File Title
1 Pregnancy and the Brain: Motherhood Can Cause Permanent Changes to the Brain, Study Finds
2 NASA Packed 100 Tampons for Sally Ride's Week in Space 'To Be Safe'
3 Younger Cancer Patients More Open to Alternative Treatments than Older Patients, Study Says
4 Pollution and Poverty: New York City Air Pollution Affecting Children's IQ, Study Claims
5 Radiation and Nebula Formation: Cosmic Champagne Bottle, RCW 34 Evolution
6 Mars Experienced Mysterious 10-Fold Methane Spike Lasting 2 Months
7 New Human Ancestor Walked the Earth at the Same Time as 'Lucy,' Ancient Jaw Bone Reveals (VIDEO)
8 Mount Everest's Glaciers Could Lose Up to 99 Percent of Ice by 2100 Due to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
9 NASA Schedules Second Test Flight for Supersonic Spacecraft
10 Skull Found in Spanish 'Death Pit' May Be Earliest Evidence of Murder
11 Crowd Counting Can Be Done Through Twitter and Mobile Data, New Study Finds
12 Mars Mission: NASA Testing Next Mars Rover in Preparation for Journey to Red Planet
13 Big Bang: Antimatter Research Tries to Uncover Why More Matter than Antimatter Survived Big Bang
14 Kuiper Belt Twin? Discovery Shows What Solar System Looked like as a 'Toddler'
15 Hubble Video Shows Shock Collision Inside Black Hole Jet (TIME-LAPSE VIDEO)
16 Robots Programmed to Adapt to Damages in Minutes (VIDEO)
17 BMX Cyclists Use Drone Tech to Improve Track Time
18 U.S. Military Accidentally Sends Live Anthrax to Nine States, U.S. Base in South Korea
19 Dementor Wasp Turns Victims into Zombies: New Species Discovered
20 Hookup Apps like Tinder, Craigslist Blamed for Increasing STDs in Rhode Island
21 Implantable Body Antenna for Medical Monitoring Gets Government Funding
22 Killer Robots Could Leave Humans 'Defenseless' Without Regulation, Professor Warns
23 NASA's New Horizons Reveals Stunning Pluto Details, Including Possible Polar Ice Cap
24 Deadly Sex: 1 Night with New York Nematode Male Enough to Kill
25 Racism and Sexism Could Be Cured in Your Sleep
26 Gene Study Shows Egypt Was 'Last Stop' in Human Migration Out of Africa
27 Rayleigh Light-Scattering Effect: Isolating the Phenomenon Could Reveal How the Universe Was Made
28 NASA's Cassini Prepares for Final Up-Close Look at Saturn's Strange Moon, Hyperion
29 Ceres: NASA's Dawn Returns Images with Even Finer Detail, Final Set of Photos for Navigation Taken (PHOTO)
30 Dinosaurs Were Warm-Blooded Just like Modern Animals, Expert Says
31 New Computer Chip Made Out of Wood is Cheaper, Environment-Friendly
32 Lost Memories Restored by Light Technology
33 Tiny Robot Can Fold Itself, Walk, Swim and Dissolve (VIDEO)
34 India Heat Wave: Death Toll Tops 1,800 as Water Shortages Sweep Nation
35 Alma Spots Unexpected Solar Flare on Red Giant Star Mira
36 MIT's Cheetah Robot Clears Hurdles While Running 5 Miles Per Hour (VIDEO)
37 Swiss Cheese Holes Mystery Finally Unveiled
38 'Cold Snap' Occurred During Period of Extreme Greenhouse Conditions Millions of Years Ago
39 Microscopic Sonic Screwdrivers Act like 'Tornadoes of Sound'
40 Everyday Seismic Waves Measured by 'Holy Grail' of Earth Imaging, Giving Scientists Glimpse Below the Surface
41 Longhorned Beetles: Timing and Scent Are Everything When Looking for a Mate
42 Fish Fossils Found by Creationist, 'I Better Call a Paleontologist'
43 Technology and Evolution: Humans Will Be Cyborgs Within 200 Years, Expert Predicts
44 FBI DNA Error: FBI Notifies Crime Labs of DNA Match Errors Since 1999
45 Science Journal Retracts Same-sex Marriage Study Due to Fraud
46 LightSail Spacecraft Loses Contact with Earth, Planetary Society Needs to Reboot (VIDEO)
47 Mystery of Amelia Earhart's Disappearance Solved? High School Teacher Might Have Proof She Landed in Marshall Islands
48 Comet Assembly: 3-D Computer Simulations Show Common Comet Structures (PHOTOS)
49 Quantum 'Foam:' NASA Telescopes Open Understanding to SpaceTime
50 2,400-Year-Old Gold Bongs for Smoking Cannabis, Opium Found in Russia
51 120,000 Endangered Antelopes Found Dead in Kazakhstan Under Mysterious Circumstances
