File Title
1 Chimpanzees may know when they are right and move to prove it
2 Researchers find everyone has a bias blind spot
3 People at risk of hoarding disorder may have serious complaints about sleep
4 Evolution is unpredictable and irreversible, Penn biologists show
5 Atmospheric signs of volcanic activity could aid search for life
6 Anti-rejection medications for transplant recipients protect against Alzheimer's disease
7 Boosting gut bacteria defense system may lead to better treatments for bloodstream infections
8 Poor sleep quality linked to reduced resilience among veterans
9 Counting people with WiFi
10 Bacterial sepsis protein may inhibit cancer cell growth
11 Martian glass--window into possible past life
12 Researchers boost body's inflammation-reduction mechanism to combat obesity-fueled disease
13 Building a better grunt--ONR-sponsored technology to lighten marines' loads
14 Diabetic researchers pinpoint gene key to reactivating insulin-producing beta cells
15 Hospital stays longer, more costly with poorly controlled blood sugar
16 New study sheds light on life satisfaction and mortality risk in older adults
17 Yin and yang--immune signaling protein has opposing roles in breast cancer development
18 Researchers analyze the structure of bird feathers to create hues without dye
19 Study finds weight loss in obese adults can reduce severity of asthma
20 Scientists show antitumor agent can be activated by natural response to cell stress
21 Constant weathering
22 Loon chicks grow fast and fledge early to give parents a break
23 Putting 2 and 2 together
24 Technology offers a bird's-eye view on how foreclosure affects the landscape
25 Tiny particles, big impact?
26 Massey researchers identify patients at risk for stem cell transplant complications
27 New joint military-civilian database provides insights on health care outcomes, utilization, and cost
28 Children with TBI have poorer sleep quality and more daytime sleepiness
29 Don't complain, train young adult slackers who work in your office
30 Antibiotic use can be cut dramatically for abdominal infections, major trial shows
31 Study links lower life satisfaction to sleep problems during midlife
32 Study links severe restless legs syndrome to increased risk of stroke
33 Ultrafast heat conduction can manipulate nanoscale magnets
34 Using Minecraft to unboggle the robot mind
35 Data scientists find connections between birth month and health
36 Study examines psychotropic medication use in children, teens with Down syndrome
37 Making organic molecules in hydrothermal vents in the absence of life
38 Certain donors with high T cell counts make better match for stem-cell transplant patients
39 Transgender HIV-infected women in US have poorer disease control and unmet basic needs
40 Crossing a critical threshold in optical communications
41 Novel laboratory works to improve population health and prepare transformational leaders
42 Accentuate the positive when it comes to nutrition education
43 How your brain is telling you to vote
44 The chemistry of gender transitions (video)
45 Whole genome sequencing found to rapidly enhance infection control
46 Star-shaped cells help blood vessels in the brain keep a grip on a healthy tone
47 What do walnuts smell like?
48 No increased cardiovascular risk detected for new diabetes medication
49 Futuristic components on silicon chips, fabricated successfully
50 Important new research on early palliative care for advanced cancer patients published
51 Breast cancer study raises hope of therapy to stop tumor spread
52 Lean despite many calories
53 Electroporation delivery of CRISPR/Cas9 system improves efficiency and throughput
54 Controller in the cell
55 New composite material as CO2 sensor
56 Modern housing reduces malaria risk
57 New approach for treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
58 Recovery of sensory function by stem cell transplants
59 Progress in safety verification of Chinese high-speed train control system
60 Bistatic/multistatic synthetic aperture radar: Approaching the new era
61 Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may share genetic roots with creativity
62 Getting to the heart of the matter: CERN's hidden heritage
63 Concentrations and distributions of Dechlorane Plus around a manufacturing plant in China
64 ASEAN economic integration means huge challenges for trees, farmers and food supply
65 ALMA uses 'natural telescope' to image monstrous galaxy near the edge of the universe
66 Disney researchers develop vision system that improves object recognition
67 Can we increase harvest of woody biomass from European forests?
68 Disney researchers improve automated recognition of human body movements in videos
69 New microscope technique could speed identification of deadly bacteria
70 California Academy of Sciences discovers 100 new species in the Philippines
71 Injectable electronics
72 Early attention to quality of life reduces hospital costs for advanced cancer patients
73 Scientists identify new drug target to treat ALS
74 Restraining health care prices requires workforce productivity gains, not wage cuts alone
75 Most detailed view ever of star formation in the distant universe
76 Women four times less likely to have surgery if breast cancer diagnosed as an emergency
77 Who your doctor is could dictate how you're cared for at end of life
78 National study finds rising rate of marijuana exposure among children 5 years old, younger
79 Scientists see ripples of a particle-separating wave in primordial plasma
80 Turning paper industry waste into chemicals
81 Navigating multiple myeloma with 'Google Maps' for the cancer genome
82 Novel mutational process targeting gene regulatory elements discovered
83 Autophagy defect causes loss of muscle in aging
84 As death rates drop, nonfatal diseases and injuries take a bigger toll on health globally
85 Researchers expose how 'James Bond' cells are made
86 New survey: Only about half of men can remember their last medical check-up
87 The Lancet: Over 95 percent of the world's population has health problems--with over a third having more than 5 ailments
88 Depletion of naive T cells from stem cell grafts limits chronic graft-versus host disease
89 Nanomaterial self-assembly imaged in real time
90 Study examines association between cholesterol-lowering drugs, memory impairment
91 UCSF study projects need for 2.5 million more long-term care workers by 2030
92 Certain preoperative tests still common in US despite low value and high costs
93 Antibody response linked to lower mother-to-child HIV transmission
94 Taking statins? Don't worry about memory loss, Rutgers, Penn study finds
95 Disrupting tumor cell 'microenvironment' suggests a new way to treat a prevalent childhood leukemia
96 Stroke patients recover arm use with virtual reality
97 Virus evolution and human behavior shape global patterns of flu movement
98 Flash flood risks increase as storm peak downpours intensify
99 Weathering and river discharge surprisingly constant during Ice Age cycles
100 Theranostic drug personalizes prostate cancer imaging and therapy
101 Survey finds state policies have critical impact on ACA applications, enrollment
102 Higher concentration of physicians groups could increase costs, Stanford researchers say
103 Cloud-based neuroimaging analysis could aid Alzheimer's diagnosis
104 Fish declines linked to effects of excess nutrients on coastal estuaries
105 Molecular imaging reveals marker of neurodegenerative disease
106 Genomic testing can help identify patients at heightened risk for esophageal cancer
107 Surgical anesthesia in young children linked to effects on IQ, brain structure
108 Stiffened penalties for nighttime teen driving associated with fewer fatal crashes
109 Some hospitals marking up prices more than 1,000 percent
110 PET reveals inflammatory cycle in the brain