File Title
1 Scientists solve bizarre 'disappearing lakes' mystery
2 The Large Hadron Collider returns, twice as powerful as before
3 How to watch NASA's Mars 'flying saucer' test
4 Seven species of tiny frogs revealed: How small do frogs get? (+video)
5 Rats might not be such rats after all, say scientists
6 Regal 'Hellboy' dinosaur discovered in Alberta (+video)
7 US woman to attempt solo Pacific crossing. In a rowboat. (+video)
8 LightSail recovers from second glitch, deploys sail (+video)
9 South Korean team wins $2 million to design robots for humanitarian aid (+video)
10 Humongous oarfish washes onto California shore (+video)
11 Ancient trade route shows gold's enduring power
12 Supersonic parachute fails in NASA's 'flying saucer' test (+video)
13 Science reveals how to build the perfect fire
14 How crowdsourcing revealed amazing images of Serengeti wildlife
15 How engineers built the world's first water computer (+video)
16 Milky rain mystery in Pacific Northwest solved at last
17 Nobel laureate says female scientists are 'trouble' in the lab (+video)
18 Scientists find wild chimps go ape over drinking (+video)
19 Fossilized dinosaur blood? Blood cells found in 75-million-year-old bones. (+video)
20 ESO astronomers capture cosmic 'butterfly'
21 Galactic growth seen in far reaches of the universe
22 How another Russian spacecraft glitch rattled the space station (+video)
23 Scientists unlock secrets of Saturn's humongous dust ring
24 Three astronauts return to Earth from space station
25 Nobel laureate resigns after controversial remark: Is academia sexist? (+video)
26 Scientists discover the 'return trip effect' is only felt retrospectively
27 Trio of astronauts return to Earth from space station
28 15-year-old discovers planet. Why do children make such great astronomers?
29 Should scientists bring back woolly mammoths?
30 Why US might protect 38,000 miles of coral habitat in middle of Atlantic
31 How the Japanese art of paper cutting can make stretchable batteries (+video)
32 Are moths smarter than we think?
33 Mysterious earthquake swarms in Alabama. What's going on? (+video)
34 Why are polar bears adding dolphins to their diet? (+video)
35 Have scientists found the little lost comet lander Philae? (+video)
36 Jurassic World: Top 5 inaccuracies in movie, according to paleontologists (+video)
37 Philae wakes up! Europe's plucky comet lander phones home. (+video)
38 NASA probe gets close look at Ceres' mysterious bright spots
39 Is it really that dangerous to high-five a great white shark?
40 After months of silence, comet lander Philae phones home (+video)
41 North Carolina shark attacks: How common are shark attacks? (+video)
42 French minister seeks to restrict weed killers
43 What made large dinosaurs flee the tropics?
44 500 nanokelvins! MIT scientists set cold-temperature record.
45 Tropics were once so harsh that even giant dinos shied away, say scientists
46 Methane discovered in Martian meteorites: A sign of life?
47 NASA spacecraft less than a month away from Pluto
48 Can you save the rainforest and still profit? Research team finds a way
49 Moon engulfed in cloud of dust, say scientists
50 Astronomers spot lightest-known planet orbiting another star
51 'Inside Out': Disney film based on science of facial expressions
52 How do half-inch ants survive the Sahara? Silver hairs, scientists say.
53 Who was Kennewick Man? DNA test offers surprising answer to mystery. (+video)
54 Sixfold increase in US earthquakes may be caused by injection wells, say scientists
55 Chemical vapor deposition enables production of pure, uniform coatings of metals or polymers
56 Modeling how thin films break up
57 Adapting nanoscience imaging tools to study ants' heat-deflecting adaptations
58 Unique reducers and new hydrocarbon synthesis methods for five new calcium carbides
59 Uncovering the mechanism of photoluminescence stabilization in semiconductor nanoparticles
60 Biomedical breakthrough: Carbon nanoparticles you can make at home
61 Nanoparticles to kill cancer cells with heat
62 Engineers find a simple yet clever way to boost chip speeds
63 A new look at surface chemistry
64 Hooked on phonons: Research group measures graphene vibrations
65 Toward nanorobots that swim through blood to deliver drugs
66 High-tech nanofibres could help nutrients in food hit the spot
67 Nanoparticles naturally present left- and right-handed versions
68 Graphene heat-transfer riddle unraveled
69 Researchers create transparent, stretchable conductors using nano-accordion structure
70 Graphene gets bright: World's thinnest lightbulb developed
71 Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons
72 Graphene quantum dot LEDs
73 Research team develops the first flexible phase-change random access memory
74 Researchers use nanotubes to better understand diseases
75 Researchers make ultrasensitive conductivity measurements
76 Nanoparticles target and kill cancer stem cells that drive tumor growth
77 Strong teeth: Nanostructures under stress make teeth crack resistant
78 Bacterial protein serves as sensor
79 Physicists develop ultrasensitive nanomechanical biosensor
80 New 'molecular movie' reveals ultrafast chemistry in motion
81 Could we one day control the path of lightning?
82 Scientists film shock waves in diamond
83 When science gets ugly--the story of Philipp Lenard and Albert Einstein
84 The physics of badminton
85 The protein problem
86 Researchers predicted existence of new quantum matter theoretically
87 Aperiodic crystals and beyond
88 Journal article details 'multiplicity of barriers' to clinical acceptance of medical laser innovations
89 Einstein saves the quantum cat
90 Researchers propose potential new way to maintain communication with hypersonic vehicles in flight
91 OPERA detects its fifth tau neutrino
92 Getting the measure of matter
93 Luminescent signals from green glowing diamond defects could monitor temperature with unprecedented versatility
94 Second thoughts: Is a tiny addition in time too much?
95 A new and game-changing magnetoresistance
96 3D potential through laser annihilation
97 A novel source of X-rays for imaging purposes
98 New measurement of the mass of a strange atomic nucleus achieves very high precision
99 Miniscule mirrored cavities connect quantum memories
100 How DNA protects itself from UV light
101 Reactor brought to first criticality after 14-month overhaul
102 New beamline provides more opportunities for particle detector R&D
103 Researchers create tiny pump that provides continuous and spontaneous antigravity water delivery
104 Comet probe Philae dials home, 'doing very well' (Update)
105 Researchers growing ice to support mission to Pluto
106 Video salutes arrival of New Horizons at Pluto
107 Image: STS-7 launches through the clouds
108 Cassini zooms past Dione
109 Magnetic field discovery gives clues to galaxy-formation processes
110 Galactic crashes fuel quasars, study finds