File Title
1 'The Martian' Starring Matt Damon: See the Official Trailer Here! (VIDEO)
2 Mysterious Ceres: NASA Releases Flyover Video, Cast Your Vote 'What's the Spot on World Ceres?' (VIDEO)
3 New Hellboy Dinosaur with Unique Horns Identified by Scientists
4 Dutch Company Harvests Electricity from Living Plants to Power Streetlights, Wi-Fi and Cellphones
5 Italian Boy Survives After Spending 42 Minutes Underwater
6 International Space Station Expedition 43 Crew Returning to Earth on Russian Soyuz (LIVE STREAM)
7 Serengeti Wildlife Captured in Largest-Ever Camera Trapping Survey, and Citizen Scientists Are Helping Sort Through the 'Big Data'
8 Computer that Operates on Water Droplets Developed After Decade of Work (VIDEO)
9 'Perfect Fire' Revealed: Finding Ties into Law that Can Use Nature to Improve Man-Made Systems
10 Injectable Electronic Medical Mesh Could One Day Treat Neurodegenerative Disease and Paralysis
11 Dinosaur Blood, Proteins Discovered in Poorly-Preserved Fossils
12 Yellow-Breasted Bunting on Its Way to Meeting Same Fate as Passenger Pigeon
13 Blood Saved Babies: 'Man with the Golden Arm' Saves 2 Million Babies with Weekly Blood Donations
14 SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Files with U.S. Government to Bring Internet to Space
15 NASA's LDSD Project Completes Second Experimental Test Flight
16 Tim Hunt, Nobel Prize Winner, Favors 'Single-Sex' Segregated Labs in Sexist Speech at Conference in South Korea (VIDEO)
17 Ancient Beauty Unearthed: Archaeologists Uncover Grave of 'Sleeping Beauty' (PHOTO)
18 Climate Change: NASA Releases Detailed Global Climate Change Projections, Data Available to Public
19 International Space Station Shifts Position After Glitch
20 Dreadnoughtus: 'World's Heaviest Dinosaur' Had a More Petite Figure than We Thought
21 Chimpanzees Love Getting Wine-Drunk, and Their Kids Join the Party (VIDEO)
22 Baby Born from Ovary Frozen During Mother's Childhood
23 Ocado Building Robots that Can Help Human Workers
24 'Ultracold' Molecules Could Exhibit Exotic Behavior Never Before Seen in Nature
25 'Celestial Butterfly' Caught Emerging from Cocoon by ESO's Very Large Telescope
26 Discovery: New Planet Discovered by 15-Year-Old Schoolboy
27 Hubble Space Telescope: Lost and Lonely Galaxy Imaged by Hubble (PHOTO)
28 Pedophiles: Physical Anomalies Can Help You Spot a Predator, Study Says
29 HIV and Homophobia: LGBT Living in Homophobic Countries Have Higher Risk for HIV/AIDS, Study Says
30 International Space Station: Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Votes to Keep Commercial Crew Flights Launching from Russia
31 Black Hole Eruptions: NASA's Chandra Discovers Serial Eruptions Rearranged the Universe (PHOTO)
32 U.K. Gets Live Anthrax from U.S. Military
33 Space Sex: PornHub Crowdfunds 'Sexploration,' First Porno to be Filmed in Space (VIDEO)
34 Europeans' Ancient Origins Revealed, and Findings Show They Were Lactose Intolerant for Longer than We Thought
35 Toads Invade China Province During Rainstorm (VIDEO)
36 Solar Storms Could Be Predicted 24 Hours in Advance with Groundbreaking New Method (VIDEO)
37 Surface that Gets Smooth or Bumpy on Demand Could Have Applications in Camouflage, Aerodynamics
38 NASA's Hubble Telescope Notices 'Sunscreen' Layer on Blazing Exoplanet (VIDEO)
39 Penis Transplant Successful, Recipient's Girlfriend Expecting a Child
40 Weird and Wacky Exoplanets Could Be Shrouded in Helium, Researchers Say
41 Memory and Cognition: Color You Remember Isn't the Color You Saw, Study Says
42 Flesh-Eating Bacteria in Florida Kills Two, Infects Seven
43 CDC: Synthetic Marijuana Deaths Tripled this Year
44 Disease Risk and Birth Month Linked, New Study Says
45 100-Year-Old Woman Credits Long Life to 'A Lot of Booze' (VIDEO)
46 Katya Leick News Blooper: Cicadas Interrupt Reporter's Taping (VIDEO)
47 Genetic Switch that Determines Sperm or Egg Revealed
48 Ceres Image Taken by NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Reveals Craters in Stunning Detail
49 Chimpanzees Living in Captivity Are Now on the Endangered Species List
50 Tropical Cyclone Ashobaa Captured in NASA Image as It Hits Land
51 Mars Mission: Mars Cube One (MarCO)--NASA Sending Two CubeSats in 2016
52 Rosetta Orbiter's Lost Philae Lander Spotted on Comet's Surface, Scientists Say
53 North Korea Accuses U.S. of Anthrax 'Biological Warfare Schemes'
54 #DistractinglySexy: Female Scientists Respond to Tim Hunt's Sexist Comments with Mocking Hashtag
