1 Eating wild, foraged mushrooms can result in liver failure or death as misidentification is common
2 New approach to treating B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia shows promise
3 Researchers develop aerosolized vaccine that protects primates against Ebola
4 Stem cells provide lasting pain relief in mice
5 Environmentally friendly lignin nanoparticle 'greens' silver nanobullet to battle bacteria
6 Immune cell journey has bloody consequences
7 Researchers find nanowires have unusually pronounced 'anelastic' properties
8 Guideline recommends diet and exercise interventions to prevent diabetes
9 Lynchpin molecule for the spread of cancer found
10 Scientists find molecular switch that creates long-term immunity
11 Documentation of hospital patients' malnutrition helps maximize care and reimbursement
12 Study finds donor funds fall short for key global health functions
13 The Lancet: Study reveals dramatic shortfall in donor funding for key global health issues
14 Ultrasound accelerates skin healing--especially for diabetics and the elderly
15 Worms hitch rides on slugs when traveling to far flung places
16 What happens when cosmic giants meet galactic dwarfs?
17 Surgeries before college athletics may result in more injuries during college play
18 Tommy John surgeries increasing for youth athletes
19 How clouds get their brightness
20 Older athletes able to return to sport after rotator cuff repair
21 Surgery a better treatment option for some hamstring injuries
22 NASA's Fermi sees record flare from a black hole in a distant galaxy
23 USC Stem Cell researchers poke around for blood genes
24 Neutrons find 'missing' magnetism of plutonium
25 Spotting the elephant not in the room
26 Farming is driving force drying soil in Northern China
27 Study identifies factors affecting prescription pain reliever misuse
28 Improved sperm diagnostic test may pinpoint best fertility treatment for couples
29 Can you actually hear 'inaudible' sound?
30 Study shows variation in rates of secondary cleft lip and palate surgery
31 To avoid dangerous shark encounters, information trumps culling
32 Neuroscience and technology come together to support people with disabilities
33 Findings identify receptors modulating macrophage responses to spinal cord injury
34 Cutting cost and power consumption for big data
35 New understanding of genetic susceptibility to infections by Candida and Mycobacterium
36 Blood stem cells in a rush--velocity determines quality
37 Obesity drug has no effect on baby birthweights, study finds
38 Cell structure discovery advances understanding of cancer development
39 New research allows doctors to image dangerous 'hardening' of the arteries
40 SA's archaeological wonder-sites reveal more of the origins of our unity and diversity
41 The role of the microbiota in preventing allergies
42 The rhythm cells must go by
43 Cell machinery wears complex coat
44 Ancestral diets determine vulnerability to type 2 diabetes
45 Graphene-based film can be used for efficient cooling of electronics
46 Men may feel more threatened by female bosses, research finds
47 Risk of COPD may already occur in adolescence
48 Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth
49 New Method Finds Best Candidates for Telescope Time
50 ARIEL mission to reveal 'Brave New Worlds' among exoplanets
51 Astronomers bring a new hope to find 'Tatooine' planets
52 Bricks to build an Earth found in every planetary system
53 Observing the birth of a planet
54 Precise ages of largest number of stars hosting planets ever measured
55 Hubble sees a 'behemoth' bleeding atmosphere around a warm exoplanet
56 Astronomers create array of Earth-like planet models
57 Helium-Shrouded Planets May Be Common in Our Galaxy
58 Work-experience schoolboy discovers a new planet
59 Hubble detects stratosphere-like layer around exoplanet
60 Could 'Windbots' Someday Explore the Skies of Jupiter?
61 The rise and fall of giant balloons on the edge of space
62 NASA concludes most rigorous super pressure balloon flight to date
63 NASA Balloon Reaches Australia After Nearly One Month of Flight
64 World View completes first commercial flight with NASA-selected payloads
65 Big US defense blimp stirs privacy jitters
66 Ballooning offers platform for space-like environment
67 Singapore Bans Space Balloon Launch Over Safety Concerns
68 Bleach a possible key to life on earth
69 Fossil fuel emissions will complicate radiocarbon dating
70 With teeth like that, this pre-dinosaur vegetarian was no push over
71 New horned dinosaur reveals evolution of nose horn in Triceratops family
72 Mini sponge fossil disrupts timing of early evolution
73 Newly discovered 48-million-year-old lizard walked on water in Wyoming
74 Mitochondria, plastids evolved together into single-cell plankton 'eye'
75 Forgotten fossil indicates earlier origin of teeth
76 Genomics holds key to understanding ecological and evolutionary processes
77 Big dinosaurs steered clear of the tropics
78 Paleo-engineering: New study reveals complexity of Triceratops' teeth
79 Australian fossil forces rethink on our ancestors' emergence onto land
80 Paleo study shows how elevation may affect evolution
81 Eukaryotes: A new timetable of evolution
82 Paleontologists pioneer laser-beam scanning of dinosaur fossils
83 Partly human yeast show a common ancestor's lasting legacy
84 Requiem for an ancient tongue worm
85 Russia Extends Life of International Space Station Until 2024
86 ALMA witnesses assembly of galaxies in the early universe
87 What happens when cosmic giants meet galactic dwarfs?
88 NOAO: NGC 2346-- a Cosmic Butterfly's Delicate Wings
89 A five star, doubly-eclipsing star system
90 Biggest explosions in the universe powered by strongest magnets
91 Buried in the heart of a giant
92 Seeing a supernova in a new light
93 Giant galaxy is still growing
94 Galactic crashes fuel quasars
95 Best observational evidence yet of first-generation stars in the universe
96 Unknown extreme star formation discovered
97 Seeing Where Stars Collide
98 Lab mimicry opens a window to the deep interiors of stars and planets
99 Most detailed view ever of star formation in the distant universe
100 Exiled stars explode far from home
101 Distant radio galaxies reveal hidden structures right above our heads
102 Deja-vu, new theory says dark matter acts like well-known particle
103 Old astronomic riddle on the way to be solved
104 The ins and outs of QCD
105 New method of quantum entanglement packs vastly more data in a photon
106 X-rays and electrons join forces to map catalytic reactions in real-time
107 X-raying ion channels
108 Destructive power of bubbles could lead to new industrial applications
109 Scientists tune X-rays with tiny mirrors
110 Researchers design the most precise quantum thermometer to date