File Title
1 How GPR40, a known receptor for dietary fatty acids, may protect from osteoarthritis?
2 Fruitfly sperm cells reveal intricate coordination in stem cell replication
3 The molecular architecture of cell fission processes has been revealed
4 Accounting for short-lived forcers in carbon budgets
5 Marine litter undermines benefits of coastal environments
6 Coastal academies are changing school cultures in disadvantaged regions
7 Therapeutic target identified for treatment of spinal cord injuries
8 New evidence linking brain mutation to autism, epilepsy and other neuro disorders
9 Scientists find new variant of streptococcal bacteria causing severe infections
10 Pneumonia investment doesn't match mortality burden
11 With teeth like that, this pre-dinosaur vegetarian was no push over
12 Low cost interventions can improve patient and staff safety in mental health wards
13 A new strategy against spinal cord injuries
14 Magnetic nanoparticles could be key to effective immunotherapy
15 Scientists 'watch' rats string memories together
16 The trustworthiness of an inmate's face may seal his fate
17 Research finds ovarian hormones play genes like a fiddle
18 Age doesn't dull damselfly sex
19 OHSU scientists unlock first step toward gene therapy treatment of mitochondrial disease
20 Engineered hybrid crystal opens new frontiers for high-efficiency lighting
21 University of Washington chemists help develop a novel drug to fight malaria
22 Gene therapy gives long-term protection to photoreceptor cells
23 Color-blind? Whites aware of their bias better for modern race issues, says new study
24 For faster, larger graphene add a liquid layer
25 Human-wrought environmental changes impacting crops, pollinators could harm millions
26 Host genetics played a role in vaccine efficacy in the RV144 HIV vaccine trial
27 Human activities are jeopardizing Earth's natural systems and health of future generations
28 Jupiter twin discovered around solar twin
29 Improved care and fewer deaths since introduction of NHS hip fracture initiative
30 From power grids to heartbeat: Using mathematics to restore rhythm
31 Evolution of our mammalian ancestor's ear bone--first detailed study
32 ASCB task force on scientific reproducibility calls for action and reform
33 Climate change threatens one of Lake Erie's most popular fish
34 Breast cancer survivors gain weight at a higher rate than their cancer-free peers
35 Postmenopausal women with depression or urinary incontinence experience vaginal symptoms
36 Childhood psychiatric problems associated with problems in adulthood
37 Your phone knows if you're depressed
38 Study links success in adulthood to childhood psychiatric health
39 Physical fitness in US youth assessed: NFL PLAY 60 FITNESSGRAM shows more activity needed
40 Breast cancer survivors gain more weight than cancer-free women
41 Does heart disease begin in childhood?
42 New guidelines for the treatment of IPF released by leading respiratory societies
43 Hydraulic fracturing linked to increases in hospitalization rates in the Marcellus Shale
44 New antibody treats traumatic brain injury and prevents long-term neurodegeneration
45 New fuel-cell materials pave the way for practical hydrogen-powered cars
46 Boosting nutrients gives a leg up to invasive species
47 Vision-restoring gene therapy also strengthens visual processing pathways in brain
48 Alzheimer's may affect the brain differently in African-Americans than European-Americans
49 Oriental honey buzzards might stop to smell the pollen
50 Altruism is simpler than we thought
51 Air pollution from wildfires may ignite heart hazards
52 Researchers find gene associated with thinking skills
53 You need this hole in the head--to be smart
54 Smart cornfields of the future
55 The sleep-deprived brain can mistake friends for foes
56 Mass map shines light on dark matter
57 Aelan Cell Technologies publishes new research identifying biomarkers that could serve as companion diagnostics for patients being treated with IL-2
58 New approach to spinal cord and brain injury research
59 Study highlights pneumonia hospitalizations among US adults
60 UTHealth research: Teen birth, mental health lead child hospitalizations in Texas
61 Stem cell transplant alleviates symptoms in lupus animal models
62 Rice U research sheds light on Amazon vs. Wal-Mart competition
63 Continued destruction of Earth's plant life places humans in jeopardy, says UGA research
64 Kids expecting aggression from others become aggressive themselves
65 Advanced composites may borrow designs from deep-sea shrimp
66 Innovative project brings peace to those near death: McMaster study
67 Acupuncture can improve outcomes in dermatological conditions
68 Exercise may reverse age-related bone loss in middle-aged men
69 Spray application of respiratory cells holds promise for tissue engineering
70 Dietary intervention primes triple-negative breast cancer for targeted therapy
71 NASA's RapidScat identifies Typhoon Nangka's strongest side
72 Curiosity rover finds evidence of Mars' primitive continental crust
73 Nanospheres shield chemo drugs, safely release high doses in response to tumor secretions
74 Constant change
75 Dads' parenting of children with autism improves moms' mental health
76 Scientists' discovery of zebra stripes in space resolves a half-century mystery
77 Environment, not distance, triggers genetic differences in 'sky island' birds
78 Intellectual pursuits may buffer the brain against addiction
79 Physician peer influence affects repeat prescriptions: INFORMS Marketing Science
80 Oregon study suggests organic farming needs direction to be sustainable
81 World first: Significant development in the understanding of macroscopic quantum behavior
82 Impact of Type 2 diabetes on lymphatic vessels identified
83 Syracuse physicists confirm existence of rare pentaquarks discovery
84 Am I fat? Many of today's adolescents don't think so
85 Framework to establish standards for psychosocial interventions used to treat mental health and subs
86 How to turn tomato juice into a rainbow (video)
87 Traditional Chinese exercises may help patients with COPD
88 Obesity-related behaviors increase when school's out
89 Could dissolvable microneedles replace injected vaccines?
90 Key protein controls nutrient availability in mammals
91 High-pressure oxygen can effectively treat fibromyalgia
92 Nonmagnetic elements form unique magnet
93 Benzodiazepines not recommended for patients with PTSD or recent trauma
94 Antidepressant trials exclude most 'real world' patients with depression
95 MRI studies point to brain connectivity changes in autism spectrum disorders
96 Airway test reveals e-cigarette vapor produces similar result as air
97 New classification system for brain tumors
98 Anti-stress hormone may provide indication of breast cancer risk
99 Sounds of praise or tones of racism? A look at the marketing of Christian music
100 NUS study shows potential of blue LEDs as novel chemical-free food preservation technology
101 How the lung repairs its wounds
102 Memory-loss man case 'like nothing we have ever seen before'
103 New molecular mechanism of neuropathic pain in mice
104 Visualizing RNA activity within brain tissues for efficient discovery of drugs
105 Law governing anomalous heat conduction revealed
106 Stem cells might heal damaged lungs
107 Closing the quality chasm in mental health and substance use care
108 Older age at onset of type 1 diabetes associated with lower brain connectivity later
109 Consumers should seek a variety of fiber sources to get the maximum health benefits
110 Gut microbes enable coffee pest to withstand extremely toxic concentrations of caffeine