File Title
1 Does comet 67P host alien 'life'?
2 As blacklegged ticks migrate, Lyme disease follows
3 How do biofuel perennials affect the water cycle?
4 Astronomers call on peers to dream up deep-space telescope of the future
5 Rubber expansion comes with economic and environmental risks
6 Neural circuit in fruit flies detects anti-aphrodisiac
7 Study: Frustrated customers quicker to blame human brands
8 Study: Natural gas operations leak more methane than estimated
9 Reusable bag users more likely to buy veggies--and junk food
10 Badgers that brawl tend to age faster, live shorter lives
11 Mini sponge fossil disrupts timing of early evolution
12 Scientists to use baited cameras to count world shark population
13 Study: Men in the office more goal-driven than women
14 Study: Stratospheric intrusions bolster California wildfires
15 Near-Earth space hosts Kelvin-Helmholtz waves
16 Astronomers find rare five-star system
17 New composite X-ray image reveals active regions of Sun
18 Study: Volcanic eruptions momentarily slow climate change
19 Study: Violent video games offer stress release, but at a cost
20 New computer program may fix billion-dollar bit rot problem
21 Conservation group calls for more deep sea mining protections
22 Plant's sonar-bouncing leaves attract bats--and their poo
23 Which electric plane crossed the English Channel first?
24 Graphene-based film helps cool electronics
25 Study: Last time it was this hot, seas rose 20 feet
26 105 million years ago, flies were doing the pollinating
27 Researchers ask: Can you actually hear 'inaudible' sound?
28 Strong geothermal heating measured beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet
29 Fermi detects record flare from distant black hole
30 New fossils suggest some jellyfish had skeletons, no tentacles
31 Strong El Nino not expected to answer California drought
32 Scientists discover why plutonium doesn't stick to magnets
33 Hubble captures image of little-known spiral galaxy
34 Nanoscale device emits light of a much more powerful machine
35 Brown researchers working to stop deadly bat disease
36 50 million-year-old volcano cluster found of Australian coast
37 Male black widow spiders destroy females' webs to deter rivals
38 New Horizons makes closest approach to Pluto
39 Ministry of Culture finishes recuperation of archaeological complex
40 Radioactive Wreck of WWII Aircraft Carrier Discovered Near San Francisco Bay
41 The boneyard of the bizarre that rewrites our Celtic past to include hybrid-animal monster myths
42 Pre-Roman town found during Bournemouth University dig
43 Hellenistic bronze exhibit makes an unprecedented showing
44 Peru's Nazca Lines Reveal Mysterious New Animal Images
45 Intact pottery found at 1,000-year-old Indian village
46 New assessment of recently found Mayan pyramid puts it up among the biggest
47 The last Viking and his magical sword?
48 Museum teams unearth 4,000-year-old home in Sheffield (photos, video)
49 Archaeology: Kennewick Man remains a valuable teacher
50 Roman streets of ancient Soli gradually unearthed
51 Remnants of India's One of the Oldest Port Found in Goa
52 Oldest Dentistry Found in 14,000-Year-Old Tooth
53 Amateur archaeologist finds Nazi gold hoard
54 Indian Village researchers find pot completely intact
55 Oxford Westgate dig: Medieval leather shoes found
56 Destroyed Iraqi Holy Sites Find New Life Online
57 Classic ancient Maya "collapse" not caused by overpopulation and deforestation, say researchers
58 Nevada's 'Peace Camp,' the Last Site of Its Kind, Reveals History of Cold-War Protests
59 The More Exercise, the Better for Older Women
60 What Pumping Iron Could Do for Men's Bones
61 Ulcerative Colitis: Surgery May Be the Best Choice
62 Teen Athletes Feel the Pinch of Tommy John Surgery
63 Check Your Fruit and Veggie Intake
64 Got Insomnia? Change the Way You Think
65 What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Screening
66 Colorectal Cancer Rx Shows More Promise
67 When 'Low T' Gets You Down
68 Among Teens, Antipsychotics May Be Too Common
69 Trauma Tough on Women's Hearts
70 In Young Adults, BP Could Signal Later Heart Health
71 What Statins Might Do for Lung Surgery Patients
72 Teen Girls Faced Raised Sports Injury Risk
73 For Menopausal Women, Rx May Up Fracture Risk
74 ED Rx: A Possible Downside
75 How Online Bullying Could Affect Mental Health
76 How a Surgery Could Help Plug Urinary Leaks
77 Heavy Trends in US Weight
78 For Diabetes, Exercise May Mean More than Fitness
79 Knee Surgery: Not Always Worth It
80 How Menopause Could Affect Your Sleep
81 A Non-Surgical Option for Appendicitis
82 Smoking Might Be Even More Dangerous than You Think
83 The ZZZs that Lead to Good Health
84 Got Asthma? Get off the Couch
85 When Heartburn Gets Serious
86 HPV Vaccine: How Many Doses Does It Really Take?
87 Parent Age and Autism Risk
88 Vaccine Stomps out Stomach Illness in Kids
89 Better Sleep, Less Knee Pain
90 New Cholesterol Rx Under Consideration
91 Why Weight Loss Surgery Could Be a Money Saver
92 ADHD: A Possible Pesticide Pitfall
93 After Surgery, Resuming this Rx Might Help Patients
94 Consciousness no "decider," just "interpreter," theory claims
95 Studies may have overestimated our generosity
96 Planet zips around its sun sporting comet-like tail: study
97 Study explores how power gets to the brain
98 Universe may be ringing like crystal glass, scientists say
99 A reputation sealed? Finding suggests T. rex hunted for real
100 Rats may dream about finding treats
101 Study explores how Inca kids were drugged for sacrifice
102 Bird said to re-arrange sounds to create meaning--like people
103 Love your enemy? Hormone spray may help with that, too
104 To reproduce, bizarre flatworm may have sex with own head
105 24 dinos may have perished with "babysitter"
106 DNA "markings" may transmit learned experiences
107 Comet may be developing sinkholes
108 An evolutionary role for "Jackass"-like stunts?
109 Monster black holes said to come out of hiding
110 Scientists take step toward usable fusion energy
111 Earth-like planets out there even more Earth-like than thought, simulation finds
112 At least one in 25 death-sentenced people are innocent, study claims
113 Scientific dissenters predict "mini ice age" in 2030s
114 Smarter mice with a "humanized" gene?
115 Study links war, global warming for first time--in Syria
116 Green space may make city kids smarter
117 Study: Nazi propaganda still influences those who grew up with it
118 Giant black hole "outgrew its galaxy"
119 New Pluto images released with historic flyby
120 New photos reveal "ice" mountains on Pluto, deep canyons on its moon