File Title
1 PCOS sufferers appear to benefit from lifestyle modification combined with metformin
2 Obesity linked to adrenal disorder in teens may increase risk for cardiovascular disease
3 Five companies control more than half of academic publishing
4 Researchers take a major step in reclassifying brain tumors with precision
5 Return trips feel shorter in hindsight
6 Chimpanzee flexibly use facial expressions and vocalizations
7 Some heartburn drugs may boost risk of heart attack, Stanford study finds
8 Heart attack risk increases 16-21 percent with use of common antacid
9 Plants may run out of time to grow under ongoing climate change
10 Companies are making cybersecurity a greater priority
11 Scientists reveal underpinnings of drought tolerance in plants
12 Method reveals what bacteria sense in their surroundings
13 Implantable antibiotic-laced sponges reduce sternal infections in cardiac surgery
14 Most admired companies have room for social media improvement
15 Clear, strong stimulation may help prevent apathy for persons with dementia
16 WCMC researchers discover how ovarian cancer halts body's natural defense against tumor
17 New study finds group discussion improves lie detection
18 New study links excessive iron in cells with AMD, other diseases
19 Bright light after night shift may enhance alertness and cognitive performance
20 Lehigh University researchers unveil engineering innovations at TechConnect 2015
21 Study: changing climate prompts boreal forest shift
22 Scientists studying blue whale DNA uncover an epic journey by 'Isabela'
23 UCLA-led NASA mission provides closest ever look at dwarf planet Ceres
24 Raptor tracker
25 NASA's Hubble Telescope detects 'sunscreen' layer on distant planet
26 Milk proteins may protect against cardiovascular disease
27 Study affirms link between disjointed care and unnecessary medical procedures
28 Community acquired pneumonia increases long-term morbidity and mortality
29 Researchers look at lower-cost alternative protein source for pig diets
30 CWRU study finds dental implants result in better quality of life for osteoporotic women
31 NYU wireless researchers call for reformed safety standards for wireless devices
32 Call for help to killer cells improves cancer rejection
33 Researchers discover molecule that accelerates tissue regeneration after bone marrow transplants
34 Longstanding problem put to rest
35 UMN scientists identify 2 mutations critical for MERS transmission from bats to humans
36 College students who binge drink have more delayed sleep timing, variable sleep schedules
37 Hormone that differentiates sugar, diet sweeteners could exist in humans
38 Twitter data may help shed light on sleep disorders
39 ADAMTS family of genes may be the next 'thing' in ovarian cancer treatment
40 Study shows first signs that ADHD drug may improve cognitive difficulties in menopausal women
41 Lab study: Daily aspirin could block growth of breast, other cancers
42 Interactions between cortical and subcortical regions important in hypersensitivity in ASD
43 Nearly 10 percent of women live too far from access to gynecologic cancer care
44 High salt prevents weight gain in mice on a high-fat diet
45 A protein provides emergency aid
46 Understanding 'defense cascade' may help in treating victims of trauma
47 Surfaces get smooth or bumpy on demand
48 Framework materials yield to pressure
49 Queen's researchers in hospital superbug breakthrough
50 Longitudinal brain changes during transition from adolescence to adulthood found in ASD
51 The winner doesn't always take all
52 Swift intervention doubles survival rate from cardiac arrest
53 Large doses of antioxidants may be harmful to neuronal stem cells
54 Molecular modeling of novel potent agents for treating Alzheimer's disease
55 Scientists find way to disrupt brain tumor stem cells
56 Study: DASH diet can substitute lean pork for chicken or fish to reduce blood pressure
57 MD Anderson study finds gene mutations sensitize tumors to specific cancer drugs
58 Virtual reality sheds new light on how we navigate in the dark
59 Women with lupus and APS at risk of reduced fertility and pregnancy complication
60 Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inhibit ovulation after just 10 days
61 Scripps Florida scientists uncover unique role of nerve cells in the body's use of energy
62 Unique bacterial fingerprint identified in systemic sclerosis
63 New iPad app helps children and young people with JIA communicate their pain experiences
64 Low birth weight and childhood infections predict ankylosing spondylitis
65 Physical trauma associated with onset of psoriatic arthritis among psoriasis patients
66 Your phone knows how many steps you take per day, shouldn't your doctor?
67 To be sperm, or not to be sperm?
68 New drug triggers tissue regeneration: Faster regrowth and healing of damaged tissues
69 Obesity associated with increased breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women
70 Spider and centipede venom evolved from insulin-like hormone
71 Is eating for 2 a good idea? Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy helps mother and baby
72 Study finds inadequate hydration among US children
73 Mathematical models with complicated dynamics for disease study
74 Dendritic cells of elite controllers able to recognize, mount defense against HIV
75 The dispersal of alien species redefines biogeography
76 Study unites neuroscience and psychology to paint more complete picture of sleep and memory
77 Research on gonorrhea uncovers new immune system trigger
78 Children's exposure to secondhand smoke in England has dropped 80 percent since 1998
79 Connecticut handgun licensing law associated with 40 percent drop in gun homicides
80 Most heart muscle cells formed during childhood
81 Nuts and peanuts may protect against major causes of death
82 New NICE thresholds for diabetes in pregnancy could miss up to 4,000 women per year in UK at risk of complications
83 Comorbid conditions associated with worse lung cancer survival
84 Night vision in tune with nature in hovering hawkmoths
85 Atmospheric oxygen levels may have influenced past climate
86 Genetic switch determines egg or sperm
87 Reactivating fault slip with fluid injection
88 Stanford scientists find genetic basis of brain networks seen in imaging studies
89 Stroke education helps patients recognize stroke symptoms, encourages fast response
90 Variations in atmospheric oxygen levels shaped Earth's climate through the ages
91 Probing ways to convince young women not to use indoor tanning
92 Wild mongooses avoid inbreeding with unusual reproductive strategy
93 Vitamin D supplements may benefit children with kidney disease
94 Movement in ADHD may help children think, perform better in school
95 A viral protein that helps EBV-infected B cells to escape human killer T cells
96 Study examines 'joiners' who help make startups successful
97 The role of dendritic cells in keeping HIV in check without drugs
98 How the hawkmoth sees, hovers and tracks flowers in the dark
99 Serotonin receptor is involved in eczema and other itch conditions
100 Infants' superior perception linked to later autism symptoms
101 Being calm is contagious?
102 Older asthma patients at increased risk for treatment failure
103 Creativity and psychosis share a genetic source
104 Caffeine combats stress, has potential to prevent depression, memory loss, new study finds
105 Marsupial mouse survives fire by switching itself off
106 Red blood cells, collagen fibres found in poorly preserved, 75-million-year-old dinosaur bones
107 Monstrous star-forming regions seen in ancient galaxy
108 Boozy chimps soak up alcohol using leaves as sponges
109 Saturn's outermost ring stuns astronomers
110 Common reflux drugs linked to heart attack
111 Asians, Europeans were fair-skinned around 5000 years ago
112 In space, nobody can hear your laser blast
113 Enhanced visual ability in babies points to autism
114 Egg or sperm? Destiny controlled by the switch of a gene