File Title
1 This is your brain on fried eggs
2 Key measure of hospital quality does not give accurate indication of avoidable deaths
3 Why kids' recovery times vary widely after brain injury
4 Scientific curiosity and preparedness for emerging pathogen outbreaks
5 Multiple, co-existing groups of gut bacteria keep Clostridium difficile infections at bay
6 Damage to key brain region important in predicting cognitive function after pediatric TBI
7 Ecologists predict impact of climate change on vulnerable species
8 Treating more adults with statins would be cost-effective way to boost heart health
9 Should doctors recommend homeopathy?
10 Women should be allowed to get treatment for cystitis without a prescription
11 Combined use of antidepressants and painkillers linked to bleeding risk
12 Researchers create model of early human heart development from stem cells
13 Few states require HPV vaccine
14 Drug provides improvement for diabetic kidney disease patients with high potassium levels
15 Study examines cost-effectiveness of newer cholesterol guidelines
16 Accuracy of newer cholesterol guidelines in identifying increased risk of CVD events
17 New guidelines for statin eligibility improve prediction of cardiovascular risk
18 Investigational drug prevents life-threatening side effects of kidney disease treatment
19 More precise estimate of Avogadro's number to help redefine kilogram
20 Researchers discover way to assess future literacy challenges
21 N/A
22 Melon genome study reveals recent impacts of breeding
23 Density-near-zero acoustical metamaterial made in China
24 Vaginal douches may expose women to harmful phthalate chemicals
25 Substance abuse reduces brain volume in women but not men
26 Revealed: Positronium's behavior in particle billiards
27 Fracking report a 'road map' to safer energy production
28 Tagged bees causing a buzz in disease research
29 Virginia Tech scientists develop point system to help people drink to good health
30 Like sitting, standing in the workplace may have long-term health consequences
31 Noninvasive prenatal testing may also detect some maternal cancers
32 Algae, quinoa, legumes top list of alternative protein choices
33 Scientist works on taste, texture and color of lab-produced hamburger
34 3-D printers poised to have major implications for food manufacturing
35 Gene fuels age-related obesity and diabetes
36 First use of NanoSIMS ion probe measurements to understand volcanic cycles at Yellowstone
37 An elusive molecule--finally revealed
38 Chemotherapeutic coatings enhance tumor-frying nanoparticles
39 Nanoscale light-emitting device has big profile
40 Cancer discovery links experimental vaccine and biological treatment
41 Better memory with faster lasers
42 Antioxidants help treat skin-picking disorder in mice, Stanford researcher says
43 UB researcher explores first-responders' role in end-of-life calls
44 Study offers new method of identifying sweet corn hybrids for increased yield and profit
45 Losing half a night of sleep makes memories less accessible in stressful situations
46 IU researcher devises method to untangle, analyze 'controlled chaos'
47 Rice tests wireless data delivery over active TV channels
48 Baby's first stool can alert doctors to future cognitive issues, new CWRU study finds
49 Drug-resistant bacteria possess natural ability to become vulnerable to antibiotics
50 New GSA Today science investigates lithosphere of the Central Iranian plateau
51 Cancers caught during screening colonoscopy are more survivable
52 Nanowires highly 'anelastic,' research shows
53 Researchers discover how opium poppies synthesize morphine
54 Study links leisure time sitting to higher risk of specific cancers
55 Online registry improves clinical research study participation
56 Learning impacts how the brain processes what we see
57 Polymer mold makes perfect silicon nanostructures
58 Scientists identify new compounds that may treat depression rapidly with few side effects
59 New gene therapy method provides specific, safe control of therapeutic transgenes
60 Impact of major Alzheimer's-related gene may be felt years before any symptoms appear
61 Clay sheets stack to form proton conductors
62 'Biosimilars' for children with IBD need more research, ESPGHAN expert panel states
63 Types of fungi and lichens at the Herbarium of the University of Granada available on-line
64 Registry data used to examine use of ICDs, cardiac rehab referral rates
65 Why do feet stink? (video)
66 New cell division mechanism discovered
67 From sticks to balls: The shape of bacteria is evolving to better adapt to the throat
68 Kidney, bladder stones do not increase postmenopausal women's risk of osteoporosis
69 Stopping or reducing cocaine use associated with lower cardiovascular risk marker levels
70 Ocean warming leads to stronger precipitation extremes
71 Liquid biopsy identifies mutations in colorectal cancer undetected in tissue biopsy
72 Plump cartoon characters provoke indulgent eating in kids, says CU-Boulder-led study
73 Researchers identify a novel disease gene causing neurodegenerative disorders
74 Report on treatment of patients with hemophilia published
75 The quantum physics of artificial light harvesting
76 Heat buckyballs to help environment
77 Male black widow spiders destroy female's web to deter rivals
78 Discovery of young family gives hope to world's rarest ape
79 Invasions out of center of diversity increase the risk of disease epidemics in wheat
80 VIB-KU Leuven-ULB researchers uncover genetic alterations in development of skin cancer
81 Mysterious black leopards finally reveal their spots
82 Brain study reveals insights into genetic basis of autism
83 Submerged volcano cluster discovered off coast of Sydney
84 Native Guam plant on cover of international journal
85 New Alzheimer's study reveals how spouse-caregivers sustain relationships
86 Teaching reflection to doctors to improve physician-patient interactions
87 Nixoncare vs. Obamacare: Comparing the rhetoric and reality of 2 health plans
88 Found: A likely new contributor to age-related hearing loss
89 Fossils indicate human activities have disturbed ecosystem resilience
90 Is upward mobility bad for your health?
91 Scientists gain new insights into 'antenna' of human cells
92 New drug combo could make cancer more sensitive to chemo
93 Nutrients turn on key tumor signaling molecule, fueling resistance to cancer therapy, Ludwig Cancer Research study shows
94 Researchers find 1 in 4 dogs competing at Crufts is overweight
95 Tiny genetic tweak unlocked corn kernels during domestication
96 Certain abnormal prenatal testing results and subsequent diagnosis of maternal cancer
97 Troubleshooting the gene targeting process
98 Air travel and climate: A potential new feedback?
99 Fat fish illuminate human obesity
100 Lung simulation could improve respiratory treatment
101 Microbleeds, diminished cerebral blood flow in cognitively normal older patients
102 Study suggests progress in reporting, management of IRB conflicts of interest
103 Heading the ball, player-to-player contact and concussions in high school soccer
104 Study of IRB members' industry relationships finds improvement, but some issues persist
105 One in 4 UK show dogs competing at Crufts is overweight
106 Funeral directors may be at heightened risk of progressive neurodegenerative disease
107 Elective surgery is associated with lower risk of death than drugs for ulcerative colitis
108 Cancer survivors may face unique challenges when trying to adopt
109 Skin cancer marker plays critical role in tumor growth
110 Young adults who survive cancer hospitalized more often than the general population