File Title
1 Nightingale's Sexy Song is All About Good Fathering
2 Red Crabs Newport Beach: Red Crabs Invade Southern California Beaches
3 Fish: Sediment Buildup from Human Activities Impairs Breathing
4 Kangaroos Are All Left-Handed?
5 'Walking' Bat Once Roamed Ancient New Zealand
6 Elephant Poaching Hotspots Identified
7 Sharks: Positive Buoyancy Discovered in Two Types of Sharks off Japan and Hawaii
8 First Snakes Likely Had Legs and Toes?
9 Octopus Skin Can 'See" Light
10 Homosexuality Could Benefit a Species, Says New Study
11 Strange Plant is a Diamond Detector
12 Why Cats Are Such Picky Eaters: a Better Bitter for Felines
13 Parasitic 'Vampire' Plants Aren't So Bad, After All
14 Warmer Ocean Waters Will Shift Marine Habitats
15 Brainless Jellyfish Actively Hunt, Surprise Experts
16 Nature vs. Cancer: How Tumor Cells Cheat the System
17 Rare Plant Cancers 'Shatter' Chromosomes
18 Hawkmoths Slow their Brains for Better Night Vision
19 Ocean Acidification May Corrode Animals' Shells by 2030
20 Silver Ants Stay Cool Using Special Hairs
21 Sharks: Positive Buoyancy Discovered in Two Types of Sharks off Japan and Hawaii
22 Great Barrier Reef Not 'in Danger,' UNESCO Says
23 Strange Plant is a Diamond Detector
24 California Earthquakes and Tsunamis Could be Looming Threats
25 Climate Change and Ice Age: Influx of Freshwater Increases Methane Gas Production
26 Coral Reefs: Invasive Microbe May Protect Them, but at a Cost
27 Greenland Glaciers: How Their Ebb and Flow will Impact Sea Level Rise
28 Greenland's Glacial Lakes are Mysteriously Vanishing, and Here's Why
29 Greenland's Draining Lakes Won't Worsen Sea Level Rise?
30 Global Warming Hiatus Never Happened?!
31 Dementia: Likely Another Bee Decline Cause, Say Experts
32 Joshua Trees Decline Due to California Drought
33 China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions May Peak by 2025
34 World Ocean's Day: 100 Marine Species Discovered in Philippines
35 Renewable Energy to Dominate the US by 2050?
36 Coral Reefs in Palau Defy Ocean Acidification
37 Ancient Ice Sheet Collapse Triggered Strong Climate Change
38 Climate Change: Plants Choke on too Much Carbon
39 Big Data Battles California Drought: $2.3 Million to Wise Up
40 Ocean Acidification May Corrode Animals' Shells by 2030
41 Earth's Biggest Groundwater Basins Are in Trouble
42 Toxic Algae Bloom on West Coast May be Largest Ever
43 Alaska Glaciers Leading to Global Sea Level Rise
44 Climate Change and Sea Level: England, Europe at Risk of Major Sea Level Rise
45 Nature Preserves: Germany Preserves 77,000 Acres in Former Military Bases
46 Amnesia: 'Lost' Memories in Mice Retrieved with Light
47 Medical Marijuana: Cannabis Use May Prevent Internal Parasites
48 Household Pesticide Linked to ADHD in Boys?
49 Color Blindness: New Cause Identified
50 Low-Level Air Pollution Linked to Death
51 Antibiotic Resistance: WHO Reveals Plan to Combat its Effects
52 Eating Placenta Does Nothing for Mother's Health, Say Studies
53 Nature vs. Cancer: How Tumor Cells Cheat the System
54 Early Breast Cancer Detected with Urine
55 Insecticides May Affect Cognitive Development in Children
56 Heart Attack and Stroke Linked to Poor Sleep Quality?
57 Chocolate the Key to Preventing Heart Disease?
58 Colorectal Cancer Research: Single Gene Can Turn Cancer Cells Back to Normal?
59 Dose reduction strategy can substantially reduce high cost of TNF inhibitor therapy in RA
60 Patients with primary hand OA should not be prescribed hydroxychloroquine
61 Remote cave study reveals 3,000 years of European climate variation
62 Lack of evidence on how to care for hip fracture patients with dementia
63 Power of the media's impact on medicine use revealed
64 One in 5 young VTE patients require psychotropic drugs within 5 years
65 Endometriosis associated with a greater risk of complications in pregnancy
66 Bistatic/multistatic synthetic aperture radar: Approaching the new era
67 Theory turns to reality for nonlinear optical metamaterials
68 JCU team finds 'unprecedented' earthquake evidence in Africa
69 Wayne State research team issued patent for new anesthesia monitoring technology
70 Injured jellyfish seek to regain symmetry
71 Physicians should help families with decisions about end-of-life care
72 'Death-associated protein' promotes cancer growth in most aggressive breast cancers
73 Existing drug used in transplants causes older rats to lose weight
74 University of Alberta scientists help public avoid health risks of toxic blue-green algae
75 More dialysis patients living in poor neighborhoods
76 Vitamin D status related to immune response to HIV-1
77 Big dinosaurs steered clear of the tropics
78 Researchers link Ebola news coverage to public panic using Google, Twitter data
79 Group memberships boost self-esteem more than friends alone
80 Researchers discover new enzyme, link to iron in vitamin A synthesis
81 Small thunderstorms may add up to massive cyclones on Saturn
82 Penn researchers develop a new type of gecko-like gripper
83 Wheat fires outside of Huaibei, China
84 'Crosstalk' gives clues to diabetes
85 New study finds battlegound state polling worked until 2012 election
86 New honeycomb-inspired design delivers superior protection from impact
87 Accelerated warming of the continental shelf off northeast coast
88 New study shows Arctic Ocean rapidly becoming more corrosive to marine species
89 Elder abuse is common around the world
90 Study provides insights on chronic lung disease
91 Researchers correlate rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis with solar cycles
92 Scripps Florida study points to drug target for Huntington's disease
93 Use of osteoporosis drugs have dropped following media reports of safety concerns
94 Study examines trends in smoking among health students
95 Air pollution may contribute to white matter loss in the brain
96 Research reveals insights on how ancient reptiles adapted to life in water
97 Avocados may hold the answer to beating leukemia
98 How an animal's biochemistry may support aggressive behavior
99 New study favors cold, icy early Mars
100 Medical and health care challenges for lesbian and bisexual women highlighted in LGBT Health special
101 Buckle up for fast ionic conduction
102 Violence by teachers almost halved in primary schools
103 Mutation in zinc transport protein may inhibit successful breastfeeding
104 Microbe mobilizes 'iron shield' to block arsenic uptake in rice
105 Bacteria could help clean groundwater contaminated by uranium ore processing
106 New petition seeks to save elephants, end ivory importation in US
107 Bumble bees in the last frontier
108 Polar bears aren't the only victims of climate change
109 Law enforcement officers should be authorized to administer naloxone
110 Leaving on a biofueled jet plane