File Title
1 Shorter stature appears to lead to higher mortality rates, longer waiting times for lung transplant
2 Urine-based test improves on PSA for detecting prostate cancer
3 Bacteria shown to suppress their antibiotic-resistant cousins
4 TSRI scientists link brain protein to binge-drinking behavior
5 Robot masters new skills through trial and error
6 Researchers examine the dangers bubbling up from hookah steam stones
7 Controlling swarms of robots with a finger
8 Object recognition for free
9 UW researchers hack a teleoperated surgical robot to reveal security flaws
10 Baiting the hook
11 Could mobile phone data help bring electricity to the developing world?
12 UW mapping app turns art into a sharable walking route
13 Fishermen, communities need more than healthy fish stocks
14 New report: Forests could be the trump card in efforts to end global hunger
15 New centimeter-accurate GPS system could transform virtual reality and mobile devices
16 Good things in store for retailers
17 Sustainability progress should precede seafood market access, researchers urge
18 New genetic test will improve biosecurity of honey bees around the globe
19 Patents forecast technological change
20 How are ordinary consumers transforming the fashion business?
21 Graphics in reverse
22 The brain in the supermarket
23 New species of ancient intruder discovered in England
24 Lowly 'new girl' chimps form stronger female bonds
25 The Bronze Age Egtved Girl was not from Denmark
26 Scientists discover world's oldest stone tools
27 French researchers develop new device to collect bed bugs
28 Ancient snakes--a new hiss-tory
29 Scandinavian trade 'triggered' the Viking Age
30 New dinosaur's keen nose made it a formidable predator, Penn study finds
31 As the river rises: Cahokia's emergence and decline linked to Mississippi River flooding
32 Palaeontology: Unique fish fossils identified
33 Solomon Islands dolphin hunts cast spotlight on small cetacean survival
34 DNA suggests all early Eskimos migrated from Alaska's North Slope
35 New fossil rattles Moby Dick's family tree
36 New class of swelling magnets have the potential to energize the world
37 Robotic sonar system inspired by bats
38 Tunable liquid metal antennas
39 Computing at the speed of light
40 'Supercool' material glows when you write on it
41 Revolutionary discovery could help tackle skin and heart conditions
42 A metal composite that will (literally) float your boat
43 Out with heavy metal
44 Researchers theoretically demonstrate detection of spin of atoms at room temperature
45 Magic wavelengths
46 An important step in artificial intelligence
47 New device could greatly improve speech and image recognition
48 A turning point in the physics of blood
49 Electrons corralled using new quantum tool
50 Chemistry student in sun harvest breakthrough
51 A 'super-cool' way to deliver drugs
52 Scientists X-ray chocolate
53 Artificial muscles created from gold-plated onion cells
54 Improving organic transistors that drive flexible and conformable electronics
55 Bringing high-energy particle detection in from the cold
56 New chip architecture may provide foundation for quantum computer
57 Study: 44 percent of parents struggle to limit cell phone use at playgrounds
58 NYU researchers ID part of the brain for processing speech
59 Bragging: Researchers find self-promotion often backfires
60 College readiness declines when school's focus is improving test scores, study finds
61 New insights into the male bias of autism
62 When the baby comes, working couples no longer share housework equally
63 Long-term study on ticks reveals shifting migration patterns, disease risks
64 Popular electric brain stimulation method detrimental to IQ scores
65 How climate science denial affects the scientific community
66 Real stereotypes continue to exist in virtual worlds
67 America's best teachers get creative
68 Wild bearded capuchin monkeys really know how to crack a nut
69 Rumors have it
70 Can cheap wine taste great? Brain imaging and marketing placebo effects
71 The science behind spite
72 High-pitched sounds cause seizures in old cats
73 Locusts provide insight into brain response to stimuli, senses
74 Texas A&M study finds we think better on our feet, literally
75 Expert panels successfully rate medical research proposals
76 Scientists create the sensation of invisibility
77 How racial stereotypes impact the way we communicate
78 Hubble sees shock collision inside black hole jet
79 Master orchestrator of the genome is discovered, UB stem cell scientists report
80 Global decline of large herbivores may lead to an 'empty landscape'
81 Lousy sockeye are lousy competitors
82 Severe flooding hits central Texas, Oklahoma
83 Gravity data show that Antarctic ice sheet is melting increasingly faster
84 Fjords are 'hotspots' in global carbon cycling
85 'Dead zones' found in Atlantic open waters
86 New technique shows shale-drilling additives in drinking-water taps near leak
87 LVADs may lead to declines in health, cognitive thinking in some heart failure patients
88 Seasonal immunity: Activity of thousands of genes differs from winter to summer
89 Researchers 'un-can' the HIV virus
90 Out of Africa via Egypt
91 How some beetles produce a scalding defensive spray
92 'Microcombing' creates stronger, more conductive carbon nanotube films
93 The language of invention: Most innovations are rephrasings of past technologies
94 'Reverse Evolution' of Perching Toe Sheds Light on Dinosaur Gait
95 Bizarre Virus that Survives Boiling Acid May Treat Human Diseases
96 New Human Ancestor Species May Have Lived Alongside 'Lucy'
97 Cold Case: Prehistoric Skull Reveals World's Oldest Murder?
98 'Dementor' Wasp One of 139 New Species Discovered in Greater Mekong
99 Prehistoric Climate Changes Hidden Inside Cave Deposits
100 Egypt May be the Key to Human Migration Out of Africa
101 Dinosaurs Were Warm-Blooded?
102 Dogs and Humans: Special Bond Goes Back Earlier than Thought
103 Chimpanzees: 'New Girl' Forms Stronger Female Bonds
104 Birds 'Weigh' Their Options When Choosing Nuts
105 Yawning: Is It Contagious Among Birds, Too?
106 Artificial Insemination: First Attempt on Most Endangered Turtle Provides Hope
107 Savannahs Help Slow Down Climate Change
108 Iconic Serengeti Park is Disappearing
109 Coral Reefs: Is Climate Engineering the Key to Saving Them?
110 Earth's Ozone is in Good Shape, Scientists Say