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2 'Bee soup' could help understand declines and test remedies
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4 Aspirin may delay growth of asbestos-related cancer
5 Policies on children's tech exposure confusing
6 Enriched blood cells preserve cognition in mice with features of Alzheimer's disease
7 UC Davis researchers find key mechanism that causes neuropathic pain
8 Simply observing men with very low- and low-risk prostate cancer very effective and underused
9 How ticks that carry Lyme disease are spreading to new regions in the US
10 Five-year study sheds light on hospice care in assisted living facilities versus in the home
11 UNC researchers find 2 biomarkers linked to severe heart disease
12 Heart attack treatment hypothesis 'busted'
13 Illicit drug use may affect sexual function in men
14 What's the best walking aid for patients with COPD?
15 ADHD medications linked to cardiac problems in children with hereditary heart disease
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17 Epigenetic driver of glioblastoma provides new therapeutic target
18 Study explains how dengue virus adapts as it travels, increasing chances for outbreaks
19 Non-invasive technique may help detect skin and other cancers
20 Societal challenges and new treatments for Ebola virus disease
21 Beetle tree of life reveals the evolutionary history of Earth's most diverse group of animals
22 Investigators insert large DNA sequence into mammalian cells
23 How the mammoth got its wool: Genetic changes are identified
24 Universe's hidden supermassive black holes revealed
25 Arthritis drug could be used to treat blood cancer sufferers
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27 Stronger action needed to transform the UK's energy system
28 Why the skin wrinkles more on certain parts of the face
29 USC cancer researchers ID potential treatment for deadly lymphoma
30 Hospital readmissions for sepsis are highly common, extremely costly
31 Study: Groundwater from aquifers important factor in food security
32 Cutting health care costs isn't easy
33 Scientists develop free, online genetic research tool
34 Scientists study ways to integrate biofuels and food crops on farms
35 Taking the pain out of office work
36 Discovery could improve in vitro fertilization success rates for women around the world
37 Fewer women than men are shown online ads related to high-paying jobs
38 $1.25 million NIH grant to study diabetes drug's role in reversing preeclampsia
39 Extended-field IMRT does not increase duodenal toxicity risk
40 Pupil response predicts depression risk in kids
41 Poverty plays complex role in entrepreneurship for Indian women
42 Chapman University publishes research on friendship
43 Faced with limited choices, prisoners become entrepreneurs to meet their needs
44 Study reveals brain network responsible for cognitive changes in multiple sclerosis
45 Bats do it, dolphins do it--now humans can do it, too
46 Price fairness: When do consumers blame the Michelin Man?
47 Yes, AT&T, it pays to win back lost customers
48 Reusable shopping bags encourage shoppers to buy produce--and junk food?
49 Goat meat consumption on the rise as immigrants keep ties to home culture
50 Investigators develop activated T cell therapy for advanced melanoma
51 Successful model for statewide collaborative initiative to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions
52 Study identifies brain abnormalities in people with schizophrenia
53 Marijuana users substitute alcohol at 21
54 Age-related self-destruction of cells makes kidney prone to injury
55 Higher vitamin D doses may be needed to restore healthy levels in overweight blacks
56 The ins and outs of QCD
57 Study: Temperature a dominant influence on bird diversity loss in Mexico
58 Childhood stress fuels weight gain in women
59 Customer commitment has many faces, differs globally
60 Can pregnancy complications predict future cardiovascular disease risk?
61 This town has been on fire for 50 years (video)
62 Study identifies characteristic EEG pattern of high-dose nitrous oxide anesthesia
63 Animals' infections can impact most on relatives, study finds
64 Study: Nursing home care for minorities improves
65 Predicting happiness of couples raising children with autism
66 Researchers find the organization of the human brain to be nearly ideal
67 C. difficile needs iron, but not too much: Insights into maintaining it 'just right'
68 Serious adverse events rare in healthy volunteers participating in Phase I drug trials
69 Timber and construction, a well-matched couple
70 Memory and thinking ability keep getting worse for years after a stroke, new study finds
71 A key role for CEP63 in brain development and fertility discovered
72 Omnidirectional free space wireless charging developed
73 Giant magnetoresistance systems examined by means of ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy
74 Smartphones may be detrimental to learning process
75 Experts call for more understanding of hospital weekend death risk
76 Cancer drug 49 times more potent than Cisplatin
77 Fishing ban rescues Robben Island penguin chicks
78 Mass extinction event from South Africa's Karoo
79 Energiewende in the Alps: Switzerland's transition away from nuclear
80 Down to the quantum dot
81 Mitochondrial metagenomics: How '-omics' is saving wild bees
82 Two are better than one--another checkpoint enzyme for flawless cell division
83 Microfabricated device allows evaluation of the efficacy, toxicity of pro-drugs
84 Crystal structure and magnetism--new insight into the fundamentals of solid state physics
85 New technique enables magnetic patterns to be mapped in 3-D
86 Biogas to biomethane upgrading by water absorption column at low pressure and temperature
87 Medical treatments benefit from the contribution of accelerator physics and engineering
88 New perturbative method of solving the gravitational N-body problem in general relativity
89 Superconductor could be realized in a broken Lorenz invariant theory
90 A cool way to form 2-D conducting polymers using ice
91 New research: Rubber expansion threatens biodiversity and livelihoods
92 Optical 'dog's nose' may hold key to breath analysis
93 An improved age for Earth's latest magnetic field reversal using radiometric dating
94 Affordable Care Act results in dramatic drop in out-of-pocket prices for prescription contraceptives
95 Engineers give invisibility cloaks a slimmer design
96 New research uncovers brain circuit in fruit fly that detects anti-aphrodisiac
97 UBC team tracks measles cases introduced to B.C. during the 2010 Games
98 Barnett shale research raises new concerns about methane emissions
99 Research encourages the consideration of air pollution when planning housing near transit
100 As Medicaid turns 50, Hastings Center scholar examines payment reforms
101 Sculpting a cell's backside
102 Vitamin C related to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and early death
103 Could black phosphorus be the next silicon?
104 Biggest beast in big data forest? One field's astonishing growth is 'genomical!'
105 Medicaid: No longer the welfare medicine afterthought
106 Organ transplant rejection may not be permanent
107 Mammography benefits overestimated
108 The next anti-tuberculosis drug may already be in your local pharmacy
109 Combination of diabetes and heart disease substantially reduces life expectancy
110 Poor sanitation practices in pregnant women linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes in India