File Title
1 Are marine ecosystems headed toward a new productivity regime?
2 International team revealed the mystery of major depressive disorder
3 How birds learn foreign languages
4 Brakes and hairs from a maiden: The Pteridaceae fern family diversity in Togo
5 Eating habits matter most with overweight children
6 NTU scientists discover potential treatment for Parkinson's disease
7 Magnetic pulses to the brain deliver long-lasting relief for tinnitus patients
8 University of Washington researchers show that the mosquito smells, before it sees, a host
9 Making 'miniature brains' from skin cells to better understand autism
10 New resource makes gene-editing technology even more user friendly
11 Mosquitoes use smell to see their hosts
12 Weyl points: Wanted for 86 years
13 Innovative sodium reduction ingredient provides meaningful reductions in sodium intake
14 Increased radiation offers no survival benefit for patients with low-risk prostate cancer
15 Cell division speeds up as part of antibody selection, study shows
16 Gaia satellite and amateur astronomers spot one in a billion star
17 Can protein 14-3-3 sigma prevent or kill breast cancer tumors?
18 Scream if you have to
19 Observing brain network dynamics to diagnose Alzheimer's disease
20 New finding on the formation of fat tissue in man
21 On the way to breaking the terahertz barrier for graphene nanoelectronics
22 Grandparents' affection piling on the pounds in Chinese children
23 Scientists solve breast and ovarian cancer genetic mystery
24 Jurassic saw fastest mammal evolution
25 Caught on camera: The first glimpse of powerful nanoparticles
26 Unearthing cornerstones in root microbiomes
27 Defenses up: Hormone helps plants determine friend from foe
28 Device delivers drugs to brain via remote control
29 Intervention lessens severity of tinnitus
30 Exercising 300 minutes per week better for reducing total fat in postmenopausal women
31 Virginia Tech scientist develops model for robots with bacteria-controlled brains
32 Bilinguals of 2 spoken languages have more gray matter than monolinguals
33 Low chance of recovering normal body weight highlights need for obesity prevention
34 Feathered cousin of 'Jurassic Park' star unearthed in China
35 Study: Health-care providers hold biases based on sexual orientation
36 Leaf hormone blocks bacteria from the roots
37 Machines on the rise: A special issue on artificial intelligence
38 Humped-back model of plant diversity withstands controversy
39 Polar bear metabolism less resilient to summer ice melt than expected
40 Health researchers far behind industry using automation, leaves critical research unfunded
41 Orchestrating hair cell regeneration: A supporting player's close-up
42 Miniature brains made from patient skin cells reveal insights into autism
43 After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics found
44 Repeat infection with malaria parasites might make mosquitoes more dangerous
45 The emerging science of human screams
46 Breakthrough finding brings cure for flesh-eating skin disease 1 step closer
47 Researchers find the 'acoustic signature' of screams
48 Surprise--subtle distractors may divert action more than overt ones
49 Polar bears experience limited energy savings in summer, new study finds
50 Neuroscience-based algorithms make for better networks
51 Body temperature may trigger sudden cardiac death
52 Better DNA hair analysis for catching criminals
53 Non-invasive brain stimulation technique could transform learning
54 Air pollution from wildfires may ignite heart hazards
55 Researchers discover surprising link between chronic stress and preterm birth
56 TGen finds gene causing appearance of premature aging and severe loss of fat in children
57 Closer look at microorganism provides insight on carbon cycling
58 UI researchers stimulate human amygdala to gain key insight into SUDEP
59 Compounds show potential in fighting brain and breast cancers
60 Researchers have shown that a drug currently in testing shows potential to cure malaria
61 A lion tale: Humans cause most mountain lion deaths in Southern California
62 Clinical pathway uncovers obstructive sleep apnea in hospitalized patients
63 Evolutionary trees reveal patterns of microbial diversification
64 Pre-college science programs lead to more science majors
65 HIV uses the immune system's own tools to suppress it
66 Scientists find mechanism for altered pattern of brain growth in autism spectrum disorder
67 Outcomes comparable for in-person and in-home telerehabilitation following total knee replacement surgery
68 Stem cells move one step closer to cure for genetic diseases
69 'Housing First' can reduce alcohol problems for homeless people with mental illness
70 UGA researchers develop breakthrough tools in fight against cryptosporidium
71 Brain network that controls, redirects attention identified
72 Mercury scrubbers at power plant lower other pollution too
73 Review examines nutritional issues related to autism spectrum disorder
74 Research finds diversifying your diet may make your gut healthier
75 Insects may be the answer to consumer demand for more protein
76 Molecular fuel cell catalysts hold promise for efficient energy storage
77 This week from AGU: Undercutting glaciers, ocean research & five new research papers
78 UGA study finds Southeast's rural landscapes pose potential risk for salmonella infection
79 Affordable, non-invasive test may detect who is most at risk for Alzheimer's
80 New light technology helps improve food safety
81 China, Taiwan strengthen food safety laws
82 Penn Vet team shows a protein modification determines enzyme's fate
83 CU researchers offer lower-cost procedure for children with digestive tract problems
84 In search of a healthy and energy efficient building
85 Exercise can improve brain function in older adults
86 Old astronomic riddle on the way to be solved
87 Oil spills affecting fish population
88 Better chocolate with microbes
89 Many opioid overdoses linked to lower prescribed doses, intermittent use
90 More research needed on rare, potentially fatal CV disorder that can strike healthy pregnant women
91 Are fuel cells environmentally friendly? Not always!
92 Subset of plasma cells represent 'historical record' of childhood infections
93 Love conquers all: A new beetle species from Cambodia named after Venus
94 Defective telomeres are now being linked to dozens of diseases, including many types of cancer
95 Lessons learned from the Exxon Valdez and Deepwater Horizon oil spills
96 The secret to the sea sapphire's colors--and invisibility (video)
97 Nanoparticles used to prevent inflammatory acne through slow-released nitric oxide
98 US media over-represent contributors to policy making, study finds
99 A portable 'paper machine' can diagnose disease for less than $2
100 Adolescents are not shy about discussing marijuana use on Twitter
101 Iowa State analysis reveals needs for improvement in youth fitness
102 Attention beachgoers: Fecal contamination affects sand more than water
103 Uncovering a key relationship in ALS
104 'White graphene' structures can take the heat
105 Rates of drunk driving tied to state alcohol policies, BU study finds
106 NYU study examines psychoactive 'bath salt' use among US high school seniors
107 Plantations of nanorods on carpets of graphene capture the Sun's energy
108 PET adapted treatment improves outcome of patients with stages I/II Hodgkin Lymphoma
109 Jealousy in a romantic relationship can lead to alcohol problems
110 High blood levels of growth factor correlate with smaller brain areas in patients with schizophrenia