File Title
1 Nurture, not physical environment, explains human behavior
2 How 'science popularizers' influence public opinion on religion
3 Academic finds top firms are discriminating against bright working class applicants
4 Fossil of large 'walking' bat discovered in New Zealand reveals ancient lineage
5 400,000-year-old dental tartar provides earliest evidence of manmade pollution
6 New Marie Curie film to shed light on women's struggle in science
7 Conflicting histories harm negotiations, researchers say
8 'What don't you understand about 'yes' and 'no'?'
9 Any added sugar is bad sugar, some experts contend
10 Data analysis reveals link between age of puberty onsite and health in later life
11 Diet that mimics fasting appears to slow aging
12 Children with good memories are better liars, research shows
13 New biomarker identified in women with mental illness
14 Increased anxiety associated with sitting down
15 Scientists identify amino acid that stops seizures in mice
16 Link between panic attacks and heart disease discovered
17 Scientists shows AIDS vaccine candidate successfully 'primes' immune system
18 Tuberculosis bacteria hide in the low oxygen niches of bone marrow stem cells
19 Scientific evidence of a link between anxiety and repetitious behavior
20 Why we swipe right on Tinder to 'like' someone, instead of left
21 Fructose powers a vicious circle
22 Recalling happier memories can reverse depression (Update)
23 Early behavior problems may be linked to 'aging' biomarkers in preschoolers
24 'Crosstalk' gives clues to diabetes
25 Researchers discover mechanism leading to BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma
26 Musicians don't just hear in tune, they also see in tune
27 A single gene turns colorectal cancer cells back into normal tissue in mice
28 Discovery promises new treatments to thwart colon cancer
29 Emotional brains 'physically different' to rational ones
30 PrEP is not linked to greater risk for depression
31 Study shows sleep disturbances are common and influenced by race and ethnicity
32 Changing faces: We can look more trustworthy, but not more competent, research finds
33 Study identifies first genetic mutation associated with Aicardi syndrome
34 Thick cortex could be key in Down syndrome
35 Health records and genetic data from more than 100,000 Californians power medical research
36 Sequential immunizations could be the key to HIV vaccine
37 Safeguarding against chlamydia: Vaccine generates double protection in animals
38 The successful ovulation of 100 eggs from 1 female mouse
39 Pick-Up-Lines: Even for Beetles They're all About Timing
40 UK's Oldest Sauropod Dinosaur Discovered
41 New 'Hellboy' Horned Dinosaur Sports Bizarre Features
42 Australian Fossil Sheds Light on Animals' Transition to Land
43 Prehistoric Gold Trade Route Discovered
44 Dinosaur Red Blood Cells, Collagen Found in Fossils?
45 The 'Perfect Fire' Exists, and Here's What it Looks Like
46 Dreadnoughtus May Lose its Title as 'World's Heaviest Dinosaur'
47 DNA from Early Europeans Sheds Light on Impact of Bronze Age
48 Climate Change: Why Plants Aren't Safe After All
49 Rare Plant Cancers 'Shatter' Chromosomes
50 Stone Tools Shed Light on Division of Labor
51 Raptors: Killer Dinos Left Unique Tracks
52 Dinosaur Mystery Solved: Here's Why There Were No Sauropods in the Tropics
53 Extreme Climate Kept Dinosaurs Out of Tropics
54 China's Jurassic Park is slowly revealing its paleontological secrets and rewriting what we know about dinosaur evolution, early mammals and their shared ecosystem.
55 Book Review: 'A New History of Life'
56 Man-Made Pollution Evidenced by Ancient Dental Plaque
57 Sharks: Positive Buoyancy Discovered in Two Types of Sharks off Japan and Hawaii
58 Nature Preserves: Germany Preserves 77,000 Acres in Former Military Bases
59 Mars has Beautiful Auroras Visible with the Naked Eye, NASA Confirms [Pictures]
60 See: Stunning Aurora Haloes Earth and its Sparkling Cities from Space [PHOTO]
61 Real Flying Saucer Will Put NASA Chutes to the Test
62 Earth Organisms Could Survive on Mars
63 Hubble Reveals 'Cosmic Dance' of Pluto's Wobbly Moons
64 Between Galaxies: Lonely Supernovae Identified
65 ALMA Captures Star Formation in Distant Universe
66 Glass Discovered on Mars May Hold Signs of Ancient Life
67 First Deep Space Satellite Tracks Another Kind of Weather [PHOTOS]
68 Lonely Galaxy 'Lost in Space'
69 What Are Ceres' Bright Spots? Closest Yet, and Experts Still Can't Say
70 Finding Philae: How it Was Done, and Why it Might Not Matter [IN DEPTH]
71 Philae Makes Contact! Lost Lander Calls Out After Months of Silence
72 Saturn's Massive Cyclones Born from Thunderstorms
73 Moon's Lopsided Dust Cloud Could Affect Space Travel
74 Spider Silk Inspires New, Ultra-Tough Fiber
75 First Deep Space Satellite Tracks Another Kind of Weather [PHOTOS]
76 Squid Inspires New Camouflaging Materials
77 Graphene: World's Thinnest Light Bulb Made from Wonder Prodcut [sic]
78 Saiga Antelopes Mysteriously Die-Off in Kazakhstan
79 Pick-Up-Lines: Even for Beetles They're all About Timing
80 Spider Purrs like a Cat to Sound Sexy
81 Homosexuality Could Benefit a Species, Says New Study
82 Long Migrations Make Drab Warblers 'Dress Down'
83 'Virgins Births': First Case Discovered in Vertebrates
84 Shark 'Missing Link' Reveals Bony Past
85 Baby Pacific White-Sided Dolphin Born at Shedd Aquarium
86 Why Cats Are Such Picky Eaters: a Better Bitter for Felines
87 Chimps Would Make Excellent Cooks
88 Birds 'Cry Hawk' to Escape Predators
89 Fatal Attraction: Meet the Marsupials that Literally Sex Themselves to Death
90 Seven New Teeny-Tiny Frog Species Discovered in Brazil
91 Gigantic 20-Foot Shark Unearthed in Texas
92 'Honest' Ladybugs Reveal their Toxicity
93 Brainless Jellyfish Actively Hunt, Surprise Experts
94 Gulls Bully Whales, Steal Their Breath
95 Dementia: Likely Another Bee Decline Cause, Say Experts
96 Dead Whale at Coney Island Likely Killed by Ship Strike
97 Mexican Gray Wolf: Lawsuit Filed in Arizona for Lack of Updated Recovery Plan
98 Wild Chimps May be Alcoholics
99 Serengeti Snapshots Reveal Secret Life of Animals
100 Massive Great White Shark High-Fives Diver [VIDEO]
101 Tiger Sharks Behave like Birds?
102 Britain's National Bird FINALLY Selected, and He's a Bully
103 Climate Change and Habitat Loss: How Animals Adapt [INTERVIEW]
104 Dogs: Here's Why Some Canines Will Follow Your Gaze
105 Dogs were domesticated by humans far longer than was previously thought, new evidence suggests
106 Climate Change: Polar Bears Eating Dolphins?!
107 Ocean Acidification May Corrode Animals' Shells by 2030
108 Endangered Tigers Could be Saved by Higher Palm Oil Prices
109 Flies Offer Hope for Dying Hemlock Forests
110 Bees: Only a Few Needed to Pollinate World's Crops, New Study Suggests