File Title
1 Philippines to turn disputed sea outcrops into tourist draws
2 Collaboration could lead to biodegradable computer chips
3 One step closer to a single-molecule device
4 Mission possible: This device will self-destruct when heated
5 The next step in DNA computing: GPS mapping
6 Improving organic transistors that drive flexible and conformable electronics
7 Two-dimensional semiconductor comes clean
8 Printing silicon on paper, with lasers
9 Unraveling the origin of the pseudogap in a charge density wave compound
10 NIST tightens the bounds on the quantum information 'speed limit'
11 Computers that mimic the function of the brain
12 Cooling massive objects to the quantum ground state
13 Twisted light increases efficiency of quantum cryptography systems
14 Quantum computing: 1 step closer with defect-free logic gate
15 A new way to control light, critical for next-gen of super fast computing
16 Optical fibers light the way for brain-like computing
17 KAIST develops ultrathin polymer insulators key to low-power soft electronics
18 Quantum sensor's advantages survive entanglement breakdown
19 International research partnership tricks the light fantastic
20 Radio chip for the 'Internet of things'
21 Exotic states materialize with supercomputers
22 One-atom-thin silicon transistors hold promise for super-fast computing
23 Graphene displays clear prospects for flexible electronics
24 Visualizing how radiation bombardment boosts superconductivity
25 New class of swelling magnets have the potential to energize the world
26 Calgary to lead CREATE student training program in carbon capture
27 Electricity generating nano-wizards
28 Scientists discover how microbes acquire electricity in making methane
29 Could mobile phone data help bring electricity to the developing world
30 Students develop electricity-producing leg brace
31 Heat makes electrons' spin in magnetic superconductors
32 Advances in molecular electronics: Lights on--molecule on
33 Thumbnail track pad
34 Caltech Makes Chemistry Safe and Less Toxic for Sustainability
35 Graphene pushes the speed limit of light-to-electricity conversion
36 New report identifies possible next steps in US energy development
37 Using magnetic fields to understand high-temperature superconductivity
38 Squeeze to remove heat with elastocaloric materials
39 You can't play checkers with charge ordering
40 Japan firm marks one small step for solar energy in space
41 Researchers snap-shot fastest observations of superconductivity yet
42 CWRU researchers bring clean energy a step closer
43 Renewable energy obtained from wastewater
44 Simulating superconducting materials with ultracold atoms
45 Insight into inner magnetic layers
46 Half spheres for molecular circuits
47 Light in the Moebius strip
48 Electrochromic polymers create broad color palette for sunglasses, windows
49 NASA pushes flying saucer parachute test to Thursday
50 MUOS-3 communications satellite completes in-orbit testing
51 OPALS Boosts Space-to-Ground Optical Communications Research
52 Honeywell gives European Space Agency new satellite technology
53 First ASU-built space instrument ready for final lab tests
54 US plays down flyover by Russian bombers near warship
55 Obama warns China against 'throwing elbows' in sea dispute
56 NATO flexes muscles in Baltics, Poland
57 Astronomers make 3-D movies of plasma tubes
58 NASA Soil Moisture Mission Begins Science Operations
59 In the Field: SMAP Gathers Soil Data in Australia
60 Mischief makers prompt Google to halt public map edits
61 MOU between ISRO Department of Land Resources to beef up EO capacity
62 NASA Aids Response to Nepal Quake
63 Dull forest glow yields orbital tracking of photosynthesis
64 Rare Spanish Shipwreck from 17th Century Uncovered Off Panama
65 Iron Age hoard in a megalithic funerary complex in Spain
66 Ancient Egyptian Animal Mummy Scandal Revealed
67 City living in Roman Britain meant longer lives but worse teeth
68 'Mystery' child's body found on Hereford Cathedral land
69 Mummies' Height Reveals Incest
70 Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Spear Tip Cast in Plovdiv's Old Town Rescue Excavations
71 Gold-Filled Tomb of Chinese 'Survivor' Mom Discovered
72 A Grisly Find Under a Supermarket Illuminates France's Medieval History
73 Archaeologists Believe Monks Did Not Share Churches
74 Unique social structure of hunter-gatherers explained
75 Plovdiv Archaeology Museum Shows for the First Time Rare Thracian Helmet with Trojan War Motifs from Bulgaria's Brestovitsa
76 Archaeologists Find Huge Prehistoric Homes Burned Deliberately by Dwellers at Early Neolithic City in Bulgaria's Mursalevo
77 Ancient skeleton shows leprosy may have spread to Britain from Scandinavia
78 Japan's oldest basil pollen found in Nara ruins may have been 'medicine' from China
79 Glass beads, ring, pipe, offer clues to Fort Edmonton history
80 Syrian forces battle IS near ancient ruins of Palmyra
81 Analysis of bones found in Romania offer evidence of human and Neanderthal interbreeding in Europe
82 Agriculture, declining mobility drove humans' shift to lighter bones
83 Archaeologists are studying medieval cemetery in Santok
84 'Eternal flames' of ancient times could spark interest of modern geologists
85 Archaeologists seek to unveil mysteries of Peru's Mochica culture
86 Gruesome Evidence of Political Torture Found on Precolumbian Skulls
87 Prehistoric People in Bulgaria's Yabalkovo Had Domesticated Chickens, 'Ate Europe's First Omelette' 8,000 Years Ago, Archaeologist Reveals
88 Volunteer historians in bid to shed light on orphan graves, unearthing Hobart history
89 New discovery: Gabal Al-Selsila quarries were a sacred area in ancient Egypt
90 Mysterious Caribbean Shipwreck Identified
91 Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics amidst Unpleasant Present-Day 'Finds' in Plovdiv's Great Basilica
92 Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers
93 Scientists discover world's oldest stone tools
94 Archeological site in Zana built before Moche sanctuaries
95 Hundreds of Dice, Game Pieces Found in Utah Cave Shed Light on Prehistoric Gambling
96 Archaeologists put Roman gateway on wishlist after finding ancient water tank at Vindolanda fort
97 Archaeology: Bulgarian dig finds 8000-year-old 'double-story' houses
98 Ancient Aqueduct Unearthed in Jerusalem
99 Ancient site of Palmyra in hands of Islamic State
100 Our bond with dogs may go back more than 27,000 years
101 The Bronze Age Black Forest Girl of Denmark
102 Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Villa in Rescue Excavations near Bulgaria's Mursalevo
103 Archaeology: Bulgarian dig at motorway construction site finds Roman villa from time of Constantine the Great
104 Unearthing 8,000-year-old Native American dig site like 'putting a jigsaw puzzle together'
105 Ancient Mummies Meet Modern Medicine with "The Anatomy of the Mummy"
106 New technology allows archaeologists to easily map excavation sites in 3D
107 New megalithic remains discovered in Karbi Anglong dist
108 Bulgarian Archaeologists to Work on Uncovering Acropolis of Perperikon
109 New pre-Inca tomb discovered
110 Colorful fragment hacked out from ancient Egyptian tomb, excavators say