File Title
1 'Fitness' Labels on Food Make People Eat More and Exercise Less, Says Study
2 Pet Care in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Beneficial, Says StudyŤ
3 Leap Second: June 30 Will Be a Second Longer Because Earth is Slowing Down
4 Skin Cancer: High Consumption of Grapefruit, Orange Linked to Increased Skin Cancer Risk
5 Water Intoxication: Drink Only When Thirsty, Experts Advise Athletes, Exercisers
6 Spiky Worm: New Species of 'Super-Armored' Worm Discovered in China
7 Mummified Remains Found in Indiana Quarry May Be 2000 Years Old
8 Dracula's Dungeon Reveals Secret Tunnel; Site Opened for Exploration by Tourists
9 Solar Impulse 2: Hawaii Flight Started Early Monday from Nagoya Airport Japan
10 Mysterious 'Fire Ball' Confirmed by NASA (VIDEO)
11 Mustard, Horseradish, Wasabi Developed Their Aggressive Flavors to Fight Off Hungry Caterpillars (VIDEO)
12 Jupiter, Venus Converge Tonight in Stunning Display to Rival 4th of July Fireworks (VIDEO)
13 Babbler Birds Combine Basic Sounds to Form Primitive 'Language'
14 #AsteroidDay is Today: Learn About the Threat Asteroids Pose to Earth (VIDEO)
15 Earthquake Alert: Helium Leak in Los Angeles Fault Line Could Trigger 'The Big One'
16 Mars: NASA Reveals It Is Building Prandtl-m Aircraft Prototype, First Airplane on the Red Planet
17 MERS Outbreak: Two Possible Cures Identified by Researchers
18 SpaceX Falcon 9: Florida, Georgia Beachgoers Warned to Stay Away from Falcon 9 Debris
19 SpaceX Explosion Will Not Hinder Commercial Space Travel in the Future, NASA Says
20 U.S., Brazil to Fight Climate Change Through Renewable Energy Projects, Widescale Reforestation
21 Supreme Court: EPA's Clean Air Act Interpretation Is Unreasonable
22 Teenage Girl Dies of Heart Attack After Not Using the Toilet for 8 Weeks
23 Shark Attacks in North Carolina (VIDEO)
24 Archaeology: South Africans Used Milk-Based Paint 49,000 Years Ago, Study Says
25 Rosetta: Giant Sinkholes Spotted on Comet Explored by Spacecraft
26 Deadly Asteroid Search Should Be Accelerated for Earth's Sake, Scientists Say
27 Child Development and Antibiotics: Study Reveals Repeated Antibiotics Treatment May Alter Development in Children
28 Mysterious Crop Circles Appear Near Stonehenge (VIDEO)
29 Galapagos Island Volcano Erupts 33 Years Later (PHOTOS)
30 AI Threats to Be Investigated in Elon Musk-Led Initiative
31 Crow Takes Ride on Bald Eagle (PHOTOS)
32 Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills 21-Year-Old Woman in California (VIDEO)
33 Alcoholism, Eye Color Linked, Study Says
34 Swine Flu Shot & Narcolepsy: Scientists Say They Now Know Why Vaccine Caused Sleep Disorder
35 Alien Life Existence 'Inevitable' and They Look Just like Humans, U.K. Biologist Claims
36 New Zealand Space Base Picked as Site of First Commercial Orbital Launch
37 #GreatBarrierReef: UNESCO Removed the Great Barrier Reef from the 'In Danger' List
38 Pluto and Styx and NASA and...STYX? The Band STYX Takes Break from Def Leppard Tour to Meet Scientist Who Discovered Pluto's Smallest Moon (PHOTOS)
39 Ohio Beach E. Coli Advisory: Nearly 1/3 of State's Beaches Affected
40 Polar Bear Study Says Climate Change May Make Animal Extinct by 2025
41 Solar Impulse Plane Lands in Hawaii
42 Seahorse's Square Tail Becomes Inspiration for Future Robots
43 Bionic Ants Designed to Function Independently and in Teams
44 New AIDS Vaccine Shows Great Promise, Human Trial Underway
45 Philippine Earthquake: Surigao Del Norte Struck by Magnitude 6.1 Tremor
46 Pluto New Horizons: Space Probe Disconnects and Loses Contact with NASA as It Approaches Planet
47 International Space Station Finally Receives Supplies; Russian Cargo Ship Successfully Docks
48 Woolly Mammoth Clone: Scientists Are Closer than Ever to Bringing the Extinct Animal Back
