File Title
1 Diabetes Drug Metformin May Lower Glaucoma Risk
2 Why the Medicaid Outsourcing Regulations Overhaul?
3 Tattoos May Pose Health Risks, Researchers Report
4 New Meds OK'd for Hard-to-Treat IBS with Diarrhea
5 White Matter Damage in Brain and Early Alzheimer's
6 HIV Drugs Should Be Taken Right After Diagnosis
7 Vegan Diet Might Ease Diabetic Nerve Pain
8 This Diet Tied to Lower Uterine Cancer Risk
9 High-Fiber Diet and Type 2 Diabetes Risk
10 Gene Testing Can Be Flawed, Study Finds
11 For Kids Who Stutter, Rhythm Perception May Be Key
12 Could a Noisy Neighborhood Make You Fat?
13 MS May Raise Odds for Earlier Death, Study Finds
14 'Moderate' Drinking Harms Older People's Hearts?
15 Do People Transmit Happiness by Smell?
16 Lassa Fever Death: Traveler Returning from Liberia
17 Later Umbilical Cord Clamp May Boost Development
18 Cystic Fibrosis Medicine Study Offers Hope
19 Newer Birth Control Pills May Up Blood Clot Risk
20 Using Herpes Virus to Fight Advanced Melanoma
21 Overactive Thyroid Tied to Higher Fracture Risk
22 Living at Higher Elevations Linked to SIDS Risk
23 Dyslexia Unrelated to Vision Problems: Study
24 Raw Tuna Suspected in Salmonella Outbreak: CDC
25 Magnetic Field Discovery in Giraffe Galaxy IC 342 Gives Clues to Galaxy-Formation Processes, Study Says
26 Mars: NASA Lands in Mars...Pennsylvania! Martian New Year Celebrated in Pennsylvania Town (VIDEO)
27 New Species Discovered? 'Cute' Octopus Might Be a Whole New Animal! (VIDEO)
28 Venus Volcanoes: New Evidence Points to Volcanic Activity on the Planet's Surface
29 Saharan Silver Ants Survive 158 Degree Temperatures by Wearing 'Coat' of Unique Hairs
30 Quantum Effect that Could Lead to Development of High Frequency Oscillators Demonstrated with Ultra-Thin Diode
31 Latest Species to be Tracked in National Parks: Homo Sapiens
32 Quasars Are Born Through Violent Galactic Collisions, Study Confirms
33 North Korea Vaccine: It Reportedly Cures MERS, Diabetes and 'Spontaneous Gangrene'
34 Protein Machine: Mystery of How Cells Swallow Molecules to Boost Biological Function Solved After Decades of Dispute
35 Energy Consumption of Certain Industries Could Be Reduced with 'Crumpled' Filter
36 'Molecular Movie' Reveals Chemistry Moving at Breakneck Speed (VIDEO)
37 CDC: Chlorine in Pools Does Not Cause Red Eyes...Urine Does!
38 Africa's Giraffe Becoming Extinct, Population Declines by 40%
39 Male Orgasm: Little Known Facts About His 'Big O'
40 Robots Programmed to Scan Faces Could Replace Airport Ticket Agents, Border Police
41 North American 'Ghost Cat' Might Soon Be Officially Extinct, Fish and Wildlife Service States
42 Great White Shark Population Growing in Cape Cod Beach Area
43 8 Million Mummified Dogs Found in Egyptian Catacombs of 'God of Death'
44 Sixth Mass Extinction Is Here, Earth Losing Species 100 Times Faster than in Previous Events
45 FDA Approves Device that Helps Blind People See with Their Tongues
46 Internet Cats: Cat Videos Boost Energy and Positive Vibes, Study Says
47 FDA Approves Zolmitriptan Nasal Spray for Treatment of Migraines in Adolescents
48 Light-Powered Battery Can Produce Its Own Power (VIDEO)
49 Slow Loris Baby Born at Columbus Zoo, Tiny Primate Has Even Tinier Baby (PHOTOS)
50 Titan's Mysterious Lakes Likely Created by Rain-Based Erosion
51 Sharks that Live in Deep, Freezing Waters Are Surprisingly Buoyant (VIDEO)
52 Summer Solstice Stonehenge Theory: Has the Mystery Been Solved? (VIDEO)
53 Lightning Bolts' Paths Could One Day Be Controlled with Lasers
54 Ceres Images Reveal Even More Bright Spots and Towering 'Pyramid'
55 Neanderthals and Modern Humans Likely Interbred in Europe, Ancient Jawbone Reveals
56 Marijuana: White House Removes Major Barrier to Marijuana Research
57 Honeybees Can Effectively Detect Narcotics at Airports, Say Scientists
58 Rare Litter of Cheetahs Born at Allwetterzoo Munster (PHOTOS)
59 Puberty Age Affects 48 Types of Disease Development, Says Study
