File Title
1 Visualizing the 'matrix': App provides insight into the quantum world of coupled nuclear spins
2 How natural channel proteins move in artificial membranes
3 Large Hadron Collider experiments are back in business at a new record energy
4 Fast charging electric bus does overtime
5 Greenhouse gas-caused warming felt in just months
6 Chemists weigh intact virus mixture with mass spectrometer
7 Measuring the mass of molecules on the nano-scale
8 An inexpensive rival to graphene aerogels
9 Alice instrument's ultraviolet close-up provides a surprising discovery about comet's atmosphere
10 How to weigh the Milky Way
11 Earth organisms survive under low-pressure Martian conditions
12 Microgravity experiments may help lighten the load of joint diseases
13 Crashing comets may explain mysterious lunar swirls
14 Circular orbits of small exoplanets: Which Earth-sized exoplanets are potentially habitable?
15 Seeing tubular plasma structures in inner layers of magnetosphere surrounding Earth
16 Microbes collected by citizen scientists and grown on the International Space Station
17 Sharp-eyed Alma spots a gigantic flare on famous red giant star
18 How comets were assembled
19 Helping robots handle uncertainty
20 Saving money and the environment with 3-D printing
21 New electronics? Black Phosphorus Reveals Its Secrets
22 Yeast protein network could provide insights into human obesity
23 Genome assembly in minutes: Deciphering the 'book of life' with supercomputers
24 Staring pain in the face: Software 'reads' kids' expressions to measure pain levels
25 Mobile Maestro: Immersive sound reproduction system from several smart phones
26 Insect mating behavior has lessons for drones
27 New Wi-Fi antenna enhances wireless coverage
28 Peek eye testing app shown to work as well as charts for visual acuity
29 A smelling bee? Deadly mite would be a favorite to win
30 Protein identified in certain microalgae changes conversation about climate change
31 Gone fishing? Box jellyfish catch fish deliberately
32 New beetle emerges from Gran Canaria's subsoil
33 Scientists use new 'tool sled' to collect sea sponges that have potential to combat various diseases
34 Early bird catches more than just the worm
35 Varroa destructor mite mimics two types of bee
36 How past Native-American settlement modified Western New York forests
37 Microbiology: Gut bacteria cooperate when life gets tough
38 Is our first line of defense sleeping on the job?
39 Global water-pricing practices suggest approaches to managing california water scarcity
40 Deepest high-temperature hydrothermal vents discovered in Pacific Ocean
41 The invisible key to methane hydrates
42 Getting rid of pinholes in solar cells
43 Great Barrier Reef marine reserves combat coral disease
44 New information changes few opinions on GMOs, global warming
45 U.S., EU and Mexico emission reduction targets analyzed
46 A pan-European carbon dioxide storage site in the North Sea?
47 New climate stress index model challenges doomsday forecasts for world's coral reefs
48 New evidence emerges on the origins of life
49 Mollusk shells: Modern humans inhabited Near East at least 45,900 years ago, colonized Europe from there
50 Ancient algae found deep in tropical glacier
51 Britain's oldest sauropod dinosaur identified from fossil bone that fell from a cliff face
52 Highly explosive volcanism at Galapagos
53 A new site on the World Heritage List?
54 New study shows influence on climate of fresh water during last ice age
55 Dinosaurs were likely warm-blooded
56 Ancient DNA sheds light on how past environments affected ancient populations
57 Ethiopian and Egyptian genomes help map early humans' route out of Africa
58 Extreme global warming of Cretaceous period punctuated with significant global cooling
59 FDA addresses concerns on approval of drugs to treat chronic hepatitis C
60 Virtually no effect of state policies on organ donation, transplantation
61 Study analyzes link between psychotropic drugs, homicide risk
62 Changing intelligence test performance
63 Research highlights link between neighborhood and partner violence
64 People more likely to cheat as they become more economically dependent on their spouses
65 High cost of healthcare for UK military amputees from Afghan conflict
66 75 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions covered by national targets
67 Thirteen corporations control up to 40 percent of world's most valuable fisheries
68 Aftershock assessment: Buildings collapse during earthquake aftershocks
69 Brain activity can ID potential buyers
70 Expensive TV ads missing their mark when people use smartphone or tablet too
71 Workplace intervention improves sleep of employees' children
72 With one false tweet, computer-based hack crash led to real panic
73 Do you see 'the self' in your brain or your heart? Decision-making differs
74 Genes may influence leadership in the workplace
75 Shiftwork can affect your health
76 Spare computing power: Secure, anonymous, easy way to pay for online content
77 Nurses cut stress 40 percent with relaxation steps at work
78 Rapid innovation in semiconductors provides hope for better economic times
79 Exploring the links between epilepsy surgery and academic outcomes
80 Smartphone app predicts GPA
81 Cannabis use can be prevented, reduced or delayed
82 Mobile phone bans lead to rise in student test scores
83 Bullying: What we know based on 40 years of research
84 Carrot or stick? Punishments may guide behavior more effectively than rewards
85 The most important psychological concepts for teachers to apply in classrooms
86 Lens turns smartphone into a microscope: Costs only 3 cents
87 Sexual risk reduction intervention more effective for adolescent boys than girls, new research shows
88 Higher levels of inattention at age seven linked with lower final high school exam grades
89 Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications
90 Any dose of alcohol combined with cannabis significantly increases levels of THC in blood
91 Fathers biologically attuned to their children when sleeping nearby, research reveals
92 Toddler temperament could be influenced by different types of gut bacteria
93 Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness
94 Chemists discover key reaction mechanism behind the highly touted sodium-oxygen battery
95 Theory of everything? How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement
96 Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica so large it affects Earth's gravity field
97 Study links exposure to common pesticide with ADHD in boys
98 Intelligent bacteria for detecting disease
99 Physicists map electron structure of superconductivity's 'doppelganger'
100 10th-century medical philosophy and computer simulation in research
101 Study shows Pluto's moons in chaos
102 U.S. researchers uncover secret of Greenland's vanishing lakes
103 American Nobel chemistry laureate Irwin Rose dies at 88
104 Study reveals famous California redwood is 777 years young
105 Chimps have mental skills to cook: study
106 Facebook addiction linked to depression
107 Oregon legislature votes to expand access to birth control
108 Justice Dept expands probe of scope makers linked to superbug outbreak
109 Wondering how long you have? Simple score gives five-year death risk
110 Pentagon says 51 labs in 17 U.S. states, three nations got live anthrax
111 Mysterious oarfish of the deep washes up on California island
112 Plains All says California pipeline not to restart in June
113 North Dakota orders oil wells shut in over flooding concerns
114 Japan's emissions target, relying on nuclear, seen as unrealistic
115 FAA to name adviser to handle 'crush' of industry drone queries
116 Facebook COO says mourning over husband left her '30 years sadder'
117 New York regulator issues final virtual currency rules
118 Three Google directors survive challenge over pay