File Title
1 Delirium can lead to longer hospitalizations and shorten the life of ICU patients
2 Plasma for medical and biological uses: New electron density diagnostic method
3 Genetic causes of cerebral palsy trump birth causes
4 Noncoding RNA CCDC26 regulates KIT expression
5 FDA addresses concerns on approval of drugs to treat chronic hepatitis C
6 Wearing high-heeled shoes may cause ankle muscle imbalance and injury
7 Recommendations address how to manage seizures in infants
8 Cannabis use in male African pygmies linked to decreased risk of parasitic worm infection
9 Extra love and support doesn't make up for being a helicopter parent
10 Warmer climates may increase pesticides' toxicity in fish
11 Soil erosion contributes significantly to global carbon emissions
12 Yeast protein network could provide insights into human obesity
13 Acid saline groundwaters and lakes of southern Western Australia
14 New climate stress index model challenges doomsday forecasts for world's coral reefs
15 Inexperienced investors should take advantage of 'auto-pilot investing'
16 New color blindness cause identified
17 Researchers synthesize magnetic nanoparticles that could offer alternative to rare Earth magnets
18 Aging couples connected in sickness and health
19 Online gambling would benefit from better regulation
20 Bacteria may cause type 2 diabetes
21 A new tool measures the distance between phonon collisions
22 New discoveries advance efforts to build replacement kidneys in the lab
23 Microgravity experiments may help lighten the load of joint diseases
24 Online hookup sites increase HIV rates in sometimes surprising ways
25 Giant structures called plasmoids could simplify the design of future tokamaks
26 A world without color--researchers find gene mutation that strips color, reduces vision
27 Picture perfect: Researchers use photos to understand how diabetes affects kids
28 Crashing comets may explain mysterious lunar swirls
29 Using robots at Berkeley Lab, scientists assemble promising antimicrobial compounds
30 A coordinated effort
31 New study evaluates remedial pathways for community college students
32 Distant radio galaxies reveal hidden structures right above our heads
33 Zinc in the body may contribute to kidney stones
34 How does human behavior lead to surgical errors? Mayo Clinic researchers count the ways
35 US Forest Service publishes plan for North American Bat Monitoring Program
36 Sex and musculoskeletal health: Differences between males and females
37 Ancient algae found deep in tropical glacier
38 10th-century medical philosophy and computer simulation in research
39 The costs of conflict: Amputees and the Afghan war
40 Seeing a single photon, new exoplanet search, quantum space network at 2015 DAMOP Meeting
41 Drug prevents passage of HBV during pregnancy
42 At peak fertility, women who desire to maintain body attractiveness report they eat less
43 Survey finds civilian physicians feel underprepared to treat veterans
44 Researchers find fructose contributes to weight gain, physical inactivity, and body fat
45 Study: Twitter shared news of first Ebola case 3 days before officials
46 Study finds English and Welsh family courts not discriminating against fathers
47 The ebb and flow of Greenland's glaciers
48 Study explores reasons behind alcohol abuse in non-heterosexual women
49 Thin coating on condensers could make power plants more efficient
50 Scientists discover protein that plays key role in streptococcal infections
51 Trials show immune drugs effective in advanced melanomas
52 Insulin degludec: No hint of added benefit in children and adolescents
53 New sensing tech could help detect diseases, fraudulent art, chemical weapons
54 Highly explosive volcanism at Galapagos
55 Illinois' guaranteed-tuition law making college less affordable
56 Study links exposure to common pesticide with ADHD in boys
57 Researchers' discovery may explain difficulty in treating Lyme disease
58 A new perspective on Phantom Eye Syndrome
59 Why wet dogs stink (and other canine chemistry) (video)
60 Circular orbits identified for small exoplanets
61 Weakening memories of crime through deliberate suppression
62 Common antibiotic part of a new potential pancreatic cancer therapy
63 All shook up for greener chemistry
64 Entangled photons unlock new super-sensitive characterisation of quantum technology
65 Gut check: Does a hospital stay set patients up for sepsis by disrupting the microbiome?
66 The less you sleep, the more you eat
67 Improving the experience of the audience with digital instruments
68 The fly's time
69 Resources for the seven day services may be better spent on other NHS priorities
70 Contaminant particles increase hospital admissions for children with respiratory illnesses
71 Yorkshire's oldest new addition to the 'Jurassic World'
72 N/A
73 Psychology: Does aging affect decision making?
74 Changing intelligence test performance
75 'Crimea is ours!' Russian geopolitics and digital irony
76 Cosmic cinema: Astronomers make 3-D movies of plasma tubes
77 Citizen science helps protect nests of a raptor in farmland
78 Missing link found between brain, immune system--with major disease implications
79 WSU researchers see link between hunter-gatherer cannabis use, fewer parasites
80 Staring pain in the face--software 'reads kids' expressions to measure pain levels
81 Hitchhiking to Caribbean coral
82 Research highlights link between neighborhood and partner violence
83 Quick to laugh or smile? It may be in your genes
84 Poor sleep linked to toxic buildup of Alzheimer's protein, memory loss
85 New 'body of evidence' regarding approval of prostitution, compensation for organ donation
86 New evidence emerges on the origins of life
87 New anti-microbial compounds evade resistance with less toxicity
88 Novel X-ray lens sharpens view into the nano world
89 Not so crowded house? New findings on global species richness
90 Researchers create new combination vaccine to fight Streptococcus A
91 Vitamin D and calcium supplements do not improve menopausal symptoms
92 Salk scientists reveal epigenome maps of the human body's major organs
93 Researcher discovers metabolite of prostate cancer drug more effective at treating aggressive tumors
94 Medical home intervention with shared savings shows quality and utilization improvements
95 Teen drinking countered by laws that curb adult binge drinking
96 Canada's radon guidelines are inadequate
97 Virtually no effect of state policies on organ donation, transplantation
98 Is diabetes protective against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?
99 Study suggests breastfeeding may lower risk of childhood leukemia
100 Despite guidelines, too many medical tests are performed before low-risk procedures
101 Antifungal compounds that evade resistance reported in Nature Chemistry Biology
102 Get up and stand up for at least 2 hours daily during working hours
103 Study shows public access defibrillators are increasing survival but are not being used enough
104 The safe surgery checklist could save more lives worldwide than any other single known intervention
105 Patient information too high for patients' literacy: New research
106 Massive weight loss fuels surge in plastic surgery
107 Some endangered sawfishes are having babies, no sex required
108 Invasive microbe protects corals from global warming, but at a cost
109 New way to tackle vaccine hesitancy tested, found wanting
110 Western diet may increase risk of death after prostate cancer diagnosis