File Title
1 Why crystals could be the shape of future pharmaceuticals
2 Ultrasound and algorithms to diagnose bacterial meningitis in babies
3 Natural rubber from dandelions
4 Botulinum neurotoxin A inhibitor developed via all-synthetic click epitope targeting chemistry
5 Electron-delivering protein manipulates natural catalyst, changing ideas about fertilizer production
6 Catalyst removes cancer-causing benzene in gasoline
7 New composite material as CO2 sensor
8 Putting 2 and 2 together: A new cobalt-catalyzed route to cyclobutanes
9 Turning paper industry waste into chemicals
10 Injectable gel fills wounds and promotes tissue regeneration
11 Chemical distribution and bonding states in fuel cell membranes
12 The state of research on two catalysts that can work in lean-burn engines
13 Small molecules change biological clock rhythm
14 Molecular docking site of a bacterial toxin identified
15 Simple separation process for neodymium and dysprosium
16 Decades of research yield natural dairy thickener with probiotic potential
17 Body's response to spicy foods guides design of new pain relief drugs
18 Electroporation delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 system improves efficiency and throughput
19 Chimpanzees may know when they are right and move to prove it
20 Evolution is unpredictable and irreversible, biologists show
21 Collaboration of citrus greening researchers begins 5-year plan to save citrus
22 Discovering a new force driving cell contraction during development and organogenesis
23 Once-abundant bird being eaten to worldwide extinction by China
24 South African medics make big effort to save Hope the rhino
25 Free app helps distinguish diseased from healthy plant tissues
26 Small changes have large benefits for crop breeding
27 Insect's wings key to azalea pollination
28 Before we build Jurassic World, we need to study recent extinctions
29 Tree root research confirms that different morphologies produce similar results
30 Crop-rotation resistant rootworms have a lot going on in their guts
31 New species of leafminer on grapevine in Western Cape came from wild grapes
32 Researchers identify unique marker on mom's chromosomes in early embryo
33 Neurobiologists discover cells in the crow brain that respond to a specific number of items
34 Mosquitoes may also be a vector for Rickettsia felis
35 Emerging weeds show resilience to herbicide treatments
36 Largest-ever scientific camera trapping survey reveals 'secret lives of the Serengeti'
37 Longest ever tiger shark tracking reveals remarkable, bird-like migrations
38 Discovery in plant growth mechanisms opens new research path
39 Research group suggests modern extinction rate may be higher than thought
40 Many experiments for the price of one: A breakthrough in the study of gene regulation
41 Cuckoos mimic 'harmless' species as a disguise to infiltrate host nests
42 Pigeon 'chain of command' aids navigation
43 How mathematics reveals the nature of the cosmos
44 Don't complain, train young adult slackers who work in your office
45 Researchers find everyone has a bias blind spot
46 New theory identifies height-to-base ratio that helped humanity master fire and migrate across the globe
47 Best of Last Week--Light's pushing pressure, the riddle of Somerton Man and maintaining muscle strength as we age
48 Our latest scientific research partner was a medieval bishop
49 Mathematician theorizes what happened to MH370
50 Attitudes about women's sport in mainstream media
51 Scientists anxious about the future of research funding
52 Household food waste and what to do about it
53 Creative work may help unburden secret keepers
54 New book argues that economic development is a special case of the growth of information
55 Processing arrested juveniles as adults has small effect on criminal recidivism, study finds
56 New study finds "Sesame Street" improves school readiness
57 How do mobile devices in the classroom impact student learning?
58 Pre-lecture diagrams help students take better notes, learn more
59 Juvenile incarceration yields less schooling, more crime
60 New dinosaur discovered in Wales
61 What rabbits can tell us about Neanderthal extinction?
62 Not everyone who worries about immigrants is a bigot--they're just in a moral bind
63 Misperception discourages girls from studying math-intensive science, shows study
64 Denied under Nazis, 102-year-old Jewish woman gets doctorate
65 3,800-year-old statuettes found in Peru
66 Scientists out for dinosaur blood
67 Scientists downsize the giant 'Dreadnoughtus' dinosaur
68 DNA breakage underlies both learning, age-related damage
69 Images reveal structure of heart cells that may hold heart attack clues
70 Long-term care hospitals keep patients longer than necessary for financial reasons
71 New study shows boys will be boys--sex differences aren't specific to autism
72 Extreme exercise linked to blood poisoning
73 Study reveals why men are more forgetful
74 Simple blood test identifies which patients are prone to serious illness after surgery
75 Resilience to stress may be key for long-term health
76 Researchers isolate smallest unit of sleep to date
77 Largest-ever study of parental age and autism finds increased risk with teen moms
78 West African Ebola virus strain less virulent than prototype 1976 strain
79 How a gut feeling for infection programs our immune response
80 Stem cell discovery paves way for targeted treatment for osteoarthritis
81 Chemo may be preferred option for some with advanced prostate cancer
82 Study redefines role of estrogen in cervical cancer
83 Researchers discover molecular rules that govern autoimmune disorders
84 Been there? Done that? If you are sure, thank your 'memory cells'
85 Researchers find possible molecular explanation for caffeine reducing mood disorders
86 Swapping saturated fat with 'good' fats reduces heart disease risk factors
87 Study suggests region of prefrontal cortex impacted by ketamine
88 Brain lesions in children challenging to diagnose
89 Study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain to anxiety and depression
90 Early intervention improves long-term outcomes for children with autism
91 FDA panel backs first-in-class cholesterol drug
92 First live birth after transplantation of ovarian tissue frozen during childhood
93 Low glycemic index diet reduces symptoms of autism in mice
94 Scientists gain first glimpse of new concepts developing in the brain
95 Scientists find cellular mechanism for how the body regulates glucose transport
96 Cervical cancer vaccine might work after just one shot, not three
97 Fighting Ebola: Antidepressant and Heart Drug Show Promise
98 20-Foot Monster Shark Once Trolled Mesozoic Seas
99 Charlie Charlie Challenge: Can You Really Summon a Demon?
100 Chimp Chefs? These Primates Could Cook, if Given the Tools
101 Losing Sense of Smell Linked with Earlier Deaths
102 Neuron Probes are Exposing the Brain as Never Before (Kavli Roundtable)
103 Meet the Robot Finalists in the DARPA Robotics Challenge
104 Robot Showdown: Droids to Face Off in DARPA Robotics Challenge
105 Interactive Map Lets You Find Dinosaur Tracks, Extinct Volcanoes
106 Squee! New Absurdly Tiny Frogs Found in Brazil
107 Dragon Tales: Zookeeper's Komodo Bite Raises Questions
108 Why There's (Still) No Viagra for Women
109 Just Two Actions May Stop the Planet's Runaway Warming (Op-Ed)
110 Why Your Next Flu Shot Will Be Different