File Title
1 New clean energy source produces electricity, could power robots, sensors, vehicles
2 Clinical depression in mothers also correlates with telomere length in children
3 Action expected to prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks
4 Black holes are not ruthless killers, but instead benign hologram generators
5 A third of the world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress
6 Scientists find methane in Mars meteorites
7 Evidence from the past could be used to help predict danger of earthquake in less-developed countries
8 Vagrant bachelors could save rare bird
9 Attention to angry faces can predict future depression
10 Global freshwater consumption crossing its planetary boundary
11 Fruit flies 'push the limit' and lead researchers to an unexpected discovery
12 New method for investigating, classifying liver tumors
13 Hormone fluctuations disrupt sleep of perimenopausal women
14 Maternal stress alters offspring gut, brain through vaginal microbiome
15 Prenatal DDT exposure tied to nearly four-fold increase in breast cancer risk
16 Tracking the viral parasites cruising our waterways
17 Study examines whether wireless transmitters represent a danger to patients
18 Toxic algal blooms behind Klamath River dams create health risks far downstream
19 Findings may open the floodgate to new therapies, approaches in treatment
20 Returning killer T cells back to barracks could improve vaccines
21 Not-so-guilty pleasure: Viewing cat videos boosts energy, positive emotions
22 Brain injury patterns linked to post-concussion depression, anxiety
23 Physiological responses reveal our political affiliations
24 Lack of sleep affects long-term health
25 Looking into the brains of chronic itch patients
26 US Nationwide analysis of more than 8,000 ART children finds no difference in educational test scores
27 Model of neuronal connectivity using stem cells
28 Group memberships boost self-esteem more than friends alone
29 Gene therapy prevents Parkinson's disease in animal model
30 Legalizing medical marijuana does not increase use among adolescents
31 Night driving restriction reduces young driver crashes
32 Extreme exercise linked to blood poisoning
33 Personal experience a major driver in decision for or against flu vaccination
34 Eating 100 g of chocolate daily linked to lowered heart disease and stroke risk
35 Mutation in zinc transport protein may inhibit successful breastfeeding
36 Recommending counseling, providing tobacco cessation aids can increase quit rate in high-risk patients undergoing lung cancer screening
37 No evidence that children of same sex couples negatively impacted, study shows
38 Parental behavior not affected by stress, anxiety of premature birth, study shows
39 Majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol, concerned it would increase underage drinking
40 Probing ways to convince young women not to use indoor tanning
41 Researchers peeling back veil on a critical but short-lived molecule
42 Softly does it to solve our nuclear waste problem
43 Key to quick battery charging time
44 Quantum theory: Einstein saves the quantum cat
45 Researchers detect how light excites electrons in metal for the first time
46 Will your self-driving car be programmed to kill you if it means saving more strangers?
47 A protective shield for sensitive catalysts: Hydrogels block harmful oxygen
48 Concentrating pathogenic bacteria accelerates their detection
49 New honeycomb-inspired design delivers superior protection from impact
50 What the blank makes quantum dots blink?
51 Lab mimicry opens a window to the deep interiors of stars and planets
52 New model may predict cyclone activity on other planets
53 Rheumatoid arthritis and giant cell arteritis linked with solar cycles
54 Early climate of red planet was cold, icy
55 New calculations to improve carbon dioxide monitoring from space
56 First images from Dawn spacecraft produce 3-D model of 'mysterious' terrain
57 'Sunscreen' layer detected on distant planet
58 Lonely galaxy 'lost in space'
59 A celestial butterfly emerges from its dusty chrysalis
60 Work-experience schoolboy discovers a new planet
61 First full genome of a living organism sequenced and assembled using technology the size of smartphone
62 Turning the Internet of things into the Internet of 'cha-ching'
63 Ebola news coverage linked to public panic
64 Speech recognition from brain activity
65 First flexible phase-change random access memory developed
66 Squid inspires camouflaging smart materials
67 Secrets of innovation revealed in study of global video game industry
68 Software tracks source of fecal pollution in water
69 Temperature-based safety regulations more appropriate than those based on power density
70 First wireless network synchronized to a billionth of a second
71 Study highlights the importance, utility of coupling natural history collections, next-generation sequencing to obtain large molecular data sets for species-rich groups
72 Large barges are providing a first-class ride for disease-carrying mosquitoes
73 In cricket sex songs, males feel the caloric burn, study finds
74 Scientists help public avoid health risks of toxic blue-green algae
75 Starfish have a surprising talent for squeezing foreign bodies out through the skin
76 Scientists use molecular 'lock and key' for potential control of GMOs
77 Tailored ocean management strategies needed to avoid depletion of fish stocks
78 Injured jellyfish seek to regain symmetry
79 Tool use is 'innate' in chimpanzees but not bonobos, their closest evolutionary relative
80 Cells 'dance' as they draw together during early embryo development
81 Meeting global air quality guidelines could prevent 2. 1 million deaths per year
82 Climage change models may not look closely enough at microhabitats
83 Environmental activism works, study shows
84 Palm oil price change could save tigers, other species
85 Process for drop-in aviation biofuel developed
86 Family ties: Social structure matters in species conservation
87 Wild climate swings--persisting tens of millions of years--were too much for the dinos
88 Bacteria could help clean groundwater contaminated by uranium ore processing
89 Polar bears aren't the only victims of climate change
90 Genetic switch lets marine diatoms do less work at higher carbon dioxide
91 Remote cave study reveals 3000 years of European climate variation
92 Researchers hot on the trail of Velociraptor relative
93 Rich array of artifacts shows mix of techniques dating to early Upper Paleolithic
94 New Grand Canyon age research focuses on Western Grand Canyon
95 Spider and centipede venom evolved from insulin-like hormone
96 New study shakes up understanding of when continents connected
97 Scientists downsize the giant 'Dreadnoughtus' dinosaur
98 Ancient Roman aqueduct supply revealed
99 When modern Eurasia was born
100 Dinosaur fossil investigation unlocks possible soft tissue treasure trove
101 More dialysis patients living in poor neighborhoods
102 With proper care, contaminated urban soils are safe for gardening, study finds
103 Children's exposure to secondhand smoke in England has dropped 80 percent since 1998
104 How a TV series changed patients' use of statins
105 'Myths' persist about the increase in human-caused seismic activity
106 Cutting carbon emissions could have indirect effects on hunger
107 The review of scientific studies in journals is subjective and quality is variable
108 Group discussion improves lie detection
109 Housing improvements could reduce malaria cases by half in some settings, according to research
110 Why boys are performing less well at school, how to fix it