55 N/A
56 Saturn's Supersized Ring Is Larger than Previously Thought
57 Dogs Snub People Who Are Mean to Their Owners
58 Polar Bears Are Now Eating Dolphins Due to Global Warming
59 Chinese Pika Faces Extinction Because of 'Cuteness'
60 Climate Change Debate: Republicans Tell Pope Francis to Stick with His Day Job
61 Green Spaces Can Boost Mental Development of Schoolchildren
62 Woman with Ovarian Tissue Transplant Gives Birth
63 World's First Head Transplant Confirmed by Neurosurgeon and Patient
64 Philae Comet Lander Wakes Up After Seven Months, Tweets Then Sleeps Again
65 Tiny Tuna Crabs Wash Up on California Beaches
66 Saturn's Polar Cyclones Caused by Multiple Small Thunderstorms
67 Sarah Stage Breastfeeding Photo Goes Viral!
68 France Bans Over-the-Counter Sales of Monsanto's Herbicide Roundup
69 LightSail Falls from Orbit, Test Mission a Success
70 Hawkmoth Can Slow Down Brain to Sip from Windblown Flowers in the Dark
71 Graphene Used to Create 'World's Thinnest Light Bulb' that Could Help Create Flexible Computer Displays (VIDEO)
72 Solar Flares and Black Outs: Space 'Buoy' Could Warn Earth of Devastating Power Disrupting Solar Flares (VIDEO)
73 Saturn and Jupiter: Noble Gases in Labs Provide Celestial Answers for Team of Scientists
74 Mars Was Freezing in Its Early Days and There Weren't Any Aliens, Study Suggests to the Dismay of Those Who Feel Alone in the Universe
75 Dinosaurs Had a Tough Life in the Tropics, and Larger Species Steered Clear
76 Squid-Inspired Material Could Provide Incredible Camouflage at the Flip of a Switch (VIDEO)
77 Miracle Treatment? Multiple Sclerosis Cured, 26-Year-Old 'Eternally Grateful' (VIDEO)
78 Twin Alaska Fires Destroy Homes; Authorities Close Down National Highway, Enforce Evacuations
79 Mount Everest: World's Highest Peak Moves Three Centimeters Southwest After Nepal Earthquake
80 Ocean Acidification Could Start Dissolving Animals' Shells in 2030
81 Jellyfish Regeneration Is All About Symmetry: Finding Could Inspire Self-Healing Biomaterials
82 DNA Sequencing Device that Can Fit in the Palm of Your Hand Assembles First Full Genome of a Living Organism
83 Robotic 3-D Printer to Make Bridge in Amsterdam
84 Potential for Renewable Energy Powered by Evaporation Demonstrated with Toy Car (VIDEO)
85 Earth's Core and Moon's Mass: Evidence Supports Theory that Moon Was Formed by a Collision with Earth, Study Says
86 Black Hole Killers? Are Black Holes Fiery Pits of Destruction, Creators of a Hologram Universe or Just Fuzzy Imperfections?
87 Discovery: Galaxy CR7 Is the Brightest Ever Found, Astronomers Say
88 Earth Running Out of Groundwater
89 Bee Species Other than Major Pollinators Should Be Protected to Ensure Food Security in the Future
90 Asteroid Icarus Will Pass Earth at 21 Lunar Distances
91 Mars-Sized World Discovered: 'Tug-Of-War' Finds Kepler 138b, Astronomers Say
92 Moon Is Surrounded by Giant Dust Cloud that Gets Denser During Meteor Showers
93 Mysterious Inscription from the Time of King David Gives Us a Look at an Important Past Figure (PHOTO)
94 Lindsay Lohan Cryotherapy Treatment Photos Go Viral
95 Women Wanting Families Should Bear Child or Freeze Eggs by 35, Study Finds
96 'Star Trek' Star George Takei Opens Up About Feud with William Shatner
97 General relativity explains why Schrodinger's cat is alive
98 Life was miserable for dinosaurs in the tropics
99 Global seabird decline greater than expected
100 Ancient Kimberley landscape an abstract geometric artwork
101 Bionic ear could harness brain's 'octopus cells' to improve sound
102 The Moon is wrapped in a cloud of comet dust
103 Auroras sound like an alien party
104 Diet And Weight-Loss: Don't Pick Your Favorite Foods When You Really Want To Shed The Pounds
105 Dermatology: Scratching an Itch Is Incredibly Rewarding--Here's Why
106 Japan Robot Samurai Learns to Wield a Sword from a Human World Champion (VIDEO)
107 Birth Weight of Your Newborn May be Impacted by Warmer Temperatures and Climate Change
108 Menopause: Culture May Influence Symptoms
109 Rabbits May Explain What Drove Neanderthals to Extinction 30000 Years Ago
110 Low Life Satisfaction Linked to Increased Mortality Risk