60 Asteroids vs. Nuclear Weapons: NASA May Use Nuclear Bombs as Weapons Against Asteroid Attacks
61 50-Year-Old Fetus Found by Doctors Inside 92-Year-Old Woman
62 Giant Basking Shark Caught Off Australian Coast [VIDEO]
63 Dark Galaxies: Over 800 Mysterious Objects Spotted in Coma Cluster
64 Microbiotic Tentacles Gentle Enough to Grab an Ant Could Be Used in Medical Procedures
65 Cockroach-Inspired Robot Could Roll Its Way Through Search and Rescue Missions (VIDEO)
66 Plasma Rotation Within Fusion Facilities Could Be Accomplished with New 'X Marks the Spot' Method
67 WHO: Herbicide 2,4-D 'Possibly' Carcinogenic for Humans
68 NASA Spacecraft Findings: Mars Is a Rock Star Planet
69 Conservatives More Likely to Stick with Diet, Have More Self-Control than Liberals, Study Says
70 Organs-On-Chips Mimic Human Organs, Could End Animal Testing
71 Rare, 'Testicle-Biting' Pacu Fish Found in New Jersey Lake
72 Climate Change: California Drought Threatens Wildflower Diversity, Study Finds
73 Rare Aurora Borealis Spotted from Virginia to Texas (PHOTOS)
74 Pentagon Mustard Gas Experiments: Pentagon Admits Experiments Were Racially Based
75 Colorado Plague Death: CDC Tests Family's Animals After Teen's Death
76 Rabbit Fights Snake to Save Bunnies! (VIDEO)
77 X-Ray 'Echoes' Used as Measuring Stick to Determine Distance of Milky Way's Oddest Supernova
78 IUCN Red List Update Suggests Conservation Sucess Overshadowed by Species Loss
79 A 17-Year-Old Invented a Gel that Instantly Stops Bleeding [VIDEO]
80 'Hot Neptune' with Comet-Like Tail Could Help Scientists Predict What Earth Will Look like When Sun Becomes Red Giant
81 Genetically Modified Jellyfish Lamb Eaten in France After It Was Accidentally Sold
82 Thought-Controlled Robots Can Restore Mobility to Disabled
83 Pope Francis: Divorce Can Even Be 'Morally Necessary'
84 Happiness and Headbanging: Study Equates Heavy Metal to a Hug
85 First Species of 'Yeti Crab' Found in Antarctica, Grows and Harvests Its Own Food
86 Diabetes: Eating Carbs Last Linked to Lower Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels for Obese Diabetics
87 Teens Create Smart Condom that Changes Colors to Detect STIs
88 NASA's Curiosity Rover Spots 'Pyramid' on Mars? (VIDEO)
89 Hallucigenia: Bizarre Ancient Worm's Head Could Help Solve Evolutionary Mysteries (VIDEO)
90 Giant Galactic Cannibal Is Still Growing
91 Black Hole Wakes Up to Have Dinner After Sleeping for 26 Years
92 Graphene Could Be Mass Produced to Create Robot 'Skin' with Groundbreaking New Technique
93 Cason Yeager Dies: Florida Man Killed by Flesh-Eating Bacteria, State Has Yet to Notify Public
94 Dinosaur Discovery: New Sauropodomorph Named After 'Cross-Shaped' Ankle Bones
95 Conductive Ink Could Be Used to Create Electronic Clothing that Monitors Heart Rate and Other Biological Functions
96 NASA Supercomputer Model Explains Bizarre Features of Nearby Solar System (VIDEO)
97 Solar Cells Inspired by Photosynthesis Could Store Energy for Weeks
98 Earth's Rotation Encoded in Bacteria Proteins: Finding Reveals Secrets of Circadian Rhythms
99 Alzheimer's in Women: The Impact of Mental Disease Greater Among Females
100 NASA Astronaut Takes 'Earthshine' Selfies
101 Zombie Burials: Ancient Greeks Buried Bodies with Rocks Believing They're the Undead
102 Alaska Wildfires Continue to Multiply
103 'Glacial Earthquake' Insights Could Help Predict Sea-Level Rise (VIDEO)
104 Firefly with Orange 'Halo' Discovered by Undergraduate Student
105 'Rainbow' Coral Found in Time for Pride Week, and They Could Help Fight Cancer (VIDEO)
106 Complex Materials Could Be Controlled Using Helium 'Balloons'
107 Water Circulation Through Seafloor Explained with 'Hydrothermal Siphon'
108 Morphine Gene Discovery Could Lead to New Tools for Creating Painkillers Such as Hydrocodone
109 Rats Dream About Routes to Delicious Snack
110 SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Launch in Florida; Unmanned Rocket Was Sending Supplies to International Space Station (VIDEO)