File Title
1 QLEDs meet wearable devices
2 Measuring the mass of molecules on the nano-scale
3 New 3D polypyrrole aerogel-based electromagnetic absorber can serve as inexpensive alternative to graphene aerogels
4 Research pair find a way to measure electrical conductance at sites on individual atoms
5 Graphene oxide biodegrades with help of human enzymes
6 Light-powered healing of a wearable electrical conductor
7 Bio-standards for high-resolution microscopy
8 A new tool measures the distance between phonon collisions
9 Amoeba-inspired computing system outperforms conventional optimization methods
10 Graphene layer could quadruple rate of condensation heat transfer in generating plants
11 How safe is nanotechnology research in Southeast Asia?
12 New sensing tech could help detect diseases, fraudulent art, chemical weapons
13 Hot nanostructures cool faster when they are physically close together
14 Carbon nanotubes grown in combustion flames
15 Connecting the atomic surface structures of cerium oxide nanocrystals to catalysis
16 Tiny semiconducting crystals show promise for solar cell architectures and light-emitting devices
17 Manipulating cell membranes using nanotubes
18 New 'designer carbon' boosts battery performance
19 Researchers rapidly finding new applications for coherent diffractive imaging
20 Self-replicating nanostructures made from DNA
21 Spiraling laser pulses could change the nature of graphene
22 Physicists precisely measure interaction between atoms and carbon surfaces
23 Could computers reach light speed?
24 Nanosilver and the future of antibiotics
25 Non-aqueous solvent supports DNA nanotechnology
26 Physicists make first observation of the pushing pressure of light
27 UW researchers scaling up fusion hopes
28 Nanobubbles shown to play a driving role in formation, decomposition of methane hydrates
29 New heterogeneous wavelength tunable laser diode for high-frequency efficiency
30 Physicists map electron structure of superconductivity's 'doppelganger'
31 Researchers simulate behavior of 'active matter'
32 Plasma for medical and biological uses: New electron density diagnostic method
33 Vegetable-based artificial muscles that can expand and contract while bending
34 High-temperature superconductivity in atomically thin films
35 Giant structures called plasmoids could simplify the design of future tokamaks
36 Researchers synthesize magnetic nanoparticles that could offer alternative to rare Earth magnets
37 Are scientists finally on the brink of understanding where proton spin comes from?
38 Entangled photons unlock new super-sensitive characterisation of quantum technology
39 Researchers detect how light excites electrons in metal
40 Novel X-ray lens sharpens view into the nano world
41 Scientists mix matter and anti-matter to resolve decade-old proton puzzle
42 Major work to ready the LHC experiments for Run 2
43 Russian physicists study laser beam compressed into thin filament
44 Sensors for measuring the properties of tiny amounts of fluid
45 Diode lasers bars with 2 kW output power for ultra-high power laser applications
46 Memory shape alloy can be bent 10 million times and still snaps back
47 How researchers listen for gravitational waves
48 Researchers prove magnetism can control heat, sound
49 Breakthrough brings optical data transport closer to replacing wires
50 Endless oscillations: A theoretical study on quantum systems
51 Our predictions of solar storms have not been very accurate until now--here's why
52 The rise and fall of giant balloons on the edge of space
53 NASA tests aircraft wing coatings that slough bug guts
54 Low-density supersonic decelerator prepared for second flight test
55 Image: The effect of the winds of Mars
56 Crashing comets may explain mysterious lunar swirls
57 Researchers identify circular orbits for 74 small exoplanets
58 Will we ever colonize Mars?
59 Astronomers make real-time, 3-D movies of plasma tubes drifting overhead
60 'Galaxy fingerprinting' yields new clues about galaxy evolution
61 Distant moons may provide evidence of life beyond Earth, researchers say
62 Hardy bacteria thrive under hot desert rocks
63 A head start for planet formation? Evidence of large dust grains in star-forming regions
64 Radar techniques used in Antarctica will scour Europa for life-supporting environments
65 History of the NASA Skylab, America's first space station
66 Earth organisms survive under low-pressure Martian conditions
67 Video: Engineers conduct "heart surgery" on the Webb telescope
68 Pollen corona season for backyard astronomers
69 Four arrested in Argentina smuggling more than ton of meteorites
70 Corruption tarnishes Russia's new showpiece cosmodrome
71 How comets were assembled
72 What was here before the solar system?
73 Herschel's hunt for filaments in the Milky Way
74 NASA orders first ever commercial human spaceflight mission from Boeing
75 Microbes can survive in meteorites if shielded from UV radiation, study says
76 New case study finds 3-D printing could reduce airplane's weight by 4 to 7 percent
77 NSA phone collection bill clears Senate hurdle
78 Solar Impulse to get under cover in Japan
79 IRS needs to do more to fight cyberattacks, watchdog says
80 Six GM cars take the lead in 2015 Kogod Made in America Auto Index
81 Apple's Siri has new role in new 'smart' home systems
82 Musio: Your AI friend in back-and-forth exchange
83 Privacy notices online probably don't match your expectations
84 Team contributing to noise safety standards for electric vehicles
85 Facebook opens new artificial intelligence lab in Paris
86 New urban landscape at Taiwan's Computex
87 FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities
88 China's Xiaomi launches online store in US, Europe
89 Mini-megalomaniac AI is already all around us, but it won't get further without our help
90 Several popular smart phones fail to reach normal Internet speeds
91 Tesla Motors co-founder wants to electrify commercial trucks
92 Legal and technological implications of 3-D printing
93 Microsoft to buy German start-up behind Wunderlist app: report
94 With law expired, Senate mulls changes to phone collection
95 Lawmakers seeking answers from Takata, US on faulty air bags
96 Added power for airplane galleys
97 3D printers get Ugandan amputees back on their feet
98 Start-ups key as Taiwan seeks new tech identity
99 Full-color organic light-emitting diodes with photoresist technology for organic semiconductors
100 Solar Impulse waits out weather before take-off for Hawaii
101 Chemists weigh intact virus mixture with mass spectrometer
102 Pinholes be gone
103 Stretchable, biocompatible hydrogels with complex patterning for tissue engineering
104 Black phosphorus reveals its secrets
105 X-ray scanning to guarantee meat tenderness
106 Biodegradable absorbent from water lily to attend oil spills
107 New evidence emerges on the origins of life
108 Using robots, scientists assemble promising antimicrobial compounds
109 Trees are source for high-capacity, soft batteries
110 New anti-microbial compounds evade resistance with less toxicity