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1 New 3D polypyrrole aerogel-based electromagnetic absorber can serve as inexpensive alternative to graphene aerogels
2 Measuring the mass of molecules on the nano-scale
3 Improving the delivery of chemotherapy with graphene
4 Researchers learn to control graphene with lasers
5 Surface-modified nanoparticles endow coatings with combined properties
6 How natural channel proteins move in artificial membranes
7 Intravenous nutrition source could reduce side effects of chemotherapy
8 World's smallest spirals could guard against identity theft
9 The world's first model for engineered nanoparticles in surface waters
10 Engineers show how 'perfect' materials begin to fail
11 In tuning friction to the point where it disappears, technique could boost development of nanomachines
12 Visualising nanoscale changes in the electronic properties of graphene
13 New microfiber emitters boost production of versatile fibers fourfold, cut energy consumption by 92 percent
14 Researchers create solar cells with record energy performance
15 Diffusion and remote detection of hot-carriers in graphene
16 Nanospace-controlled gold material created using molecular technology
17 Stretchable ceramics made by flame technology
18 Tiny particles, big impact? Researchers are investigating how ingesting nanoparticles may influence health
19 Researchers demonstrate 'no-ink' color printing with nanomaterials
20 Nanomaterial self-assembly imaged in real time
21 Taking cues from nature to develop colors that do not fade
22 Researchers develop technique for integrating 'III-V' materials onto silicon wafers
23 Injectable electronics holds promise for basic neuroscience, treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases
24 Ultrasensitive magnetoplasmonic sensors
25 'Nano-raspberries' could bear fruit in fuel cells
26 High hopes as Large Hadron Collider pumps protons to ever higher energy
27 How to cut a vortex into slices
28 Researchers use wave theories to explain bird flock size properties
29 Solar cell sets world record with a stabilized efficiency of 13.6%
30 Counterintuitive math of high speed impacts
31 The future for antiferromagnetic information storage
32 A smaller, lighter delivery system for proton-beam radiotherapy
33 Event displays in particle physics
34 Next-generation illumination using silicon quantum dot-based white-blue LED
35 New study shows the dynamics of active swarms in alternating fields
36 The most accurate quantum thermometer
37 Moving sector walls on the nano scale
38 Is this the end of particle physics as we know it?
39 How does an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider work?
40 Getting to the heart of the matter: CERN's hidden heritage
41 New microscope technique could speed identification of deadly bacteria
42 Researchers cross a critical threshold in optical communications
43 Ultrafast heat conduction can manipulate nanoscale magnets
44 Scientists see ripples of a particle-separating wave in primordial plasma
45 N/A
46 Quantum Cheshire Cat effect may be explained by standard quantum mechanics
47 Simulations improve understanding of crystalline HMX explosives
48 Filming the film: Scientists observe photographic exposure live at the nanoscale
49 Improving energy storage with a cue from nature
50 Engineers develop a computer that operates on water droplets
51 Researchers find strong constraint on delivery of optical signals to computers
52 Fly over Ceres in new video
53 Using meteorite impacts to study seismic waves on Mars
54 NASA tests 'flying saucer' device for future Mars landings
55 Eliminating terrestrial noise sources to improve the LIGO gravity wave detectors
56 Nation's first operational satellite in deep space reaches final orbit
57 Most detailed view ever of star formation in the distant universe
58 Leonard Nimoy's legacy lives on in the asteroid belt
59 Mercury sole survivor of close orbiting planets
60 Martian glass: Window into possible past life?
61 The ages of extragalactic jets
62 NASA commercial crew partner SpaceX achieves pad abort milestone approval
63 Rainfall spacecraft debris to re-enter over tropics
64 Image: Soyuz TMA-15M docked at the International Space Station
65 NASA 'flying saucer' deploys partially on test
66 Of course space exploration is worth the money
67 Russia aims for launch of next manned flight to ISS in July
68 Don't stress the small stuff: NASA's One-Year Mission research combats stress and fatigue
69 Nearby 'dwarf' galaxy is home to luminous star cluster
70 Glitch shifts position of International Space Station
71 Rosetta's comet remains active after nightfall and emits dust jets into space
72 Supersonic NASA parachute torn to pieces in latest test
73 LightSail's solar sails look good in latest deployment
74 New tool could predict large solar storms more than 24 hours in advance
75 What are gravitational waves?
76 Researchers characterize mysterious ultraluminous X-ray sources
77 Team develops vision system that improves object recognition
78 Apple aims to become online music powerhouse (Update 2)
79 Counting people with WiFi
80 Stolen data finder could reduce harm for companies
81 Data breach that exposed millions is just 'tip of the iceberg,' expert says
82 Fully renewable energy system is economically viable in Finland in 2050
83 First enterprise-class cloud service for designing electronic systems for mobile devices
84 'Metal Gear Solid V': Five ways 'Phantom Pain' is different
85 Energy efficiency and the future of long-distance flight
86 Apple makes product upgrades, pushes into streaming music
87 US hedge fund asks Seoul court to stop Samsung takeover deal
88 France TV cyberattack probe focused on 'Russian hackers': judicial source
89 Apple Music brings change to streaming, but is it enough?
90 Professor's laser-based space energy system generates a patent
91 HP to pay $100 million to settle case tied to Autonomy deal
92 Intel launches investment fund for minority, women-led firms
93 Snowden revelations costly for US tech firms, study says
94 Ex-BlackBerry Co-CEO talks publicly for the first time
95 House votes to make ban on Internet access taxes permanent
96 Microsoft algorithm improves directions in large networks for Bing Maps
97 Philips Hue and Apple's HomeKit to be house mates
98 GE unveils experimental ecoROTR wind turbine
99 N/A
100 Car to driver: We're not moving with that blood alcohol
101 Microsoft beefs up Xbox ahead of major E3 event
102 Engineers develop state-by-state plan to convert US to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050
103 A microscopic approach to the magnetic sensitivity of animals
104 Exploring the role of water in the complex energy landscape of proteins
105 Precise transplant of a biomolecule to a synthesized molecule
106 Solvent encapsulation is the trick--a solid material with spin-transition solution-like behaviour
107 World's first digitally-encoded synthetic polymers
108 Biochemists devise new technique for blueprinting cell membrane proteins
109 New inorganic aromatic ion
110 Video: The chemistry of gender transitions