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1 Four countries are acting as safe havens for African elephants
2 'Female Viagra' to treat low libido gets go-ahead from FDA panel
3 Listening to meteorites hitting Mars will tell us what's inside
4 Handstands and cartwheels turn dwarf mongooses into tough guys
5 Cheap blood test reveals every virus you've ever been exposed to
6 Poisonous orange mini-frogs discovered in Brazilian forest
7 First evidence of how parents' lives could change children's DNA
8 Artificial DNA can evolve to expertly pick out cancer cells
9 It's fun to play 'what if' with Ubble but will it boost health?
10 Auto twitcher recognises different bird songs even when noisy
11 Female "Viagra" could be approved today: what you need to know
12 Find out how likely you are to die in the next five years
13 Mummified noblewoman kept her husband's heart in a lead locket
14 Pluto's strange family of moons are locked in a mysterious waltz
15 Giant telescope in Hawaii gets go-ahead, if others shut down
16 Wave motion shows how bird flocks have to be just the right size
17 Full reboot allows Large Hadron Collider to hunt new particles
18 UNESCO edges closer to declaring Great Barrier Reef 'in danger'
19 Small atoll islands may grow, not sink, as sea levels rise
20 New Apollo programme wants moonshot budget to boost renewables
21 Turtle Gets Titanium Jaw, Becomes World's Most Badass Sea Creature
22 What 'Twister' Didn't Tell You About Storm Chasers
23 How a Tornado Forms in 4 Steps
24 Why You Must Wash New Clothes Once (Maybe Twice) Before Wearing Them
25 How to Bury a 42-Foot Rotting Humpback Whale on the Beach
26 See the First 3 Weeks of a Bee's Life Captured in 60 Seconds
27 Stone Tool Discovery Predates Homo Sapiens by Millions of Years
28 Brain Implant Lets Tetraplegic Man Drink Beer with a Robot Arm
29 Octopuses 'See' Through Their Skin and Camouflage Accordingly
30 On this Sea Cruise, Drones Train to Be the Underwater Explorers of the Future
31 Beautiful Mind Mathematician John Nash Has Died
32 Sharp's 'Star Trek' Captain's Chair Monitors Your Health
33 A 25-Foot Sinkhole Closes a Runway at Dallas Airport
34 How Your Eyes Give Away What You're Thinking
35 Study: Average Typhoon Will Get 14 Percent More Intense by 2100
36 These Tiny Star-Shaped Robots Could Replace Invasive Medical Tests
37 Watch What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum into a Lava Lamp
38 Contact Lenses Are Changing the Kind of Bacteria that Live in Your Eye
39 Why Water (Kind of) Drains the Other Way Down Under
40 The Large Hadron Collider is Back in Business
41 This $25 Blood Test Tells You All the Viruses You've Ever Had
42 A Computer Just Solved this 100-Year-Old Biology Problem
43 Watch an Olympic Cyclist Try to Toast Bread with Nothing but Pedal Power
44 Vacuum-Powered Abduction Machine Kidnaps Flies for Science
45 The Hidden Beauty of Warming Water
46 Our Last, Best Hope to Avoid Death by Asteroid Is an Indiegogo Campaign
47 Futuristic Laser Space Engine Passes Its First Test
48 The United Arab Emirates Wants to Send a Probe to Mars in 2020
49 Watch Neptune and Its Moon Triton Dance in this Time Lapse by the Kepler Telescope
50 SpaceX's Gorgeous Vintage Posters Have Us Packing Our Bags for Mars
51 Make a 3D-Printed Space Habitat and Get $1.1 Million from NASA
52 NASA Wants to go Underwater Exploring on Ocean Moons
53 This Probe Will Hang-Glide Down to the Surface of Mars
54 This Giant Star is Behaving Weirdly on its Death March to Supernova
55 Today's Google Doodles Celebrate Sally Ride, the First American Woman in Space
56 Watch Mesmerizing Video of the Soyuz Docking that Brought Astronaut Scott Kelly to the ISS
57 Watch this Gorgeous Video of Stars Falling into the Earth's Horizon
58 SpaceX Gets Approval for Military Launches
59 This Is What a SpaceX Passenger Would See During an Emergency Abort
60 These Are the Tools NASA Will Use to Map Europa and Look for Signs of Life
61 Retired NASA Engineer Gives Utterly Riveting AMA
62 The Planetary Society Has Lost Contact with Bill Nye's LightSail
63 'Suit Up' and Step into the Void with this New NASA Movie
64 How NASA Could Find Life on Europa
65 The Biggest Telescope in the World Is About to Begin Construction
66 Pluto's Moons are in a Constant Chaotic Spin
67 How to Build the Next Generation of Spacesuits
68 Watch NASA Test Its Flying Saucer on Friday
69 This Is the Food You'll Eat on Mars
70 N/A
71 Watch 11 Years of World Trade Center Construction in Two Minutes
72 Californians Are #DroughtShaming Their Neighbors with this New App
73 The Two Easiest Ways to Keep Your Phone Battery Healthy
74 Watch 11,000 Marbles Rumble Through a Six-Foot-Tall Maze
75 Mapping an Entire Hidden Subway With Lasers and VR
76 Apple Expected to Launch $10 Monthly Music Streaming Service Next Week
77 This Transforming PC Case Is Overkill Cool
78 This Robot Teaches Itself to Move Heavy Boxes like a Human
79 Apple Watch's Debut Was More Successful Than iPod or iPhone's
80 Should We Be Afraid of Facebook's AI Lab?
81 Take a Picture of Your Food and Google Will Tell You the Calorie Count
82 This String of 8 Characters Can Crash Skype
83 Yahoo Reportedly Paid $20 Million to Stream One Lousy NFL Game
84 This Trash Startup Is So Silly People Think It's Fake
85 Amazon Will Now Ship Smaller, Cheaper Items for Free
86 This Decapitated Transformer Is Actually a Laser Projection Mouse
87 iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and More: What to Expect from Apple's Big Event
88 A Hacked Kids Toy Could Open Your Garage Door
89 This Is Bill Gates' Summer Reading List
90 Chrome Is Blocking Flash to Give Your Laptop More Battery
91 Watch the World's Greatest Swordsman Teach a Robot to Slice
92 Huge Cyberattack Steals Data from 4 Million U.S. Government Workers
93 The Most Hilarious Robo-Falls from the DARPA Robotics Challenge
94 Vodafone in talks with Liberty Global on asset swap, not merger
95 Ellen Pao sought $2.7 million to settle Kleiner lawsuit--filing
96 Exclusive: In 'year of Apple Pay,' many top retailers remain skeptical
97 Netflix expands Internet TV service to southern Europe
98 CEO says Orange 'in Israel to stay'
99 Sony Music CEO confirms launch of Apple's music streaming Monday: VentureBeat
100 Samsung Elec's new smartwatch to offer mobile payments: Electronic Times
101 Apple set to introduce Apple Pay in Britain: Telegraph
102 Big U.S. data breaches offer treasure trove for hackers
103 Medical data, cybercriminals' holy grail, now espionage target
104 Quieting down might save billions in heart disease costs
105 HIV risk among young gay, bi men tied to societal issues
106 Strength training may improve sexual function with ovary syndrome
107 Global health leaders ask G7 for post-Ebola rapid response unit
108 South Korean man with MERS virus sixth to die in outbreak: officials
109 Bird flu vaccine, under development, divides U.S. poultry industry
110 South Korea reports jump in MERS infections, sixth patient dies
111 India seeks damages from Nestle after noodle scare: government sources
112 More than one in four U.S. kids exposed to weapon violence