File Title
1 Should You Take Out a Perfectly Good Prostate?
2 Reference: Iguana Facts
3 Great White Shark High 5? Here's What Really Happened
4 Molecules Reach Coldest Temperature Ever
5 Simpsons in Splitsville: Experts Discuss Homer & Marge's Marital Woes
6 Nobel Scientist's Claim Examined: Do Women Actually Cry More?
7 Exercising Mind and Body May Not Protect Against Alzheimer's
8 How Dangerous Was 'High 5' with Great White Shark?
9 Is the Apple Watch a Good Health and Fitness Tracker?
10 Eating Brains: Cannibal Tribe Evolved Resistance to Fatal Disease
11 Snacking on Peanuts May Extend Your Life
12 Can a Transplanted Penis Work like the Original?
13 Polar Bears Now Eat Dolphins, Thanks to Global Warming
14 Beyond Dinosaurs, What Would We Need to Create a Jurassic World?
15 After Higgs, Ramped-Up Collider Hunts for Next Puzzle
16 Seismic Risk? Research Addresses Dangers of Older Concrete Buildings in U.S.
17 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
18 Marijuana 'Dabbing' Is 'Exploding onto the Drug-Use Scene'
19 Stretchy 'Origami Batteries' Could Power Smart Clothing
20 Water Droplet-Powered Computers Could Run Mini Science Labs
21 Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti
22 Origin of Mysterious 'Cannon Earthquakes' in Red Sea Found
23 World's Thinnest Light Bulb Created from Graphene
24 Penis Disorder Found in Fertility God Pompeii Portrait
25 Cosmic Confusion: Talk of Multiverses and Big Errors in Astrophysics
26 It's Alive! Comet Lander Philae Phones Home After Months of Silence
27 Clouds Over Peru: Upwelling Causes 'Bumpy' Fog Along Coastline
28 Elon Musk Wants Your Hyperloop Designs
29 Paradise Avoided: Why Largest Dinosaurs Skipped the Tropics
30 Medical Marijuana Laws Don't Increase Teen Use
31 Want to Lose Weight? Let Your Doctor Pick Your Diet
32 Can Chocolate Really Benefit Your Heart?
33 Shark Bites Two: Possible Explanations for Attacks
34 Pope Francis' Letter on Climate Change Leaked Early
35 Reference: Hedgehog Facts
36 Real-Life 'Jurassic World' Dinos May Be 10 Years Off, Scientist Says
37 Preterm Birth Risk Linked to Common Surgery
38 'Jurassic World' Has Awesome Dinos, Iffy Science
39 Solitary Confinement: What Are the Impacts of 43 Years of Isolation?
40 Rare King David-Era Inscription Discovered in Biblical City
41 Hot Car Dangers: How to Prevent Child Deaths
42 Say Goodbye to Trans Fat: FDA Officially Bans Ingredient
43 Oldest Banded Bald Eagle Dies, but Sets New Longevity Record
44 Curbing Accidental Pregnancies: Docs Should Mention IUDs, Implants
45 Mount Everest Moves 1 Inch After Earthquake
46 Mind Meld: Social Wasps Share Brainpower
47 5 Things I Learned When my Research Went Viral
48 Reference: Properties of Pascal's Triangle
49 Search for King Henry's Tomb Centers on English Playground
50 The Science of Race: Why Rachel Dolezal Can't Choose to Be Black
51 How to Choose a Sunscreen that Protects You
52 Finding Amelia Earhart: New Expedition Could Solve Decades-Long Mystery
53 Trans Fat May Impair Memory
54 Unhealthy Data? US Dietary Guidelines Criticized
55 Online Breast Milk Carries Health Hazards, Report Warns
56 Giant 'Earth Stethoscope' Spies on Planet's Wonky Behavior
57 Reference: Breast vs. Bottle: Weighing Infant-Feeding Options
58 Earth's Mysteriously Light Core Contains Brimstone
59 Internet Cat Videos Keep You Purring, Study Finds
60 Mix-n-Match Arms: Jellyfish Rearrange Limbs After Injury
61 8 Million Dog Mummies Found in 'God of Death' Mass Grave
62 Toddlers Have a Sense of Justice
63 Southpaws Down Under: Most Kangaroos Are Lefties
64 8,500-Year-Old 'Kennewick Man' Is Native American
65 'The Next Trans Fat': Experts Predict Coming Food Battles
66 1 Ton of Illegal Ivory Will Be Publicly Destroyed in NYC Friday
67 Oklahoma's Surge in Earthquakes Due to Oil Production
68 The Moon's Puzzling Dust Cloud Finally Yields an Answer
69 Pope's Climate Encyclical: 4 Main Points
70 Will Pope Francis' Climate Encyclical Change the World?
71 Did Sharks Really Kill that Cute Baby Dolphin?
72 Illegal Silicone Butt Injections Cause Host of Health Problems
73 Giant 'Walking Bat' Once Prowled Rainforest Floors
74 Daddy's Here! Why Fathers Call Themselves 'Dad' Around Children
75 Sitting Down for Too Long May Increase Anxiety
76 Art-ificial Intelligence? Algorithm Sorts Paintings like a Person
77 Surviving Ebola: Physical & Psychological Ailments Linger for Many
78 Honey Bees' African Ancestors May Hold Cure for Biting Mite Plague
79 Here's More Proof Earth Is in Its 6th Mass Extinction
80 How a robotic cockroach and bird teamed up
81 Ancient skull could hold clues to humanity's oldest murder mystery
82 Can Harry Potter save the wasps?
83 NASA prepares to test supersonic spacecraft for Mars mission
84 Have scientists unearthed ancient 'Lucy's' friend?
85 Have archaeologists stumbled upon a 430,000-year-old murder mystery?
86 'Healing' robot could keep chasing you even after you break its legs
87 This is our most detailed image of Pluto yet
88 Flies time when they're having fungus, say scientists
89 Tiny CubeSats to watch NASA's next Mars mission
90 Is a tiny fungus killing honeybees?
91 Early humans left Africa through Egypt, study says
92 Japan's big earthquake: Why deeper means safer (+video)
93 Why have 121,000 antelopes in Kazakhstan suddenly dropped dead? (+video)
94 Egypt was humanity's gateway out of Africa, say scientists
95 NASA spacecraft to perform final pass of Saturn's bizarre spongy moon (+video)
96 Communication restored with LightSail spacecraft
97 NASA spacecraft captures sharpest images yet of Ceres (+video)
98 What's causing the devastating floods in Texas and Oklahoma? (+video)
99 FIFA scandal: The science behind corruption
100 Critically endangered fish has offspring without mating (+video)
101 Weighing the risks of a southern California tsunami
102 Ancient shark ancestor may have been bony, rare fossil reveals
103 CERN gets back to smashing particles in the search for something big
104 No more raw food diet? Chimps can cook, and would, if they had tools (+video)
105 Why is your cat such a picky eater? Scientists reveal clues.
106 Prehistoric bird had bizarre tail, say scientists
107 New study finds Pluto's moons are even stranger than imagined
108 Scientists solve bizarre 'disappearing lakes' mystery
109 The Large Hadron Collider returns, twice as powerful as before
110 How to watch NASA's Mars 'flying saucer' test