File Title
1 Sensor technology can improve accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis, research shows
2 Study identifies new way to kill the malaria parasite
3 Heightened ability to imagine odors linked to higher body weight
4 Mother's diet affects offspring alcohol and nicotine use in lab animal study
5 Kids' brain responses to food depend on their body composition
6 Study finds that high fat diet changes gut microbe populations
7 Stress-coping strategy and mom's stress levels during pregnancy
8 High levels of dopamine may lead to increased risk-taking
9 Study shows second severe allergic reaction can occur hours after first
10 Association between genetic condition, hormonal factors, and risk of endometrial cancer
11 Findings suggest improvement in management of localized prostate cancer
12 Benefit of extending anticoagulation therapy lost after discontinuation of therapy
13 Life expectancy substantially lower with combination of diabetes, stroke or heart attack
14 Stroke associated with both immediate and long-term decline in cognitive function
15 Nutritional supplement boosts muscle stamina in animal studies
16 Genomics among the biggest of big data, researchers say
17 S100B protein in diagnosing intracranial hemorrhage in some patients with mild head injury
18 Normal headphone use unlikely to interfere with settings of programmable shunt valves
19 Molecule linked to muscle fatigue in humans; enhances exercise tolerance when fed to mice
20 Taking the moral high ground drives motivation to intervene in public situations finds new study
21 Imaging could improve treatment of people with COPD
22 ASU researcher disputes claim that humans can distinguish 1 trillion odors
23 New study showed spawning frequency regulates species population networks on coral reefs
24 Cost of low-risk childbirth varies widely among hospitals
25 NASA data shows surfer-shaped waves in near-Earth space
26 Study: Why social workers aren't discussing religion and spirituality with clients
27 New database documents submarine landslides
28 Disrupting cells' 'powerhouses' can lead to tumor growth, Penn study finds
29 Scripps research-designed drug candidate significantly reduces HIV reactivation rate
30 Bonelike 3-D silicon synthesized for potential use with medical devices
31 Kessler Foundation TBI study shows brain activity changes after cognitive rehabilitation
32 Probiotics--for plants
33 Patent filings by women have risen fastest in academia, finds IU study
34 Lymphoma: How the tumor escapes the immune response
35 Common hormone could help treat breast cancer
36 Reform to resident physicians' work hours does not improve surgical patient safety
37 Research links intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy with liver cancer and other diseases later in life
38 Why do puddles stop spreading?
39 Messages of individual blame for black Americans perpetuate racial inequality
40 A glimmer of hope for patients with leukodystrophies
41 Hybrid cells cause chaos around cancers
42 New psoriasis drug is more effective than current treatment
43 Mass. General study suggests that medication could improve gastric bypass results
44 If you look old on the outside, you're probably old on the inside
45 Study: Learning categorical information gives children a feeling of deja vu
46 Cost-saving ultrasound degassing now possible in continuous processing of aluminum melt
47 Chemical & Engineering News celebrates 'The Talented 12': Young science trailblazers
48 New study shows that oil from surface-spill slicks can sink to sea floor
49 Keeping the smells of onions, garlic and other stinky foods under wraps
50 Impact of smoking on California's economy in decline at $18.1 billion per year
51 New timeline links volcanic eruptions to centuries of cold temperature extremes
52 Examining the neonicotinoid threat to honey bees
53 UK study reveals new method to develop more efficient drugs
54 Peppermint oil and cinnamon could help treat and heal chronic wounds
55 Study finds recent agricultural pest stems from one fly generation's big genetic shift
56 3-D views reveal intricacies in intestines that could lead to discoveries for IBD
57 3-D model to help researchers study pelvic floor disorder linked to childbirth
58 Production of iPS cells: Discovery of the fifth element
59 A black hole under the gravitational lens
60 Men more likely to achieve targets if they are set goals
61 Record-breaking heavy rainfall events increased under global warming
62 Vaccines: Practices and hesitancy among general physicians in France
63 The artificial enzyme that 'acts' natural
64 Nanometer catalyst cleans up bad cigarette smoke in smoking room
65 Ultra-thin, all-inorganic molecular nanowires successfully compounded
66 E-waste: What we throw away doesn't go away
67 Treating breast cancer with progesterone could aid survival
68 Male koalas raise their voices to avoid conflict
69 Cost-effective conservation helps species bounce back
70 WSU researchers find online program helps people with chronic pain
71 CU Denver researchers find lack of education as deadly as smoking
72 Seafloor hot springs a significant source of iron in the oceans
73 New horned dinosaur reveals evolution of nose horn in Triceratops family
74 Brawling badgers age faster
75 Super-bright supernova with extreme burst of gamma radiation
76 Vanderbilt researchers develop antibodies to fight chikungunya virus
77 Study details army suicide attempts, risk profiles for enlisted soldiers, officers
78 First images of dolphin brain circuitry hint at how they sense sound
79 'Safer' replacements for harmful chemical in plastics may be as risky to human health, studies suggest
80 Gene therapy restores hearing in deaf mice
81 Study shows long-term effects of type 2 diabetes on the brain, thinking
82 Biggest explosions in the universe powered by strongest magnets
83 Study estimates number of deaths attributed to low levels of education
84 The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist review examines strategies to prevent stillbirth
85 Remediating abandoned, inner city buildings reduces crime and violence in surrounding area
86 Social engagement aids disaster preparedness
87 The arts improve medical care through learned observation
88 Volcanic eruptions that changed human history
89 Horned dinosaur discovery sheds light on nose horn evolution in Triceratops family
90 Healthy diets for youth with type 1 diabetes can be hard for parents to obtain
91 Hibernating bears protect bones by reducing resorption
92 Chameleons' eyes are not so independent
93 Diving dolphins are exhalation champions
94 Crowdsourcing brain data
95 Targeting bacteria in the gut might help burn and trauma patients
96 Pluto spacecraft temporarily loses contact with Earth
97 Astronomers propose giant space telescope to replace Hubble
98 Plant denizens get the big-science treatment
99 Geneticists reveal what makes great rice
100 Climate scientists discuss future of their field
101 Night-time storm chasers stalk their prey on US Plains
102 Pluto fly-by: a graphical guide to the historic mission
103 How to beat HIV
104 Musk: 'No clear theory' to explain SpaceX rocket crash
105 Genome researchers raise alarm over big data
106 The 24/7 search for killer quakes
107 Smithsonian sets up frozen-plant repository
108 European labs set sights on continent-wide computing cloud
109 US postdocs hope for overtime pay
110 Alzheimer's data lawsuit is sign of growing tensions
111 Climate change crushes bee populations
112 Russian science foundation shuts down
113 The HIV epidemic can be stopped
114 A numbers game
115 Cloud cover
116 We need a measured approach to metrics
117 Policy: Development goals should enable decision-making
118 Data analysis: Create a cloud commons