File Title
1 Extra free childcare: Who will benefit?
2 Last Oxford vote on admitting female students
3 Artificial leg allows patient to feel
4 Leaky pipes 'could pose health risk'
5 Hospitals warn fines for missing targets 'harming care'
6 Tawel Fan: Betsi Cadwaladr health board in special measures
7 'Be on alert for bladder cancer' women advised
8 Doctors' cosmetic surgery guidance urges more honesty
9 'Gluten-free' products recalled by major supermarkets
10 Down's blood test 'would cut risk of miscarriage'
11 David Cameron to unveil 'disease detectives' plan
12 Concerns remain over failing mental health trust
13 NHS Blood and Transplant call for new donors after stark drop
14 'Lab on a card' spots poor quality drugs that can kill
15 Why the NHS could soon prescribe home improvements and knitting
16 Money, money, money--those NHS finances
17 Have we cured cancer?
18 Mosquito sex change success may open new avenue against dengue fever
19 Botox boosts pliability, elasticity of skin for up to 4 months
20 Study links obesity, mood disorders to greater risk of weakened heart during childbirth
21 Heart failure patients with cognitive impairment 'may have worse outcomes'
22 New mechanism behind Alzheimer's onset identified
23 Teenage obesity may increase risk of colorectal cancer in later-life
24 Link observed between waist size and noise pollution
25 Scientists reveal how herpes virus hijacks and hides in our cells
26 Views of grassy rooftops boost concentration
27 Just two sessions of CBT may prevent or delay cannabis use among teenagers
28 High altitudes linked to increased SIDS risk
29 Higher mortality risk for heart failure patients with depression
30 Newer contraceptives come with higher clotting risks, analysis finds
31 'Achilles' heel for Ebola virus infection' protein identified
32 Groundbreaking treatment uses herpes to combat skin cancer
33 New urine test may lessen need to draw blood
34 Fast chip test for antibiotic-resistant bacteria in sight
35 BMJ opinion piece calls for reclassification of psychedelics
36 Mediterranean diet could reduce risk of endometrial cancer
37 Moderate drinking linked to heart damage in the elderly
38 Hip fracture drug prevention strategies are 'pointless'
39 Hearing protection: what are my options?
40 430,000-year-old skull fractures may represent earliest case of murder in humans
41 Scientific discovery may stop breast cancer spreading to the bones
42 'Cell-squeezing' expands options for immunotherapy vaccines
43 New hominin species joins Lucy on the human family tree
44 Study finds that 5.8% of the general population have experienced psychotic episodes
45 Major clinical trial supports early treatment for all HIV patients
46 New insight into taste bud renewal offers hope for cancer patients with taste dysfunction
47 'Balancing protein and carbs equal in benefit to cutting calories'
48 Lab work discovers bladder cell secret against urinary infection
49 Large ovarian cancer study reveals new clues on genetics of chemoresistance
50 Eating more dietary fiber linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes
51 Delaying umbilical cord clamping may improve child's development
52 Tattoos may cause years of infection, itching and swelling
53 Dramatic rise in STDs and HIV in Rhode Island
54 Kidney injury risk for heart surgery patients may be reduced with novel technique
55 Common kidney tests may predict cardiovascular disease risk
56 Alterations to the eye microbiome of contact lens wearers may increase infections
57 Late cancer relapse driven by 'reawakening of sleeping cancer cells'
58 Prostate cancer: risk of death may be raised by Western diet
59 Global cancer cases 'still rising'--now 15 million a year
60 Wastewater treatment may give rise to new antibiotics
61 Exciting discovery could boost radiotherapy effect on several cancers
62 Increased risk of homicide linked with use of certain painkillers
63 'Taste for sugar' could be HIV's major weakness
64 Risk of second breast cancer operation 'halved' when surgeons cut more
65 Could diabetes protect against ALS?
66 Breastfeeding may protect against childhood leukemia
67 10 Most Common Birth Control Pill Side Effects
68 Desk-based employees 'should work standing up'
69 Obesity may lead to type 2 diabetes via bacteria
70 Mining Ebola tweets yields valuable outbreak information
71 Men are 'more likely to cheat' if their wife is the main breadwinner
72 Babies possess ability to perceive faces 'years before previously thought'
73 Maternal antidepressant use may raise risk of newborn persistent pulmonary hypertension
74 'Slimming chocolate' study fools the world's media
75 State interventions 'have done nothing to increase organ donation'
76 Revealed: how teens are using the Internet to access health information
77 'No evidence' linking smoking cessation drug with suicide, road accidents
78 Frequently bullied kids 'twice as likely' to be depressed at 18
79 First steps taken for regenerating whole limbs
80 Melanoma rates have doubled over the past 30 years, say CDC
81 Immunotherapy heralds 'new era' for cancer treatment
82 3D map of human brain stem could make deep brain stimulation safer
83 High moral reasoning linked to increased gray matter volume in the brain
84 New strong evidence for neurological cause of schizophrenia
85 Delirium in critical care 'signals twice the risk of dying'
86 Alcohol use disorder affects '1 in 3 Americans' in their lifetime
87 Lung cancer blood test steps closer with new biomarker discovery
88 Will 'the female Viagra' really help women?
89 Mammography still best for breast cancer screening, experts find
90 Low birth weights associated with proximity to fracking sites
91 How a single blood test could identify your entire viral infection history
92 Illicit drug-taking in the workplace 'increasing'
93 Parents of kids with ASD warned about dietary supplements
94 Huge AIDS improvements since the 80s--but infections 'remain a problem'
95 Health benefits of eating placenta 'unproven'
96 Controversial female libido pill backed by FDA advisory committee
97 World's first skull-scalp transplant performed in Texas man
98 'Landmark discovery' of vessels connecting brain to immune system
99 Fecal matter found on more than 60% of toothbrushes in shared bathrooms
100 Early-stage cancers may be detected with noninvasive prenatal testing
101 Study reveals how bacteria can avoid antibiotics
102 Many African-American women 'silent and alone' with infertility
103 Rabbit virus could make bone marrow transplants safer
104 General anesthesia in young children linked to poorer intelligence, language development
105 Hepatitis C: causes, symptoms, treatments, prevention
106 Marijuana exposure rising among young children
107 Fusion of normal cells may trigger genetic changes leading to cancer
108 Experts reflect on the past, present and future of diabetes
109 'Stroke ages the brain 8 years overnight'
110 Could owning a cat raise the risk of mental illness?