File Title
1 Eating the Placenta: Some Celebrities Do It, but Should You?
2 Suicidal Sexcapades: 2 Newfound Marsupials Do It to Death
3 What a Face! 'Hellboy' Dino Sported Head Crown, Teeny Eye Horns
4 Has Global Warming Taken a Rest? Not So Fast, Study Suggests
5 FBI's High-Tech Surveillance Planes: 4 Things You Should Know
6 1 Pinprick Test Could Detect Hundreds of Viruses
7 Reference: Oxytocin: Facts About the 'Cuddle Hormone'
8 The Three Reasons So Many People are Getting Cancer (Op-Ed)
9 Reference: What Is Symmetry?
10 Pluto's Moons Are Even Weirder than Thought
11 A Manned Mission to Mars: How NASA Could Do It
12 Air Bag Recall Highlights Need for Smarter Cars
13 Huge Beached Oarfish Sports 7-Foot-Long Ovaries
14 Meet the Guy Who Fake-Dissected a T. Rex
15 Look Out, Scientists! AI Solves 100-Year-Old Regeneration Puzzle
16 Triceratops' Teeth Turned into Slicing Machines While Chewing
17 Say Cheese: Rare Striped Rabbit Photographed
18 Deadly Melanoma May Not Show Up as a Mole
19 Ox Urine to Olive Oil: Fighting Garden Pests like the Colonists
20 Dwindling Large-Mammal Populations Create Ripple Effects
21 Dissolving Sea Stars Reveal a Damaged Ocean
22 Hubble Image Inspires White House to Ponder Our Cosmos
23 Apelike Robot Dominates First Day of DARPA Robotics Competition
24 Inside T. Rex: Fake Autopsy Reveals Dino's Innards
25 Origin-of-Life Story May Have Found Its Missing Link
26 The Surprising Reason Why Some People Smile More
27 Climate Plan Will Transform How You Get Your Electricity
28 Ultra-Flexible Tech May Monitor the Brain
29 Ancient Algae Discovered in Tropical Mountain Ice Cap
30 Does MERS Pose a Threat in the US?
31 50 US Hospitals that Mark Up Prices the Most
32 Woman's Tattoos Mistaken for Cancer on Imaging Test
33 Reference: Chipmunk Facts
34 Can a Pill Increase a Woman's Libido? 5 Things that Affect Female Sex Drive
35 Marijuana Exposure Among Kids Under 6 Rises Sharply
36 Life on the Serengeti: Thousands of Wild Images Captured by Hidden Cameras
37 Spinal Injuries Increasing Among Older Adults
38 Oh, You Deer: Newborn Mini Fawn Is Seriously Cute
39 'Cave of the Skulls' Robbers Get Prison Term in Israel
40 Chimps Get Drunk on Palm Wine
41 Frozen Ovarian Tissue Works a Decade Later: Woman Gives Birth
42 Color-Changing 'Squid Skin' Designed in Lab
43 A Better Way to Forecast Hurricanes (Podcast)
44 Reference: Facts About Deer
45 Bones with Names: Long-Dead Bodies Archaeologists Have Identified
46 Multitasking During Exercise May Ramp Up the Workout
47 iPhone Will Track Your Sex Life: Is that Helpful?
48 Family Ties: 8 Truly Dysfunctional Royal Families
49 Will Dreadnoughtus Dinosaur Lose Its Heavyweight Title?
50 Crops and Climate: Plants Will Suffer as Earth Warms (Op-Ed)
51 Google Searches for 'Skin Cancer' Rise in Summer
52 Your Birth Month May Predict Your Risk for Certain Diseases
53 Ancient Church Uncovered During Highway Project in Israel
54 Some Heartburn Drugs May Increase Heart Attack Risk
55 Were Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded? New Study Fuels Debate
56 Stanford brain waves study shows how different teaching methods affect reading development
57 Insect mating behavior has lessons for drones
58 EARTH: Rock stars--Geologists on the silver screen
59 Rapid and cost-effective chromosomal phasing is possible with Droplet Digital PCR Technology
60 Modeling storm surge to better protect Texas
61 A patient's budding cortex--in a dish?
62 Newer, easier-to-manage medications may not always be the best choice
63 New 'designer carbon' from Stanford boosts battery performance
64 The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: Unlocking the secrets of dark matter and dark energy
65 ONT-380 has stage IV HER2+ breast cancer patient 'worrying about normal stuff again'
66 Analysis of fluid that bathes the human eye identifies 386 new proteins as biomarker candidates
67 Study shows colorectal cancer genetically different in older and younger patients
68 CWRU social work researchers create easier, accurate way to analyze TSCC trauma results
69 Altered pain processing in patients with cognitive impairment
70 Study shows sexual dysfunction after gynecologic cancer treatment
71 Migraine surgery for teens--good results in initial experience
72 Little-known quake, tsunami hazards lurk offshore of Southern California
73 Prosthetic hands with a sense of touch? Breakthroughs in providing 'sensory feedback' from artificial limbs
74 Stem cell switch on the move
75 University of Houston researchers identify less-invasive method for kidney diagnostics
76 Alzheimer's culprit causes memory loss even before brain degeneration
77 Study: Race influences warfarin dose
78 CHOP global health focuses on children with cerebral palsy in southern Africa
79 'Green chemistry' to quantify the components of cosmetics
80 Russain physicists from study laser beam compressed into thin filament
81 Finding loopholes in the genome
82 Pembrolizumab shows real promise against head and neck cancer
83 Food or fuel? How about both?
84 Sharp-eyed Alma spots a flare on famous red giant star
85 Genetic biomarker may predict cancer patients' response to immunotherapy drug
86 Researchers engineer E. coli to produce new forms of popular antibiotic
87 Experts on aging: UN Sustainable Development Goals discriminatory, ageist
88 Measuring kidney health could better predict heart disease risk
89 Doctors' checklist could help decrease length of COPD patients' hospital stay
90 Smokers and those exposed to passive smoke require more anesthetic and painkiller during operations
91 Study of over 250,000 patients suggests that, before an operation, low blood pressure rather than high is a risk factor for death
92 Study shows hypothermia occurs during surgery in around half of patients
93 Godwits are flexible...when they get the chance
94 Anastrozole prevents recurrence more than tamoxifen in some with noninvasive breast cancer
95 Practice-changing study offers new option for tough breast cancer cases
96 Study identifies possible new combination chemotherapy for patients with advanced prostate cancer
97 Targeted drug can 'diminish the suffering' of myelofibrosis say Mayo Clinic researchers
98 Combining targeted drug with chemotherapy offers longer life to B-cell cancer patients
99 ESMO announces scale to stratify magnitude of clinical benefit of anticancer medicines
100 Removing more breast tissue reduces by half the need for second cancer surgery
101 50 shades of endangered: Marsupial mating habits to die for
102 Duke's poliovirus study finds that less is more
103 Discovery could improve radiotherapy for wide range of cancers
104 Research solves mystery of memory and mood
105 Immunotherapy drug improves survival for common form of lung cancer
106 Immunotherapy combo increases progression-free survival in advanced melanoma patients
107 Preoperative statins reduce mortality in coronary artery bypass graft surgery
108 American surgery patients--more pain medication, yet more pain!
109 Article concludes no reason for laughing gas to be withdrawn from operating theaters
110 Contact lens wearers note: Your eyes may get more infections because their microbiomes changed