File Title
1 'Genomic catastrophe' may cause normal cells to become cancerous
2 Amyloid PET may lead to better treatment for Alzheimer's patients
3 Novel PET tracer narrows in on life-threatening blood clots
4 Amyloid scan of the heart predicts major cardiac events
5 Study finds high Medicare Advantage copays for hospital, nursing care
6 A cuckoo finch in sheep's clothing: ANU media release
7 Study shows wildlife density data better predicts conservation success
8 New tool better protects beachgoers from harmful bacteria levels
9 Strategies needed for community health worker programs to solve health care challenges
10 Obese patients at high risk of post-surgery complications
11 Short boys are 2 to 3 times as likely as short girls to receive growth hormone
12 Sleep problems and energy product use associated with increased alcohol use in teens
13 Which artificial pancreas system is the best for children with type 1 diabetes?
14 Report: one in four Baltimore residents live in a food desert
15 First functional, synthetic immune organ with controllable antibodies created by engineers
16 More Frequent overnight hot flashes linked with brain scan changes
17 NAMS supports judicious use of systemic hormone therapy even after age 65
18 New web tool allows public to compare quality of long-term care homes
19 Light-intensity exercise could prove beneficial to older adults, new research shows
20 Researchers develop novel ketone supplements to enhance non-toxic cancer therapy
21 Songbirds find success nesting in introduced shrubs
22 'Chromosome shattering' seen in plants, cancer
23 Carotenoid levels in breast milk vary by country, diet
24 Travertine reveals ancient Roman aqueduct supply
25 Researchers examine how to minimize drought impact on important food crops
26 Fragile X proteins involved in proper neuron development
27 Clinical trial launched to assess safety and efficacy of autism drug treatment
28 University of Cincinnati, industry partners develop low-cost, 'tunable' window tintings
29 Many older adults going online to discuss, learn about sex
30 When trees aren't 'green'
31 Survival benefit with 'fully human' EGFR antibody necitumumab in squamous NSCLC
32 Mysteries in the mushrooms: First records of fungi-feeding gnat larvae from South America
33 New drug can clear all psoriasis symptoms
34 Slip sliding away: Graphene and diamonds prove a slippery combination
35 Study discovers new method of classifying low-grade brain tumors
36 Risky outdoor play positively impacts children's health: UBC study
37 Lonely galaxy lost in space
38 Interneurons find their way to the striatum
39 Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats
40 New imaging technique pinpoints changes in brain connectivity following mTBI
41 MIT team creates ultracold molecules
42 Sleep duration and quality may impact cancer survival rate
43 Multi-center study redefines brain tumor diagnosis and treatment
44 Public debate could be key to strong economy
45 A stiff upper lip makes sense to baby
46 Partial sleep deprivation linked to biological aging in older adults
47 Binghamton engineer creates origami battery
48 Statewide quality improvement program helps lower rates of trauma complications
49 Plymouth University researchers in first ever UK brain tumor workshop
50 Robot eyes will benefit from insect vision
51 Coral reefs defy ocean acidification odds in Palau
52 New report says US freight rail regulations outdated, recommends modernization efforts
53 Energy efficiency upgrades ease strain of high energy bills in low-income families
54 Rice researchers make ultrasensitive conductivity measurements
55 New obesity treatment prevents bone loss during weight loss
56 Probing what happens to plutonium in a nuclear explosion
57 Gold-standard clinical trials fail to capture how behavior changes influence treatment
58 Breast milk shared to help babies via online and offline communities
59 Tackling chronic sinusitis by addressing underlying factors
60 Lost in space
61 Social media should play greater role in disaster communication
62 Cutting carbon emissions could have indirect effects on hunger
63 Nanoparticles target and kill cancer stem cells that drive tumor growth
64 Fast-tracking precision medicine: Drug re-aimed to target diabetic kidney disease
65 Finding hope in the dark
66 The price of a happy ending can be bad decision-making, say researchers
67 Pedophiles more likely to have physical irregularities
68 Teenagers should exercise like kids to achieve best health outcomes
69 All change for bacterial outer membrane proteins
70 Impact of insecticides on the cognitive development of 6-year-old children
71 Light pollution threatens the Balearic shearwater
72 Ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysms: Advantages for men, but not for women
73 New boron compounds for organic light-emitting diodes
74 Patients with moderate RA as likely to need joint surgery as those with high disease
75 Early intensive intervention improves outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder
76 Ultrasound-defined tenosynovitis identified as strong predictor of early RA
77 Intensive initial therapy with triple DMARDs improves functional ability in early RA
78 Europe's most homophobic countries may be paving the way for a rise in HIV cases
79 Researchers uncover how a faulty gene can trigger fatal heart condition
80 Microbe-mediated adaptation to a novel diet
81 Multimodality treatment for metastatic lung cancer with surgery may improve survival rates
82 Strong teeth: Nanostructures under stress make teeth crack resistant
83 Coral colonies more genetically diverse than assumed
84 First-ever observation of the native capside of a retrovirus
85 Youth on the autism spectrum overly sensitive to sensory stimuli have brains that react differently
86 New study explores whether newborns delivered by c-section face higher risk of chronic health problems later in life
87 'Mutation accelerator' identified in gene mutation linked to common adult leukemia
88 University of Windsor sexual assault study reaches NEJM
89 Keeping mind, body active may not protect against underlying signs of Alzheimer's
90 Specialized proteins may be detected in blood of people with Alzheimer's disease
91 Single protein causes Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy
92 Additives in low tar ('light') and e-cigarettes may reinforce nicotine dependence
93 Aerobic exercise seems to curb asthma severity and improves quality of life
94 Weekend screen time linked to poorer bone health in teen boys
95 Ice sheet collapse triggered ancient sea level peak: ANU media release
96 Interest in learning about skin cancer appears to increase during summer
97 New treatment hope for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
98 Low levels of hormone in African-Americans may increase hypertension
99 Heart failure readmissions reduced with new optimization approach
100 Genetically modified fish on the loose?
101 More women turning to CAM for menopause without medical guidance
102 Americans may be wasting more food than they think
103 Cutting-edge research unveiled at 2015 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference
104 Common antibiotic may be the answer to many multidrug-resistant bacterial infections
105 Boreal peatlands not a global warming time bomb
106 Mother's environment before conception may affect her child's life long risk of disease
107 Molecular classification may improve method physicians use to diagnose and treat gliomas
108 When modern Eurasia was born
109 Plants may run out of time to grow under ongoing climate change
110 A celestial butterfly emerges from its dusty cocoon