File Title
1 Research points to effective methods of freezing avian red blood cells
2 'Vampire' plants can have positive impacts up the food chain
3 Study reveals largest turtle breeding colony in the Atlantic
4 Bristol undergraduate identifies Gloucestershire fossil as new species of ancient reptile
5 Comparative analyses of current three-dimensional numerical solar wind models
6 How Salmonella synchronizes its invasion plan
7 A microscopic approach to the magnetic sensitivity of animals
8 Feeding caterpillars make leaves shine
9 Australian fossil forces rethink on our ancestors' emergence onto land
10 An initiation mechanism for dendritic spines discovered
11 Withholding angiotensin receptor blockers after surgery increases risk of postoperative death
12 Shh! Don't wake the sleeping virus!
13 NIH researchers pilot predictive medicine by studying healthy people's DNA
14 New tool brings standards to epigenetic studies
15 CU Anschutz study shows low-cost weight loss program has long-term results
16 Internet privacy manifesto calls for more consumer power
17 Critically endangered species should be left to breed in the wild
18 Is dietary supplementation appropriate for children with autism spectrum disorder?
19 Team discovers how feedback from cortex helps mammals make fine distinctions about odors
20 The Lancet: Women's contribution to healthcare constitutes nearly 5 percent of global GDP, but nearly half is unpaid and unrecognized
21 Vanishing friction
22 Minding the gap: City bats won't fly through bright spaces
23 Developing delirium in the ICU linked to fatal outcomes
24 Cheating amoebas reveal key to successful societies
25 Exiled stars explode far from home
26 Thirty years of AIDS data highlight survival gains, room for improvement
27 Eating the placenta: trendy but no proven health benefits and unknown risks
28 What are Medicare costs for patients with oral cavity, pharyngeal cancers?
29 Lending a hand, or a paw--what drives us to help others?
30 Poor sleep, negative attitude amplify pain in knee osteoarthritis
31 New hope in the fight against tuberculosis
32 Recovering predators create new wildlife management challenges
33 Your viral infection history in a single drop of blood
34 News package explores emerging issues for isolated tribes
35 Your complete viral history revealed by VirScan
36 Habitats contracting as fish and coral flee equator
37 Evidence against a global warming hiatus?
38 Protein maintains double duty as key cog in body clock and metabolic control
39 Resuming blood pressure medicine promptly after surgery reduces risk of death
40 Reprogramming of DNA observed in human germ cells for first time
41 VirScan reveals viral history in a drop of blood
42 Cancer screening increase may reflect Affordable Care Act provision
43 Few opportunities to change
44 TSRI study: Hormone 'erases' male smell for female mice
45 Warmer, lower-oxygen oceans will shift marine habitats
46 N/A
47 Female mice are able to smell male pheromones only when ready to mate
48 Cozy niches: Certain host cell environments make malaria parasites resistant to drugs
49 Discovery of how bacteria survive antibiotics may improve treatment of infectious diseases
50 New species of horned dinosaur with 'bizarre' features revealed
51 Seven new miniaturized frog species found in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest
52 Do cheaters have an evolutionary advantage?
53 Stricter limits for ozone pollution would boost need for science, measurements
54 Artificial intelligence discovers planarian regeneration model
55 Forks colliding: How DNA breaks during re-replication
56 Planarian regeneration model discovered by artificial intelligence
57 Rabbit virus improves bone marrow transplants, kills some cancer cells
58 Strokes steal 8 years' worth of brain function, new study suggests
59 Fruit fly genetics reveal pesticide resistance and insight into cancer
60 Research reveals key interaction that opens the channel into the cell's nucleus
61 UTHealth research: Autologous stem cell therapy helpful in traumatic brain injury
62 More accurate continuous glucose monitoring systems can reduce frequency of hypoglycemic episodes
63 Why good people do bad things
64 Daily sugar-sweetened beverage habit linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
65 Moving sector walls on the nano scale
66 Study: Top salads with eggs to better absorb vegetables' carotenoids
67 Babies who can resettle are more likely to 'sleep through the night'
68 UAB researchers design the most precise quantum thermometer to date
69 Research published about unexpected complications of low-risk pregnancies
70 Archaeologists discover evidence of prehistoric gold trade route
71 Study of marine reserves published in Oceanography
72 Teachers' health: Healthy heart, stressed psyche
73 Good eyes but poor vision: An indistinct world for 1 in 20
74 Memory loss among the elderly is lower than what was originally thought
75 Personality shapes the way our brains react to eye contact
76 Next-generation illumination using silicon quantum dot-based white-blue LED
77 Trinity biochemists devise snappy new technique for blueprinting cell membrane proteins
78 New study shows the dynamics of active swarms in alternating fields
79 A new role for zebrafish: Larger scale gene function studies
80 Noninvasive prenatal fetal testing can detect early stage cancer in mothers
81 First national study of noninvasive prenatal testing shows it works
82 Noninvasive prenatal testing: Effective, safe, preferred by parents
83 Discovery of new genetic mutation in aortic disease allows better diagnosis
84 Novel genetic mutations may arise during early embryonic development
85 Powerful people are quick to notice injustice when they are victimized, research finds
86 Tiny but precise: The most accurate quantum thermometers
87 Ladybird colors reveal their toxicity
88 Researchers targeting host rather than flu virus have success with new treatment in mice
89 TGen led study points towards new strategies for stopping the spread of Staph and MRSA
90 Diverse coral communities persist, but bioerosion escalates in Palau's low-pH waters
91 Paleo-engineering: New study reveals complexity of Triceratops' teeth
92 Joint statement outlines guidance on diabetes self-management education, support
93 50 years of diabetes research and treatment
94 Fully renewable energy system is economically viable in Finland in 2050
95 Current mobile contracts damaging the environment, research finds
96 People want access to their own genomic data, even when uninterpretable
97 Leaky pipes can allow contaminants into our drinking water
98 New study describes cancer's cheating ways
99 Been there? Done that? If you are sure, thank your 'memory cells'
100 Small molecules change biological clock rhythm
101 Stanford scientists show fMRI memory detectors can be easily fooled
102 Stanford engineers develop state-by-state plan to convert US to 100 percent renewable energy
103 Just add water: Stanford engineers develop a computer that operates on water droplets
104 Land management practices to become important as biofuels use grows
105 Researchers identify unique marker on mom's chromosomes in early embryo
106 New study shows boys will be boys--sex differences aren't specific to autism
107 Quenched glasses, asteroid impacts, and ancient life on Mars
108 The health effects of homophobia
109 Chimpanzees may know when they are right and move to prove it
110 Researchers find everyone has a bias blind spot