52 U.S. Military Working on X-Ray Tech for Soldiers
53 Fruit Flies Can Tell Time, Study Finds
54 LightSail: Solar Sail Spacecraft Restored Contact After Software Glitch
55 Cyber Bullies Target Women Sexually but Challenge Men Ideologically, Researcher Says
56 Asteroid Day 2015: Bill Nye, the Rock Band Queen, 'Solsbury Hill' and Near-Earth Objects Are All Related?
57 BPA and Obesity: Fat Producing Chemical from Plastic Food and Water Containers? Bisphenol-A Does Not Safely Break Down, New Study Suggests
58 Tsunami Risk for California: New Seafloor Study Raises Alarm
59 Sun Says 'Keep Right' in Stunning New NASA Image
60 'Smart Clothes' Could Cut Heating and Cooling Energy Costs 15 Percent
61 Texas Flood: Sunshine Returns After Days of Massive Flooding
62 Financially-Dependent Spouses More Likely to Have an Affair
63 Sawfish Have 'Virgin Births,' Potentially Because of Lack of Mates
64 Wreck of Slave Ship Discovered, Revealing Secrets of Transatlantic Human Trade
65 Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator Scheduled for Second Test Flight Tomorrow
66 China Ivory Trade: Nation Pledges to 'Strictly Control' Ivory Processing and Trade
67 Earth-Sized Planets Almost Always Have Circular Orbits: Could Finding Help Us Get in Touch with Aliens?
68 Dog's Bark Reveals Emotion, Age and Gender Say Scientists
69 Solar Impulse Plane Stopping in Japan to Wait for Better Weather
70 Seals 'Tweet' Data on Remote Polar Seas Back to Scientists, Creating Giant Oceanographic Database
71 Bald Eagle Gets New 3-D Printed Beak After Poaching Incident (VIDEO)
72 Newly Discovered Marsupial Has Sex for 14 Hours Before Dying from Stress
73 NASA Astronaut Mike Foreman Talks 50 Years of Spacewalking and Whether or Not There Really Is Velcro Inside the Helmet of a Spacesuit
74 Oarfish Washes Ashore on Catalina Island
75 Prehistoric Bird Sported Feather 'Arrows' on Its Butt
76 Transabled: Disabled by Choice, Body Integrity Identity Disorder Makes People Feel like Impostors in Their Own Bodies
77 Leap Second: Atomic Clock Pauses to Match Earth's Rotation on June 30
78 Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator Scheduled for Test Flight Thursday (LIVE STREAM)
79 Dodo Birds: Extinct Bird Replicas Might Not Be Accurate, but There Is Still One Place You Can See a Dodo (PHOTOS)
80 Arctic Drilling May Be Next Big Target for Green Activists
81 Moon's Mysterious Swirly Features Likely Caused by Comet Collisions
82 Robotic Pets Could Become Common by 2050
83 Nano-Spirals Smaller than the Wavelength of Visible Light Could Wipe Out Identity Theft
84 Stephen Hawking Considers Assisted Suicide
85 Why Greenland's Glacial Lakes are Draining
86 Pluto's Moons Seen in Highest Detail Yet, Study Provides Preview of New Horizons' Flyby
87 BPA: Parenting Affected in Mice When Exposed to Bisphenol-A, Study Says (VIDEO)
88 Racially Charged Comedy: Black Audiences Prefer Watching Black-Oriented Entertainment with Black Peers, Study Says
89 Australia's Walking Fish: Climbing Perch Can Walk from One Watery Home to Another (VIDEO)
90 350-Year-Old Corpse Found Still Fully-Dressed Inside Tomb in France
91 Ray Kurzweil: Human Brains to Fuse with Nanobots, Become 'Hybrids' by 2030
92 Bees Being Tricked into Letting Mites into Their Hives Because They Smell like Friends
93 Seven Tiny Frog Species Discovered in Brazil's Cloud Forests, Which Are Extremely Sensitive to Climate Change
94 Global Warming 'Hiatus' Might Not Have Happened After All
95 'Jurassic World' Paleontologist Creating a Real Dinosaur? Dino-Pets Could Be Here in 5 Years
96 Gigantic Texas Shark: Giant Cretaceous Shark Discovered Outside Fort Worth, Texas
97 Exoplanets, Plasma Physics and X-Ray Universe Chosen for ESA's Next Medium Class Science Mission
98 Stellar Explosion: Supernovae Exiled Prior to Explosion, Study Says
99 Breast Cancer Screening Reduces Death Risk by 40%, Study Finds
100 Climate Change Could Drive Oxygen-Hungry Fish Away from the Equator
101 Quantum Dot-Based White-Blue LED Could Lead to Flexible Lighting and Displays
102 Ancient Lizard Species Named After 'Harry Potter' Character's Spell
103 Bird Species Can Now Be Identified in Seconds with Image-Analyzing Technology
104 Ladybugs Are 'Honest': Color Reveals Toxicity to Hungry Birds
105 Fathers' Testosterone Levels Drop When They Sleep in the Same Bed as Their Child
106 White-Faced Deer: Abandoned Piebald Deer Is Fully Recovered (PHOTO)
107 Eel-Like Fish Falling from Alaska Sky and Landing in Strange Places
108 South Korea MERS Virus Outbreak: 1,369 Quarantined, New Cases Recorded
109 Beluga Whale Born at Georgia Aquarium Dies
110 Blood Test Could Reveal Your Entire Viral Infection History
111 Toothbrushes Stored in Communal Bathrooms Usually Contaminated with Other People's Fecal Matter
112 'Female Viagra' Gets Approval from FDA Advisory Panel
113 Female Genital Mutilation in Iran: Study Finds Prevalence of Practice in Four Major Provinces
114 Breast Cancer Screening Reduces Death Risk by 40%, Study Finds
115 Coral Reefs Miraculously Thriving Despite Ocean Acidification
116 New Blood Test Can Detect Down's Syndrome, Result is 99 Percent Accurate