File Title
1 End European agreements with tobacco industry designed to curb smuggling, urge experts
2 Many UK patients with gonorrhoea prescribed outdated antibiotics
3 Lab work discovers bladder cell secret against urinary infection
4 'Balancing protein and carbs equal in benefit to cutting calories'
5 New insight into taste bud renewal offers hope for cancer patients with taste dysfunction
6 UofL part of first successful study of virus attack on cancer
7 Research links impulsivity and binge eating
8 Even when we're resting, our brains are preparing us to be social, UCLA reports
9 Portable finger-probe device can successfully measure liver function in potential organ donors
10 Brain training induces lasting brain & mental health gains for veterans, civilians with brain injury
11 Parents feel racial socialization may help minority children succeed in school
12 ASCO: Nivolumab treatment in melanoma patients has manageable safety profile
13 ASCO: JAK2 inhibitor ruxolitinib has promising efficacy in CMML patients
14 MEDI4736 combined with tremelimumab results in acceptable toxicity in NSCLC patients
15 KeyGenes can predict future identity of human fetal stem cells
16 Vulnerability found in some drug-resistant bacteria
17 New rapid-deployment plasma protocol effectively treats trauma patients quicker in the ER
18 Sleep quality influences the cognitive performance of autistic and neurotypical children
19 Protecting women from multiple sclerosis
20 High rates of MRSA transmission found between nursing home residents, healthcare workers
21 Challenges ahead for European clinical trials
22 Eating more dietary fiber linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes
23 Large ovarian cancer study reveals new clues on genetics of chemoresistance
24 Ombitasvir/paritaprevir/r in hepatitis C: Indication of added benefit in certain patients
25 Sanford-Burnham researchers identify a new target for treating drug-resistant melanoma
26 Researchers unravel a genetic link with autistic behaviors--and find a way to undo it
27 How we make emotional decisions
28 Study demonstrates survival benefits of immunotherapy MPDL3280A for lung cancer patients compared with chemotherapy
29 COPD patients ask for equal access to smoking cessation programmes in Europe
30 Peek eye testing app shown to work as well as charts for visual acuity
31 Large but unexplained variations in paracetamol-induced liver failure among European countries
32 Genetically-elevated triglyceride level associated with protection against type-2 diabetes
33 New findings shed light on complexities of emerging zoonotic malaria
34 Smoking legislation prevents more than 11000 child hospital admissions in England each year
35 HIV's sweet tooth is its downfall
36 A good night's sleep helps modify deeply rooted attitudes
37 Wide variability in organ donation rates: Midwest leads nation in highest rates of donations
38 Researchers find 'lost' memories
39 Earning a college degree before, but not after, getting married protects against obesity
40 Parental smoking puts nearly half a million UK children into poverty
41 Deciphering dark and bright
42 How sleep helps us learn and memorize
43 A new mechanism protecting the liver from dangerous inflammation
44 Stanford researchers tie unexpected brain structures to creativity--and to stifling it
45 Controlling typhoid bacterium key to prevent gallbladder cancer in India and Pakistan
46 Scientists discover key to what causes immune cell migration to wounds
47 Increasing body mass index linked with worse localized prostate cancer outcomes
48 Delaying umbilical cord clamping may improve child's development
49 Experts on aging: UN Sustainable Development Goals discriminatory, ageist
50 Dramatic rise in STDs and HIV in Rhode Island
51 Tattoos may cause years of infection, itching and swelling
52 Wild chimps teach Stanford scientists about gene that encodes HIV-fighting protein
53 Towards a tobacco endgame
54 Food choices influenced by memory
55 Review: Tesla's new Model S P85D--double your engines, double your fun
56 The female mathematician who changed the course of physics--but couldn't get a job
57 New OS X beta dumps discoveryd, restores mDNSResponder to fix DNS bugs
58 Verizon Wireless (yet again) makes it more expensive to upgrade early
59 Drone copter cash-bombs city park in Michigan
60 Improved Apple Watch SDK will drastically improve third-party apps this fall
61 Upskirting photo voyeurism to carry 1-year jail term in Oregon
62 New Zealand man convicted of laser strike, receives no prison time
63 Xbox One controller could get a standard 3.5mm headphone jack in June [Updated]
64 Twitch bans streaming of games rated "Adults Only" by ESRB
65 HBO Now coming to Android
66 Google announces the "Cloud Test Lab," a free, automated testing service
67 Play Store to add Developer Pages, A/B app listings, and more
68 Google announces cut-down Android-based "Brillo" for Internet of Things
69 Google Photos leaves Google+, launches as a standalone service
70 Google Maps allows turn-by-turn navigation--offline
71 Google releases bigger, iPhone-compatible Cardboard VR viewer
72 De-crapping the Windows Store, take two
73 Pakistani CEO arrested for selling degrees from "Barkley" and "Columbiana"
74 Amazon Prime launches free same-day delivery in 14 cities
75 Android M has a dark theme option
76 Android M makes another attempt at automated device backups
77 Android Pay is old news now: Google teases Hands Free Payments prototype
78 Verizon FiOS reps know what TV channels you watch
79 Proposed rule change to expand feds' legal hacking powers moves forward
80 Report: US tried Stuxnet variant on N. Korean nuke program, failed
81 Rumors point to different kind of launch for Windows 10 in July
82 Windows 10 build 10130 rolled out with slightly less ugly icons
83 Skills-based video game playing, gambling coming to Vegas casinos
84 Sunk: How Ross Ulbricht ended up in prison for life
85 Android M's "Google Now on Tap" shows contextual info at the press of a button
86 Android Pay is all about tokenization; Google Wallet takes a backseat
87 Android M embraces USB Type-C, MIDI devices
88 UN says encryption "necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom"
89 Hands-on (again) with the Nvidia Shield--the first good Android TV device
90 AT&T wants to choose which online video services count against data caps
91 How bad would the ozone hole be if we did nothing?
92 After FBI domain expires, seized serves up porn
93 Konami pushes back on reports of troubled restructure, "mobile focus"
94 Bias against women in science persists, even in egalitarian societies
95 Is it OK to generate a fake news story to make a point? No
96 FCC's Internet-for-the-poor plan sets up fight with Republicans
97 Crypto flaws in Blockchain Android app sent bitcoins to the wrong address
98 Lone wolf and "roving wiretap" US surveillance powers expire Sunday
99 Low-end VR: Playing with Google's new Cardboard headset
100 Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison
101 Judge says Ulbricht's "harm reduction" arguments are fantasies, a mark of privilege
102 This is Android M's "highly experimental" multi-window mode for tablets
103 Hands on with the Android M Developer Preview
104 Why Twenty is my latest mobile gaming obsession
105 Company buys SkyMall for $1.9 million, will make "dramatic changes"
106 Meet the major Silk Road dope dealer who only got 10 years in prison