File Title
1 Pharmacists play key role in improving patient health
2 Can phone data detect real-time unemployment?
3 Researchers develop new technique for modeling neuronal connectivity using stem cells
4 Love and money: How low-income dads really provide
5 Students' unions attempts to oppose consumerism are rarely successful, new research finds
6 Temple researchers look into the brains of chronic itch patients
7 European scientists discover previously unknown extreme star formation--the 'Eye of Medusa'
8 First full genome of a living organism assembled using technology the size of smartphone
9 Evidence supports therapeutic potential of plant-based terpenoids for skin diseases
10 People living in disadvantaged cities are at greater risk of suicide
11 Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons
12 Existing drug used in transplants causes older rats to lose weight
13 Research may provide new targets for IBD therapies
14 New mechanism that attacks viral infections discovered
15 Mouse with weaker bones, stronger metabolism points toward new diabetes therapies
16 Evolution study finds massive genome shift in one generation
17 Is aspartame safe? (video)
18 Research shows parental behavior not affected by stress and anxiety of premature birth
19 A protective shield for sensitive catalysts
20 Self-awareness not unique to mankind
21 Family ties: Social structure matters in species conservation
22 Secrets of innovation revealed in study of global video game industry
23 A KAIST research team develops the first flexible phase-change random access memory
24 What fish ears can tell us about sex, surveillance and sustainability
25 Exeter researchers lead international initiative to face devastating crop disease
26 How the Epstein-Barr virus hides in human cells
27 CU Denver researcher says no evidence children of same sex couples negatively impacted
28 A new method of converting algal oil to transportation fuels
29 Randomized controlled trials must be simplified to sustain innovation
30 UA researchers discover component of cinnamon prevents colorectal cancer in mice
31 View of 'nature as capital' uses economic value to help achieve a sustainable future
32 Scientists find genetic variants key to understanding origins of ovarian cancer
33 Chemists find efficient, scalable way to synthesize potential brain-protecting compound
34 Mount Sinai scientists develop new technique for analyzing the epigenetics of bacteria
35 New study finds that orange sweet potato reduces diarrhea in children
36 Scientists are first to see elements transform at atomic scale
37 Extreme changes in climate kept large, early dinosaurs from ruling the tropics
38 USF biologists: Biodiversity reduces human, wildlife diseases and crop pests
39 Bacterial genome scalpel can identify key gene regions
40 Majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol
41 UK hospital post mortems on verge of extinction, survey reveals
42 Eating up to 100 g of chocolate daily linked to lowered heart disease and stroke risk
43 ALK1 protein may play a role in breast cancer metastasis
44 Blood antibodies may predict HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer survival
45 Lung transplant survival rates good for Canadians with cystic fibrosis
46 Guidelines on hoarding launched by psychologists
47 Future Cardiology journal marks 10 years of publication with special issue
48 Lab mimicry opens a window to the deep interiors of stars and planets
49 Active clinician support and assistance are critical to successfully quitting smoking
50 Genetic switch lets marine diatoms do less work at higher CO2
51 Conservation policies could improve human health
52 Toothed whales have survived millions of years without key antiviral proteins
53 World's thinnest lightbulb--graphene gets bright!
54 Study estimates deaths attributable to cigarettes for 12 smoking-related cancers
55 New calculations to improve CO2 monitoring from space
56 Visualizing calcified coronary arteries may be wake-up call to change lifestyle
57 Gene therapy prevents Parkinson's disease in animal model, says Pitt study
58 Unraveling the link between brain and lymphatic system
59 Poor sleep associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke
60 Vulnerabilities in genome's 'dimmer switches' should shed light on many complex diseases
61 Palm oil price change could save tigers, other species
62 N/A
63 Underground ants can't take the heat
64 Why big dinosaurs steered clear of the tropics
65 Newfound groups of bacteria are mixing up the tree of life
66 American Thoracic Society issues recommendations on healthy sleep
67 Environmental activism works, study shows
68 Higher prices for sustainable palm oil could save endangered species
69 Uterine transplantation: Subjects have 'adjusted well to their new life situation'
70 Assisted reproduction not associated with reduced academic performance in adolescence
71 Origins of Red Sea's mysterious 'cannon earthquakes' revealed in new study
72 Body's response to injury and inflammation may hinder wound healing in diabetes
73 Patients struggle to stick to their diet when they choose a plan they like
74 Journal article details 'multiplicity of barriers' to clinical acceptance of medical laser innovations
75 Inkjet inks made of silk could yield smart bandages, bacteria-sensing gloves and more
76 Keeping a lid on inflammation
77 Study reveals surprising truths about caregivers
78 Gene discovery could lead to muscular dystrophy treatment
79 Vitreomacular adhesion patients report improved vision with non-surgical treatment
80 Parents' comparisons make siblings different
81 Eye's motion detection sensors identified
82 Seeing where stars collide
83 Graphene heat-transfer riddle unraveled
84 Families of orofacial clefting not at higher risk for dental anomalies
85 Prescription drug benefit doesn't save money for Medicare
86 Hi-tech tracking tags expand aquatic animal research opportunities, collaborations
87 Panel urges innovative research to improve diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS
88 Longevity hormone is lower in stressed and depressed women
89 Lymph nodes signal more aggressive thyroid cancer even in young patients
90 Public divided on heart benefits from alcohol consumption
91 A third of the world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress
92 What's on the surface of a black hole?
93 New UC study uncovers same-sex couples' opinions about marriage and cohabitation
94 Linking climate change to natural disasters influences charitable aid
95 Human cell models accelerate research into brown fat
96 Chapman University research on the diversity among nitrogen-fixing plants
97 New study discovers potential target for tissue regeneration
98 Drug trials in pet dogs with cancer may speed advances in human oncology
99 Nanoparticles can be intrinsically left- and right-handed
100 Automating microbial genome sequence decontamination
101 Clemson research: Vehicle direction, not driver biometrics, best way to detect drowsiness
102 For those over 50, finding a job can get old
103 Tracking the viral parasites cruising our waterways
104 Toxic algal blooms behind Klamath River dams create health risks far downstream
105 Can personal devices interfere with hospital care?
106 When a sudden boost in status at work isn't all good
107 Returning killer T cells back to barracks could improve vaccines
108 Unravelling the mysteries of carbonic acid
109 New measurement of the mass of a strange atomic nucleus achieves very high precision
110 Device allows evaluation of the efficacy, toxicity of drugs metabolized through the liver