File Title
1 Fight Childhood Obesity in the Home, New Guidelines Say
2 How Fast Does a Thought Travel?
3 Why June 30 Will Be 1 Second Longer
4 Iron Age Warrior Lived with Arrowhead in Spine
5 Solar Plane Takes Off on Record 120-Hour Flight Across Pacific
6 Supreme Court Blocks EPA Rule on Mercury Emissions
7 Camel Spider's Fierce Jaw Is Focus of New Creepy Crawly 'Dictionary'
8 Armored Spiky Worm Had 30 Legs, Will Haunt Your Nightmares
9 Walking in Nature May Reduce Negativity
10 After Trauma, Women Face Heart Disease Risk
11 How Does Execution Drug Midazolam Work?
12 Shark Attacks in North Carolina: 'Perfect Storm' May Be Causing Bloody Encounters
13 Sugary Drinks Kill 184,000 People Every Year
14 Toxic Fish Poisons More People than Thought
15 (R)EVOLUTION' (US 2015): Book Excerpt
16 Will Technology Bring Us Together or Tear Us Apart? (Op-Ed)
17 Meet Hades, the Centipede from Hell
18 Plague Evolution: How a Mild Stomach Bug Became a Worldwide Killer
19 There's a Sign Women Are Ovulating, but Men Can't Detect It
20 Universal Rhythm: People Dance to Same Beat Across the Globe
21 Reference: Facts About Potassium
22 Reference: Euler's Identity: 'The Most Beautiful Equation'
23 Awake Again: Is It Insomnia or Just Segmented Sleep? (Op-Ed)
24 Reference: Preeclampsia: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
25 Helium Leaking from Earth in Southern California
26 Why Conservatives Have Better Self-Control
27 Why a Teen's Reasons for Using Marijuana Matter
28 Low-Flying Science: How 2 Pilots Pulled Off Amazing Stunt
29 Fourth of July Downer: Fireworks Cause Spike in Air Pollution
30 Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen Hawking & the 'Terminator' Talk Science
31 Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy: New Findings May Explain Link
32 Wild 'Jesus Lizard' Once Walked on Wyoming's Tropical Waters
33 Statins Linked to Aggression in Older Women
34 Ancient Ritual Bath Found Under Unsuspecting Family's Floorboards
35 Drug Helps Obese People Drop Weight and Keep It Off
36 How Not to Get Stung by a Portuguese Man-of-War
37 Nyah! Nyah! How Goldfish Eluded Huge Predator for Years
38 Should Placebos Be Used to 'Treat' Patients?
39 Seabirds Smell Their Way Home
40 Cats Are City Slickers
41 Colorful Arctic Animals Revealed in Thousands of Undersea Images
42 Firework Colors Enhanced by Elements of Life
43 Cancer Forecast: Why More People Will Die, Even as Death Rates Fall
44 Woolly Mammoth Clones Closer than Ever, Thanks to Genome Sequencing
45 Times Square Crush: Smuggled Ivory Destroyed
46 Dolphins: Barnacles Pick Strategic Fin Locations
47 Insect Brains Shrink in Groups: Speedy but Less Complex
48 Wolves, Monkeys: Hunting Allies in Ethiopia
49 Fish: Bass' Muscles Suck in Prey, Propel Fish
50 Porpoise, Endangered: Vaquita Down to 50?
51 Pine Beetle Attacks: Infant Pines Targeted Too
52 Climate Change: Ice-Age Canada, Why It Melted
53 New Plant Discovered: UK's Kew Gardens Finds Waterlily
54 Invasive Species: New Guinea Flatworm, New to U.S.
55 New Insects in Madagascar and Seychelles: "Dracula" Ants
56 Shark: American Surfer Attacked in Australia
57 Rare Shark: Second-Largest Fish Caught, Australia, Donated to Science
58 Long Island Shark: Great White in Fisherman's Viral Video
59 Fast Horses: Racing Steeds Up in Speed
60 Lyme Disease Research Now Has Home at Johns Hopkins
61 Starfish Longevity: Cloning Lengthens Life
62 New Crab Discovery in Antarctica
63 Corals in the Red Sea: Imaging Tool Colors?
64 Carbon Off-sets or Snow: New England Forests May Need Clearings
65 Glaciers and Earthquakes: What Happens When They Shake
66 Chesapeake Dead Zone: Slightly Smaller this Summer
67 Drought: Saving Water with Plant Genetics, Breeding Salt Tolerance
68 More Pygmy Sloths in Panama--Beyond the Mangroves
69 Seabirds: Leaving Gulf of California for Food and Cool
70 Tar Sands: Carbon Emissions Higher than for Standard
71 Malaysia Rivers: Big Grant to Explore Reptiles and Amphibians
72 Climate Change: Colder Europe after Sea Ice Retreat?
73 Lions: Re-introduced to Rwandan national park
74 Lightning: Red Sprites in Atmosphere, Explained
75 Bison and Illinois Prairie: Creating Lush Grasslands West of Chicago
76 Monitor Lizard and Western Australia: Deep, Spiral Burrows
77 Helium Leakage and Fault Zone: Los Angeles Basin Fault Runs Deep
78 Animal Health: Genome Research Showing Keys to Precise Medicine
79 Fossil of Weird Cambrian-Era Predecessor of Velvet Worm Found
80 Stream Restoration: Ecological Repair Could Take 25+ Years
81 HIV and Babies: Cuba Eradicates Mother-to-Child Transmission
82 Superbugs and New Bacterial Treatment: Antibiotic Alternative
83 Video: Canada Day and Whale "Sings" Anthem
84 Great Barrier Reef and Australia: UN Says Protect
85 Climate Change and Corals: Hope Ahead
86 Coral Reefs and Earthquake History: Tale is There
87 GPS Tracking Device: Tsunami Tracking, West Coast
88 Lovebirds and Aerodynamics: Fast Turns
89 Climate Change: Lizards Switch Sex
90 Climate Change in Antarctica's Desert Involves Breathing Microbes Too
91 Native Plants and Water Use: Oregon State Bunch Gathers Grass
92 Seahorse Tails and 3-D Printers: Square, Unlike an Orange
93 Pre-Term and Cesarean Delivery: Blood Flow Through Cord Milking
94 Titan's Alien Lakes: Explaining Confounding Formations
95 Lightning: Red Sprites in Atmosphere, Explained
96 Relationships: Children from Low-Income Backgrounds Thrive More with Solid Friendships
97 Rats Dream About Their Future, like Humans
98 Cats' Kill Count Ignored by Pet Owners, New Study Discovers
99 Monarch Butterfly Species Faces Critical Decline: 80 Percent in 2 Decades
100 iPhone 6S: New iPhone Has Already Entered Production
101 Facebook: Social Network Changes Its News Feed Algorithms to See What Videos You're Watching
102 Obesity: Grape Seed Oil May Provide Weight-Loss Clue
103 3D Printing: World's First 3D Printed Supercar Is Named Blade
104 Colon Cancer: New Discovery Leads to Personalized Approach
105 Pink Salmon at Risk of Acidification in Oceans and Freshwater with CO2 Increases from Climate Change
106 Spiky, Prehistoric 'Monster' Lived 500 Million Years Ago in China
107 Volcano of Mud in Indonesia was Caused by Humans and Not an Earthquake
108 N/A
109 Climate Change: Largest Freshwater Lake in the World Turned into a Desert in Only a Few Hundred Years
110 Melanoma and Citrus: Orange Juice, Grapefruit Consumption May Increase Skin Cancer Risk