49 Genome reveals how woolly mammoth thrived in the cold
50 Four mysterious spots detected on Pluto
51 'Tis the season for night-shining clouds over the Arctic
52 Hot young stars at the edge of the Milky Way
53 Glitch halts New Horizons operations as it nears Pluto
54 Ancient fish evolved gills to survive acidic oceans
55 Billions of dollars of Pacific infrastructure at risk from climate
56 Signs of aging appear in mid-20s
57 Surfing a wake of light
58 Fundamental beliefs about atherosclerosis overturned
59 Tundra study uncovers impact of climate warming in the Arctic
60 Autonomous taxis would deliver significant environmental and economic benefits
61 Extra DNA acts as a 'spare tire' for our genomes
62 Astronomers see pebbles poised to make planets
63 Universe's hidden supermassive black holes revealed
64 Do micro-organisms explain features on comets?
65 Scientists unravel elusive structure of HIV protein
66 Surprising culinary preferences of an abyssal sea anemone
67 Reducing stroke damage may be next for optical coherence tomography technology widely used in vision healthcare
68 New insights into the genetics of drug-resistant fungal infections
69 Protein suggests a new strategy to thwart infection
70 Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia with psychiatric, medical conditions
71 Increased risk of complications, death during delivery for women with epilepsy
72 Many physicians, clinicians work sick despite risk to patients, survey finds
73 Detecting more small cancers in screening mammography suggests overdiagnosis
74 Restraint, confinement still an everyday practice in mental health settings
75 Therapeutic nitric oxide generated from air with an electric spark
76 Ion channel mechanics yield insights into optogenetics experiments
77 Typically disregarded brain lesions may warn of heightened stroke risk
78 Uncovering the mechanism of our oldest anesthetic
79 People over 65 with traumatic brain injuries hospitalized four times as often as younger people
80 New study again shows: More strokes with intracranial stents
81 Age-related cognitive decline tied to immune-system molecule
82 Research breakthrough to treat girls-only epilepsy
83 Midlife changes in Alzheimer's biomarkers may predict dementia
84 Emotion knowledge fosters attentiveness
85 Learning from biology to accelerate discovery
86 Health information causing new moms anxiety
87 Safer, with more benefits: Parents' vaccine views shifting
88 High risks from high heels
89 Could your smartphone one day tell you you're pregnant?
90 Benefits of vitamin B12 supplements for older people questioned
91 Restaurant meals can be as bad for your waistline as fast food is
92 What's in your landscape? Plants can alter West Nile virus risk
93 Simple classroom measures may reduce the impact of ADHD
94 Extracurricular sports produce disciplined preteens
95 Where the wild things aren't: Cats avoid places coyotes roam
96 Review indicates where cardio benefits of exercise may lie
97 Perennial biofuel crops' water consumption similar to corn
98 Transition from three to two dimensions increases conduction
99 Crowd computing to improve water filtration
100 Structural shift elucidated with large-scale atomic simulations
101 Producing biodegradable plastic just got cheaper, greener
102 Good quantum states and bad quantum states
103 Five-day space weather forecasts?
104 Reconstructing the Michelangelo bronzes
105 'Smaller is smarter' in superspreading of influence in social networks
106 Faster detection of hidden objects by terahertz sensor
107 Full sky map: Rings and loops in the stars
108 Small cosmic 'fish' points to big haul for SKA Pathfinder
109 Targeted LEDs could provide efficient lighting for plants grown in space
110 'Map of Life' predicts ET. (So where is he?)