File Title
1 Melanoma: Tanning Rates Are Lower, but Millions Still at Risk
2 Condiments and Caterpillars: Thank this Insect for Mustard, Horseradish and Wasabi (WATCH)
3 Fourth of July Fireworks Cause a Spike in Particulate Matter and Air Pollution
4 Autism: Sniff Test May Help Diagnose Behavioral Disorder
5 Sleep: Too Little May Cause Loss of Self-Control
6 Anxiety: Good Deeds Increase Relaxation in Socially Anxious People
7 Quantum Teleportation May be Possible: Electrons Remain Entangled Even After Separation
8 Lightning May be Controlled by Humans with Lasers in the Future
9 Hologram of a Fairy Created with Lasers Can be Felt and Touched (VIDEO)
10 Music: Common Beat Runs Through All Music
11 Genetics: Rose's Fading Fragrances May be Resurrected by Unexpected Enzyme
12 Woolly Mammoth Genome May Allow Scientists to 'Resurrect' Extinct Species
13 Hades Centipede Dwells Deep in Caves with Persephone
14 Birth of a Giant Planet Witnessed with the Very Large Telescope
15 Dark Matter Map May Reveal Universe's Early History
16 How to prevent the sixth mass extinction (+video)
17 Volcanoes on Venus? Hot lava detected
18 Father's Day findings: Good singers make the best nightingale fathers
19 Father's Day summer solstice: Dads get the longest day of the year (+video)
20 Sinkholes on Titan? Unlocking origins of lakes on Saturn's largest moon
21 Democratic decision-making observed in baboon troops
22 Pluto's first movies show planet in orbital dance with its moon (+video)
23 NASA probe of Ceres' mysterious spots reveals 'pyramid-shaped peak' (+video)
24 Why Neanderthals may be lower in your family tree than you thought
25 Mysterious bright spots on Ceres: what do latest NASA photos reveal?
26 Ultra-diffuse galaxies: a 'Rosetta Stone' for galaxy formation?
27 How can life emerge from nonliving matter? UNC scientists find new evidence.
28 Solar storm brings spectacular aurora to parts of United States
29 Young crater on Mars hints at Earth-like climate
30 Venus: Does this sunlight make me look fat?
31 Why scientists are building robots that act like giant cockroaches (+video)
32 Ancient bat walked, rather than flew, over New Zealand
33 One final risky mission for Rosetta: Landing on a comet (+video)
34 Massive solar storms coming: Where to watch aurora borealis (+video)
35 Can 3D-printed rhino horns slow down the poaching industry?
36 Red dwarf star cooks exoplanet, leaving a 'comet-like tail' (+video)
37 How a blind, bristled, heat-loving yeti crab thrives in Antarctica
38 How did the turtle get its shell?
39 Mars pyramid: Alien structure or everyday pareidolia? (+video)
40 How heavy metal music can lighten an emotional load
41 Why scientists are so fascinated with how the turtle got its shell
42 Why shark attacks are happening in North Carolina
43 Icy earthquakes can help scientists track shrinking glaciers
44 Star of Bethlehem? Jupiter and Venus converge in night sky (+video)
45 New Jurassic dinosaur found hiding in fossil collection
46 SpaceX rocket explodes, rains debris into Atlantic (+video)
47 Daydream believer: Rats dream of a better future
48 Leap second? Why June 30 will be one second longer (+video)
49 SpaceX launch fails: How safe is rocket travel?
50 SpaceX rocket explodes: How big a setback?
51 Hairy Collins' Monster: New species of armored worm with 72 spikes
52 What happens when a volcano erupts in the Galapagos?
53 What's in a song? Babbler birds structure calls similar to way humans do
54 NASA zeroes in on Pluto, detects frozen methane (+video)
55 Rosetta spacecraft spies dynamic sinkholes on a comet
56 Don't throw that away: How a few degrees might keep foods fresh
57 Why is NASA sending a boomerang to Mars?
58 NASA discovers mysterious dark spots on Pluto
59 Did lizard that walked on water once live in Wyoming?
60 Entire horse skeleton found in archaeological dig
61 11,500-Year-Old Bison Butchering Site Discovered in Oklahoma
62 Saving an Ancient 'Lost' City in War-torn Syria
63 Lothal, 'City of Dead,' being killed slowly
64 Ethiopia Aksum excavation uncovers 2000 year old jewellery predating Roman trade
65 Archaeological remains found at building site in Tarxien
66 When modern Eurasia was born
67 26th Dynasty tombs uncovered in Aswan
68 Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging
69 Archaeologists find 1,000-year-old pitcher in Jutland
70 Not the Griffin, state archeologists say after dive of Lake Michigan wreck
71 Stone tools from Jordan point to dawn of division of labor
72 Estonian Construction Workers Dig Up Medieval Ships
73 Mystery of Infant Skeletons Found in Athens Ancient Agora Well Solved
74 This ancient liquor popular among Vikings may be the answer to antibiotic resistance
75 Byzantine-era church uncovered in Jerusalem highway expansion
76 Discovery of Medieval wall at East-West Link Road site
77 Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Roman Temple, Apollo Statuette in Excavations of Ancient Rock City Perperikon
78 Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Late Antiquity Cafeteria, Amphorae from North Africa in Byzantine Fortress on Black Sea Cape
79 3,800-year-old statuettes found in Peru
80 Walking dead among the ancient Greeks?
81 The Unfolding Story of an Ice Age V.I.P.
82 Late Bronze-Age site destroyed by fire to be excavated further
83 Bones in Alexander the Great Tomb Give Up Few Secrets
84 Archaeologists say climate change destroys Arctic artifacts
85 Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti
86 Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Lower Layer of Early Christian Mosaics, Murals, Roman Building in Plovdiv's Great Basilica
87 Ancient saltpan first in Anatolia
88 Exploring ancient life under the shadow of Stonehenge
89 British scientists hunt for Viking traces in Norman DNA
90 Bulgarian Archaeologists Unearth Turkish Cemetery in 15th Century Ottoman Mosque in Karlovo
91 Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Bucranium Amulet in Black Sea Town Sozopol
92 Rare Inscription from King David Discovered in Jerusalem Hills
93 Arsonists torch storerooms with 4,000-year-old artifacts
94 Face of Tehran's 7 millennia old woman reconstructed
95 I Stood Here for Rome
96 Armada artifacts taken from seabed
97 400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of manmade pollution
98 Uncovering history along the eroding Bow River
99 Globally unparalleled evidence of prehistoric Welsh feasting practices unearthed by archaeologists
100 Award-winning Maryport Roman Temples Project begins its final dig at Hadrian's Wall
101 Kennewick Man closely related to modern Native Americans
102 Remote cave study reveals 3000 years of European climate variation
103 Digging up history at Shaker Museum in NH
104 Autopsy carried out in Far East on world's oldest dog mummified by ice
105 Early European modern human had a close Neanderthal ancestor
106 Like being there: Walking through an ancient Roman town
107 Gold Sun Disc from time of Stonehenge revealed to the public
108 3.5-2 thousand years old gold objects found near Jaslo
109 Camp Douglas: Excavations of major Civil War site in Chicago gets underway
110 Archaeologists Find Gold Coin of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II in Roman Villa near Ancient City Germania in Bulgaria's Sapareva Banya