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1 Available genetic data could help doctors prescribe more effective cardiovascular drugs
2 People more likely to cheat as they become more economically dependent on their spouses
3 Organic agriculture more profitable to farmers
4 ER revisits pricey, occur more often than previously reported
5 Mount Sinai researchers to present key cancer trial data at ASCO
6 Trabectedin shows activity in ATREUS trial in patients with sarcomatoid malignant mesothelioma
7 PharmaMar's PM1183 plus doxorubicin shows remarkable activity in small cell lung cancer
8 Finnish-Swedish study analyzes link between psychotropic drugs and homicide risk
9 Western diet may increase risk of death after prostate cancer diagnosis
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11 N/A
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17 N/A
18 How a box jellyfish catches fish
19 Re-inflating balloon after carotid stenting appears to double risk of stroke and death
20 UAlberta research helps youth cope with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts
21 Brain's reaction to certain words could replace passwords
22 MBARI researchers discover deepest high-temperature hydrothermal vents in Pacific Ocean
23 Alice instrument's ultraviolet close-up provides a surprising discovery about comet's atmosphere
24 Hyperbaric hope for fibromyalgia sufferers
25 New report: Texas Hispanics, women show largest reductions in rates of uninsured
26 Amount of time New Yorkers spend sitting around far exceeds healthy levels
27 Why the 'cool factor' won't lure college grads to your city
28 UF study shows benefits of multi-tasking on exercise
29 Mass. General team develops transplantable bioengineered forelimb in an animal model
30 'Master controller' behind DNA structure reorganization during senescence identified
31 How to weigh the Milky Way
32 Reflection in medical education can lead to less burn-out
33 Study explores how past Native-American settlement modified Western New York forests
34 Hidden costs: Emotion responses to command and control
35 Microendoscope could eliminate unneeded biopsies
36 Study finds misperceptions about impact of double mastectomy
37 Saving money and the environment with 3-D printing
38 Chemists weigh intact virus mixture with mass spectrometer
39 Scientists discover a protein that silences the biological clock
40 Does Agion silver technology work as an antimicrobial?
41 Oral bacterium possibly associated with systemic disease found in Alabama schoolchildren
42 Is our first line of defense sleeping on the job?
43 Toothbrush contamination in communal bathrooms
44 Immunity enzyme defends against tuberculosis infection, study by UTSW scientists shows
45 It takes a village: Why do consumers participate in wind energy programs?
46 When the color we see isn't the color we remember
47 Black athletes stereotyped negatively in media compared to white athletes
48 Eyes sealed shut: Seamless closure of surgical incisions
49 Don't overthink it: Trusting first impressions increases sales
50 Pocket change: When does corporate gratitude backfire
51 Greenhouse gas-caused warming felt in just months
52 Academic struggles more common in children with epilepsy who have brain surgery
53 Privacy notices online probably don't match your expectations
54 Unplanned purchases: Why does that Snickers bar looks better the longer you shop?
55 Genome-editing proteins seek and find with a slide and a hop
56 Are you taking too much NyQuil? The surprising futility of drug labeling
57 Why HIV's cloak has a long tail
58 End game: Sport can ease the transition into retirement
59 Researchers pinpoint epicenter of brain's predictive ability
60 New study: Gut bacteria cooperate when life gets tough
61 Improving the delivery of chemotherapy with graphene
62 A major advance in mastering the extraordinary properties of an emerging semiconductor
63 Researchers simulate behavior of 'active matter'
64 Intelligent bacteria for detecting disease
65 Researchers from the University Bonn stimulate larynx muscles with light
66 Study: Teens start misusing ADHD drugs and other stimulants earlier than you might think
67 Schools failing to address biased student discipline
68 Intermountain Healthcare participating in White House forum on antibiotics
69 Weight-loss surgery puts spark back into relationships
70 How Microprocessor precisely initiates miRNA production
71 Scary TV's impact on kids is overstated, say psychologists
72 QLEDs meet wearable devices
73 For a good gut feeling
74 Birds 'cry hawk' to give offspring chance to escape predators
75 Researchers discover two new groups of viruses
76 Childhood trauma gets under the skin
77 'Climate-change skeptics are more ambivalent than we thought'
78 Pinholes be gone!
79 New research shows positive welfare effects of natural resource extraction in Africa
80 Trees are source for high-capacity, soft and elastic batteries
81 Astronomers discover a young solar system around a nearby star
82 High-temperature superconductivity in atomically thin films
83 New heterogeneous wavelength tunable laser diode for high-frequency efficiency
84 Great Barrier Reef marine reserves combat coral disease
85 Single 30-day hospital readmission metric fails to reflect changing risk factors
86 Study shows helping pregnant moms with depression doesn't help kids
87 Kids' altruism linked with better physiological regulation, less family wealth
88 Move over Arabidopsis, there's a new model plant in town
89 Many endangered species are back--but face new struggles
90 Compensatory rehabilitation limits motor recovery after stroke
91 Douglas study on cerebral astrocytes in depression and suicide
92 Interpersonal conflict is the strongest predictor of community crime and misconduct
93 How the tuberculosis bacterium tricks the immune system
94 Infant brains develop years faster than we thought
95 Measuring the mass of molecules on the nano-scale
96 Birds cry wolf to scare predators
97 Endurance athletes should be tested while exercising for potentially fatal heart condition
98 Coupled human and natural systems explain change on the Mongolian Plateau
99 Use of CDS tools leads to small reduction in inappropriate advanced imaging studies
100 No evidence that smoking drug linked to increased risk of suicide or traffic accidents
101 Nearly one-third of early adulthood depression could be linked to bullying in teenage years
102 Are commercial conflicts of interests justifiable in medical journals?
103 The invisible key to methane hydrates
104 An inexpensive rival to graphene aerogels
105 Cat got your tongue? New research says 'no'
106 McMaster researchers discover key to maintaining muscle strength while we age
107 Study questions effectiveness of computerized clinical decision support systems
108 Multifaceted intervention associated with modest decrease in surgical site infections
109 Examination of antidepressant use in late pregnancy and newborn respiratory disorder
110 Maternal use of antidepressants found to pose little risk to newborn