File Title
1 Damaged Robot Can 'Heal' Itself in Less than 2 Minutes
2 Colorful Find: Madagascar Chameleon Actually 11 Distinct Species
3 Hurricane Forecasts: Quiet in Atlantic, Busy in Pacific
4 Killer Robots Need Regulation, Expert Warns
5 430,000-Year-Old Murder Victim Discovered
6 Urine Test Could Detect Cancer One Day, as New Method Shows Promise
7 Locks on the Block: Mozart & Beethoven's Hair on Sale
8 1 in 20 People Has Hallucinated
9 Tattoos Can Cause Serious Adverse Reactions
10 Reference: Cucumbers: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
11 How Computers Can Teach Themselves to Recognize Cats
12 Jet Stream Steers Atlantic Currents
13 Cultic Seal May Show Oldest Depiction of Music and Revelry in Israel
14 'Dementor' Wasps and Long-Fanged Bats! Trove of New Species Found
15 'Purring' Wolf Spiders Softly Serenade Mates
16 Humans Trekked Out of Africa via Egypt, Study Suggests
17 Red Sea Parts for 2 New Islands
18 'Lost' Memories Restored in Mice
19 15 Million Cancer Cases Diagnosed in 2013
20 Best Running Apps
21 FIFA Scandal: The Complicated Science of Corruption
22 Dragons of Xanadu: Sculptures Discovered in Legendary City
23 Reference: Manhattanhenge: Facts About NYC's Special Sunsets
24 Black Widows' Bad Rap: 4 Misconceptions About the Spider
25 Memory-Boosting Research Could Help Soldiers Recall Skills
26 Reference: Facts About Apes
27 6 Climate Triggers that Could Completely Change Our World
28 Clearing Hurdles: Cheetah Robot Shows Off New Trick
29 Galaxy Crashes May Give Birth to Powerful Space Jets
30 Predicting El Nino Devastation, Weeks in Advance
31 Reference: What Is Trigonometry?
32 This Summer, Learn to Spot Glowing Millipedes on the Forest Floor
33 Why Are Some Glaciers Blue?
34 Capitol Reef: Photos of Southern Utah's Majestic Beauty
35 Pilots of Solar Airplane Use Meditation & Self-Hypnosis to Stay Awake
36 Weekend Reading: The Best Science Stories of the Week
37 Contact Lenses May Alter Bacteria in the Eye
38 How a Cell Knows Friend from Foe
39 Why Breadwinner Spouses Are More Likely to Get Cheated On
40 Childhood Leukemia Risk Lower in Breast-Fed Children
41 Gyrocopter Relaunches on Around-the-World Attempt
42 Beau Biden's Death: 5 Facts About Brain Cancer
43 Stand for 2 Hours Every Workday, Panel Says
44 Reference: Hypertension: Symptoms and Treatment
45 Majority of Teens Surf the Web for Answers to Health Questions
46 Reference: Mood Swings & Mommy Brain: The Emotional Challenges of Pregnancy
47 Bird Migrants Offer a Glimpse of the Planet's Health
48 What Is Sleep? Contest Winners Explain Science of Zzzz's
49 Da Vinci Discovered: Art Sleuthing Reveals Leonardo Engraving
50 Surviving 42 Minutes Underwater...How Boy Beat the Odds
51 Bird with Flashy Tail Was 1st of its Kind on Ancient Supercontinent
52 Skin Protection Could Prevent 230,000 Melanoma Cases Over a Decade
53 Tracy Morgan Car Accident: Crashes Leave Many with Emotional Scars
54 New Yorkers Set Sail on the 'Mystic Whaler' Schooner
55 Shady Science: How the Brain Remembers Colors
56 US Bird Flu Outbreak in Poultry: Workers at Higher Risk, CDC Warn
57 Teen Bullying Doubles Adult Risk of Depression
58 How 'Beautiful Mind' Mathematician John Nash's Schizophrenia 'Disappeared'
59 Reference: Cold Sores: Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention
60 Reference: Chameleon Facts
61 Observation Technique Improvements Reduce Hurricane Fatalities
62 Artifacts of Doom: Relics from Arctic Shipwreck Unveiled
63 Niels Bohr's Atomic Legacy Recalled by Grandson: How to Watch Live
64 World's Largest Atom Smasher Is Back in Action
65 Herpes Virus Gives Man a Blistery Finger Infection
66 Watch Live @7 p.m. ET: Niels Bohr's Grandson Discusses Physics Legacy
67 Alcohol Disorders: Nearly 1 in 3 Adults Are Problem Drinkers
68 Mystery of Greenland's 'Disappearing Lakes' Solved
69 Draining lakes unlikely to worsen Greenland's contribution to sea levels
70 Researchers find speedometer in the brain
71 Brain's reaction to certain words could replace passwords
72 Sudden draining of glacial lakes explained
73 Ultra-tough fiber imitates structure of spider silk
74 Two chaotically tumbling Pluto moons
75 World's smallest spirals could guard against identity theft
76 Cooking up cognition: Study suggests chimps have cognitive capacity for cooking
77 Paleo study shows how elevation may affect evolution
78 Tiny birds 'cry hawk' to give offspring chance to escape predators
79 Alcohol use disorder is widespread, often untreated in the United States
80 MRI technology reveals deep brain pathways in unprecedented detail
81 Scientists produce strongest evidence yet of schizophrenia's causes
82 Nearly one-third of early adulthood depression could be linked to bullying in teenage years
83 Elevated cortisol in autism, research shows
84 Increased risks in pregnancy for obese mothers and their babies, says study
85 Study supports IDH gene as prognostic marker in anaplastic astrocytoma
86 Triple treatment keeps cancer from coming back
87 'Highly effective' new biomarker for lung cancer discovered
88 Cytoskeletons shaking hands: Defects in cytoskeletal structures lead to various diseases
89 Long-term memory formation
90 Cracking the function of the fly olfactory system to understand how neural circuits work
91 What musical taste tells us about social class
92 Cyberbullying less emotionally harmful to kids than traditional in-person harassment, study finds
93 Cat got your tongue? New research says 'no'
94 No evidence that smoking drug linked to increased risk of suicide or traffic accidents
95 Multi-tasking: Benefits on exercise
96 Teens start misusing ADHD drugs, other stimulants earlier than you might think
97 Childhood trauma gets under the skin
98 Hippocampus: In search of memory storage
99 Smart watches, apps can make life easier for ADHD children
100 Toothbrush contamination in communal bathrooms
101 Are you taking too much NyQuil? The surprising futility of drug labeling
102 Scary TV's impact on kids is overstated, say psychologists
103 Examination of antidepressant use in late pregnancy and newborn respiratory disorder
104 Kids' altruism linked with better physiological regulation, less family wealth
105 Weight loss surgery puts spark back into relationships
106 Extra love and support doesn't make up for being a helicopter parent
107 Online hookup sites increase HIV rates in sometimes surprising ways
108 Aging couples connected in sickness and health
109 Mixing liquid in microchannels: How to cut a vortex into slices
110 Are rogue waves predictable?