File Title
1 Study shows importance of cause of kidney failure when planning future treatment
2 Resiliency training program helps teens deal with today's stresses
3 Is salt the key to unlocking the interiors of Neptune and Uranus?
4 Statins show promise to reduce major complications following lung surgery
5 The parrot talks: complex pueblo society older than previously thought
6 Weight-loss surgery may greatly improve incontinence
7 Study finds most women with lupus can have good pregnancy outcomes
8 Independence at home program national demonstration saves more than $25 million
9 Island rodents take on nightmarish proportions
10 New report finds Conservatives demonstrate more self control than Liberals
11 Penn: Mom's stress alters babies' gut and brain through vaginal microbiome
12 Legacy of slavery still impacts education in the south
13 For black rhino, zoo diet might be too much of a good thing
14 'High-normal' blood pressure in young adults spells risk of heart failure in later life
15 Penn vet research confirms a more accurate method for blood glucose testing
16 Climate change could risk progress in health--or be a global health opportunity
17 Dual internal clocks keep plant defenses on schedule
18 Study looks at antibiotic choice for treating childhood pneumonia
19 The science behind the smell of the sea (video)
20 Scarlet macaws point to early complexity at Chaco Canyon
21 Manning up: Men may overcompensate when their masculinity is threatened
22 Researchers identify gene that controls soybean seed permeability, calcium content
23 The challenge of measuring a bird brain
24 IU biologists find mistletoe species lacks genes found in all other complex organisms
25 Experts propose new policies in advance of White House Conference on Aging
26 Satellite movie shows Tropical Depression Bill's remnants exit US
27 Clients lost in system when safety-net agencies close
28 New formula expected to spur advances in clean energy generation
29 Model could help counteract poisoning from popular painkiller
30 Two cultures, same risk for cognitive impairment
31 Researchers successfully target 'Achilles' heel' of MERS virus
32 Researchers find molecular mechanisms within fetal lungs that initiate labor
33 From Darwin to moramora ('take it easy'): Ten new subsocial spider species from Madagascar
34 Massachusetts General research team evolves CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases with novel properties
35 Study takes close look at formidable camel spider jaws
36 Cell that replenishes heart muscle found by UT Southwestern researchers
37 Destructive power of bubbles could lead to new industrial applications
38 Rapid skin improvement seen after treating systemic sclerosis patients with fresolimumab
39 Unpacking the mysteries of bacterial cell cycle regulation
40 Smoking allowed in growing number of restaurants, bars in Georgia
41 Detecting exoplanets close to their host star
42 The Southeast Pacific produces more nitrous oxide than previously thought
43 The secrets of secretion
44 Award-winning agent developed for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment
45 Legumes control infection of nodules by both symbiotic and endophytic bacteria
46 Heart patients can stop blood thinners when undergoing elective surgery
47 Best Practice Framework is good benchmarking tool for Fracture Liaison Services worldwide
48 The mite and the rose: Non-threatening new mite species found in Xinjiang, China
49 Ecosystem services and food security: Facilitating decisions for sustainable rice production
50 Drinking a lot of beer increases exposure to mycotoxins
51 Uplifted island
52 More women are reaching 100 but centenarian men are healthier
53 With 300 kilometers per second to new electronics
54 Patient-controlled analgesia in the emergency department is effective
55 Stress in pet cats--how it manifests and how to manage it
56 What droppings can tell us
57 MERS coronavirus: Candidate vaccine gears up for clinical trials
58 Soft core, hard shell--the latest in nanotechnology
59 Superslippery islands (but then they get stuck)
60 Astronomers discover more than 800 dark galaxies in the famous Coma Cluster
61 No 'heckler's veto' in online ratings of doctors, UMD study shows
62 Safe repellents that protect fruit from spotted wing Drosophila found
63 Dartmouth-led study finds wolves are better hunters when monkeys are around
64 If you demonstrate that 'black lives matter,' others will too
65 Iowa State engineers develop micro-tentacles so tiny robots can handle delicate objects
66 How can health professionals enhance cognitive health in older adults?
67 Studies find early European had recent Neanderthal ancestor
68 Scarlet macaw skeletons point to early emergence of Pueblo hierarchy
69 Patients test drive pacemaker before choosing permanent implant
70 Pregnancy safer for women with lupus than previously thought
71 Saliva exonerated
72 Millions of smokers may have undiagnosed lung disease
73 Cardiac device wearers should keep distance from smartphones
74 A specially tailored gut microbiome alleviates hyperammonemia in mice
75 Study could reduce unnecessary cancer screening
76 Smart insulin patch could replace painful injections for diabetes
77 New technique for 'seeing' ions at work in a supercapacitor
78 Expanding the DNA alphabet: 'Extra' DNA base found to be stable in mammals
79 California's wildflowers losing diversity in face of warmer, drier winters
80 Stress hormones could undermine breast cancer therapy
81 Current monitoring of pacemakers, defibrillators may underestimate device problems
82 PrEP data links anti-HIV immune response to reduce chance of infection
83 How to predict biphasic allergic reactions in children
84 Cardio-oncology services may improve patient care if more widely available
85 Relationship seen across studies between cyberbullying, depression
86 Prevalence of overweight, obesity in the United States
87 Cockroach-inspired robot uses body streamlining to negotiate obstacles
88 Squatting in 'skinny' jeans can damage nerve and muscle fibers in legs and feet
89 Gut microbe may be key to metabolic health and leanness in overweight/obesity
90 Elevated blood pressure in young adults associated with middle-age heart issues
91 Most women with early-stage breast cancer undergo imaging for metastatic cancer despite guidelines
92 X-raying ion channels
93 Scientists create synthetic membranes that grow like living cells
94 Discovery paves way for new kinds of superconducting electronics
95 Fabricating inexpensive, high-temp SQUIDs for future electronic devices
96 An early European had a close Neandertal ancestor
97 Study finds decreased rates of high-grade cervical lesions in young women
98 Bass use body's swimming muscles to suck in food
99 VA/DoD recommend a nuanced approach to management of dyslipidemia for CVD risk reduction
100 Study examines US trends in the use of penile prostheses to treat erectile dysfunction
101 Higher sTNF-RII associated with reduced memory functioning among breast cancer patients before treatment
102 Functioning brain follows famous sand pile model
103 Nanoparticle 'wrapper' delivers chemical that stops fatty buildup in rodent arteries
104 Bionic eye clinical trial results show long-term safety, efficacy vision-restoring implant
105 Stem cell injections improve diabetic neuropathy in animal models
106 Study identifies multiple genetic changes linked to increased pancreatic cancer risk
107 Quiet that ringing in the brain
108 UVA fertilization discovery may lead to male contraceptive
109 Costs of War Project releases new reports on Afghanistan, Pakistan
110 Neutron star's echoes give astronomers a new measuring stick